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									The Impact of Science Parks
         Charles Monck
   Charles Monck & Associates
Why we set up UKSPA 25 years ago
• The development of the national brand:
  – The national conference
  – Networking, PR and participation in national and
    international conferences and events etc
  – Directory and other publications
  – Performance statistics on Science Parks
  – Periodic research
• In practice the brand depends on the
  performance and impact of individual
  science parks
                   My proposition
•   Lack of good evaluations of Science Parks
•   Impact of SP on knowledge economy is under sold
•   Lack of consistent data on performance
•   The Third Generation Science Park report - a good
    framework for assessing performance
•   Science Park Boards and Management should use it
•   Benchmarking performance with comparable
    with science parks
•   Benchmarking will lead to common KPIs and
    the collection of relevant data
•   Data to support of external evaluations
•   Result: better evidence on impact of Science Parks
Balanced                            Stakeholders

Science Park         RDAs                          Banks
                     Local                         Property
Development          Authorities                   developer
                     Universities                  Universities
                     Tenants                       Tenants

            Economic                                          Financial
            return on                                         return on
           investment                                        investment


                        People                     Place

               More                                         Land and
               competitive                                  premises
                  Strategic Framework
Financial priorities                Economic development priorities
• Objective: secure funds for       • Objective: funds for business
   property development -              development activities – firms,
   financial viability + critical      jobs and increased sales etc
   mass of tenants
                                    Critical success factors
Critical success factors            • Budget and staff available for
• Level of property development         business development
• New lettings                      • Networking
• Occupancy level                   • Support innovation
• Rent roll                         • Linkages with university
• Income to cover operating         • Access to finance
   costs                            • Support for start ups
• Level of reserves                 • Attraction of FDI projects
• Borrowing capacity
     Strategy and performance
Board and Management      External stakeholders
• Vision and strategy     • Vision, strategy and
• Measurable objectives     key objectives
• Monthly performance     • Annual performance
  monitoring (KPIs)       • Evaluation of
• Annual monitoring and     impact
• 5 yearly external
  evaluation studies
         Key performance criteria for
          successful science parks
Summary of 3rd Generation Science Park Report
• Leaders in the knowledge economy
• Influence in design and delivery local and regional
   economic and innovation strategies
• Clarity of strategic direction of Science Park by Board
   and management team – gateways not destinations
• Capacity of management team to optimise serendipity
• Property performance and financial viability
• Depth of relationships and added value in
   growing its tenants and improving their performance
• Extent and quality of networking
• Relationship with the university/research
   institute/hospital partners
On going performance monitoring
• Property performance
• Financial performance
• Brand/profile and marketing performance
• Uptake and quality of services to tenants
• Performance of tenants
• Level of engagement of park and tenants
  with external stakeholders
• Quality of internal business processes
Periodic assessments and evaluations
 • Impact on knowledge economy
 • Influence with key local and regional stakeholders
 • Clarity of strategic direction of Science Park
 • Capacity of Board and management team
 • Quality of relationships with tenants
 • Forward property strategy
 • Impact on tenant performance
 • Extent and quality of networking
 • Relationship with the university/research
   institute/hospital partners
   An information system capable of
     providing relevant feedback
Science Parks need information on:
• Financial and property performance
• Marketing initiatives and analysis of
• Support provided by the park to assist the
  development of tenants
• Level of interactions – park, network and tenants
• Tenant performance over time
                 Information needs
On going performance data:
• Financial data from accounting system
• Property information from property database
• Information on marketing initiatives and their results
• Analysis of tenants from CRM system covering tenant portfolio

Periodic tenant surveys
• Tenant performance
• Extent and value of networks
• Client satisfaction with Science Park services
• Future plans

Periodic assessment (by peer review) and evaluations
• Overall qualitative and quantitative assessment
  of the park against a set of agreed common criteria
  – based on ASPECT and IASP strategram,
   How can we take this forward
• UKSPA and a small group of science parks to form a
  pilot benchmarking group
• Identify common areas for benchmarking – based on
  common information and assessment system
• Agree data collection and analysis across the group
• Gradually extend the areas for benchmarking
• Move towards a common standard
• Extend the group or encourage UKSPA to
  start other groups
          Results and benefits
Individual Science Parks + key stakeholders
• Enables Managers and their Boards to compare their
  performance with other parks
• Encourages parks to extend their focus and raise
  their game
• Leads to cross representation on Boards of parks
• Generates valuable performance data to help
  each park in their promotion and relationships
  with key stakeholders
UK Science Park Association + national bodies
• Provide more sophisticated performance data
  for dissemination nationally and internationally
• Strengthens the Science Park brand –
  a key reason why we set up UKSPA 25 years ago
                   Thank you

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