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Wireless Number Portability Operations by qCHm6S


									                 Wireless Number Portability Operations
                         Status Report to NANC
                              May 13, 2003
                                 Sean Hawkins, Co-Chair
                                  Maggie Lee, Co-Chair

Report Items

   The Wireless Number Portability Operations team met in April 7th, 8th and May 5th, 6th
   WTSC and WNPO Joint Meeting
     The latest WTSC testing schedule and test cases are posted at
       for all carriers to view.
     About 10 carriers are participating with a ‘high tech’ (HT) pre-port process
       mechanism. The WTSC assumption is that carriers that have not signed up for
       HT will be using a ‘low tech’ (LT) pre-port process mechanism (i.e., fax) have not
       yet signed up for testing that interface as of yet.
     Carriers who have completed ICP testing with WICIS 1.0 will be ready to perform
       ICP Delta testing with WICIS 2.0 beginning in June. New test scenarios for these
       Delta tests will be created.
     5 additional carriers have signed on for electronic ICP starting late 3Q03 or early

At the conclusion of this discussion, the joint meeting was adjourned and the WNPO
began their meeting.

       Meeting minutes from March were approved. April minutes, with minor word
        changes, were also approved.

       OBF Update: Issue # 2529, regarding ICP transaction hours. The following
        WNPO resolutions were made.
         WNPO or any industry forum (including OBF) cannot dictate individual
          carriers business hours
         Carriers should know what the NPAC business hours and appropriate
          industry defined porting timers.
         OBF cannot recommend hours but can only provide instructions for
          responding outside those hours on a CORBA-level.
         Carriers should keep in mind that business-porting hours are determined on a
          company-by-company basis and these hours as well as non-CORBA l level
          responses are part of agreements between the porting parties.

May ’03 NANC Report.doc                     1
   OBF Correspondence on JIP Solution:
     A letter was delivered to WNPO from OBF requesting participation in an industry
         sponsored conference call to discuss OBF Billing Issue #2308 – Need for
         Accurate Jurisdictional Information (JIP) for Accurate Billing and Issue # 2349 –
         Impact of Wireless Number Portability on Wireline Providers. WNPO was asked
         to attend this call for additional input.
     For access billing there is no way to determine were the call originated from The
         jurisdictional information needs to identify the switch and should be carried
         through the network to the terminating office and captured in a terminating
   NPAC Helpdesk
     Every company that has a user agreement with the NPAC has access (log-in and
         password) to the NPAC secure web-site. It is the responsibility of the individual
         companies to distribute internally that access to appropriate personnel. Callers to
         the NPAC help desk must be on the access list prior to any help being given. If
         the caller is not on the list for a particular company they will be referred to the
         official company contact.
     NeuStar offered training on help Desk activities to new wireless carriers. The
         suggestion including regional meetings to be held at carrier-hosted facilities but
         with NeuStar incurring incidental costs. The timeframe suggested was in
         October. The training would include items such as Service Provider methods and
         procedures, scope of NPAC services, how to use the NPAC help Desk.
         The suggestion was well received although carriers preferred training early then
         October preferably in August and due to budgetary constraints a suggested was
         offered up to use an interactive WEB training interface which NeuStar will look
   NPDB Capacity Planning Model: This new model created and submitted by NeuStar
    utilizes real data located in the NPAC associated with, for instance, pooled blocks
    and wireline ported information. Updates to the model have been made and
    distributed to the team for discussion. The sole purpose of the model will be to assist
    carriers in the engineering of Number Portability Databases and is not to be taken as
    exact science information.

   Reseller and Type 1 NANC Porting Flows: After much discussion and realization
    over the last two months, the WNPO has come to consensus that the current
    reseller and type one flows that have been given to the LNPWG do address the
    concerns of the wireless industry. However, there is concern about how the wireline
    providers do verification to resellers and Type 1 agreement carriers. The current
    wireline porting models do not require bidirectional communication between the
    wireline carrier and the reseller or Type 1 agreement carriers.

Next meeting is in New York, NY on June 9th and 10th.

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