Room Booking Request Form - Download as DOC by 1fS6z9b


									                     SCEvents Data Cart Booking Request Form
Today’s Date: _____________________________ Name: ________________________________
Email: ___________________________________Phone: _________________________________
Organization/Club: ________________________________________________________________

Event Location (circle one):
   Presentation Room (101)             Board Room (270)                Meeting Room (280/281)
   Fireplace Lounge                    Multi-Faith Prayer Space        Blind Duck

Event Details:
Date of Event: ___________________________ Duration of Event: _____________________
Start Time: ______________________________ End Time: ___________________________

Booking Guidelines for the SCEvents Data Cart

   1. The Data Cart must be booked 3 business days in advance
   2. Data Cart bookings must be made through the SCEvents office, no other party is permitted
      to book the Data Cart.
   3. A license and a Credit Card are required for collateral when booking the Data Cart.
   4. The Data Cart is not to leave the Student Centre for any reason.
   5. YOU must pick up the Data Cart from the SCEvents Office prior to your event and
      RETURN it immediately after the event has completed
   6. Do not reconfigure the Data Cart.
   7. Do not cause any damage to the Data Cart. YOU will be held liable for any repairs required.
   8. Keep a copy of this completed form with you during room use to prove your booking.

   *If any of these guidelines are not adhered to, you and your club/organization may be fined as
   well as have its right to book Student Centre assets including space and the data cart suspended

How to use the SCEvents Data Cart
       1. Plug it in and turn the all the components you will need to use on
       2. Choose your source on the projector. (Video for the DVD/VCR and RGB/Computer for a PC or laptop)
             a. If you have laptop connect the RGB cable to your laptop (marked connect to PC)
                  and start your laptops secondary monitor feature by holding the Function key
                  and the upper (F) keyboard key with 2 squares. Connect the white speaker cable
                  to the headphone jack on your laptop.

Please edit this form with your events information and SAVE IT AS “club name, event date”
and send it via E-mail to the SCEvents office at . A confirmation
                         will be sent in no more than 2 business days.
Signature: _____________________________Credit Card #: ____________________________
Student Number: _________________________License #:________________________________

________For office use only, if AV or set up indicated please copy to Clubs Commissioner___

Submitted to: _____________________________ Date received: ___________________________
Date Processed: ________________________ Booking Confirmed: _________________________
Issues/Conflicts/Comments: ________________________________________________________

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