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									National Aeronautics and Space Administration

                      NISN ViTS Maintenance Fee

                          NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon
                                September 11, 2006

                                                Kathy Hatley
              Requestor and Funding

                  Name                                        Kathy Hatley

                Location                                         MSFC

                 Phone                                        256-544-6271

                  PSLA                          Customer PSLA as requested

            Requesting Project                                   NISN

              Fund Source                                     Core & User

9/10/2012                  NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                  2
  •   Transition the costs of maintenance repairs and replacements to the Customer by
      implementing an up-front-non-refundable-maintenance fee. This fee will be in addition to
      the standard costs against all new ViTS implementation NSR’s.
  •   Provide the Agencywide NISN Customers with a five year “bumper-to-bumper”
      maintenance plan.
  •   Provide NISN UNITeS with an evolving database of shelf spares to be utilized for
      maintenance purposes [trouble tickets] only.
  •   Provide specific service level response within the NSD
  •   Develop a ViTS Maintenance Plan

9/10/2012                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                3
                           Current Situation
  •   Customers accept standard warranty as advertised by the Manufacturer
       – Standard is ninety (90) days to one (1) year
            • Examples
                – DVD Players/Recorders
                – VCR Player/Recorders/Combos
  •   Customers purchase Vendor or Manufactured backed three (3) year warranties
        – Warranties can be standard or premium in nature and vary from Vendor-to-Vendor
           as well as product-to-product
        – Warranties are a line item on the DCS/BOM
        – Examples
            • Plasma Monitors
            • Video Codec's
            • Audio Mixers
  •   NISN continues to fund trouble tickets for equipment and rooms that are well past end of
  •   No shelf spares
  •   Vendor replacements regularly take an excess of one week to reach the Customer

9/10/2012                         NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                               4
  •   Current Maintenance to Installation Cost Ratio and Trending Info
       – Analysis of hardware purchases for maintenance vs. hardware purchases for
          implementations since the inception of the UNITeS contract yielded the following
           • Average yearly hardware maintenance cost 8.3%
           • The maintenance costs fluctuate each FY from low of 5.5% to high of 10.7%
           • There is an apparent slight trending upward as support continues for rooms that
              are well beyond life cycle

            NOTE: This analysis compared totals of implementation PR’s to OPS PR’s for
            FY 04, 05 and 06. The OSBII project was excluded from this analysis as the
            anomalous amount of the PR would have skewed results considerably.

9/10/2012                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                              5
  •   It has been determined through a process of trending and analysis, that a fee of 17% of
      the base loaded implementation cost will be assessed to NISN Customers.
        – NISN will re-assess the 17% fee semi-annually
             • Any adjustments in the fee will become effective only at the direction of NISN
  •   The fee will encompass the standard Manufacturers warranties that are currently offered,
      and provide an additional two (2) years of NISN provided coverage to the Customer.
  •   RD370 has been created to manage the maintenance funds
        – Core funds have been applied as “seed” money to start the plan. Customer’s funds
           will be added as NSR’s are submitted.
             • The RD will fund equipment repair and replacement, shelf spares, shipping and
                standard Preventative Maintenance.
                 – The equipment list of this inventory will be based on failure trends and
  •   The five (5) year term begins on the date of Customer acceptance of the NISN designed
      and implemented facility
        – At the end of the five (5) year term, Customers will be required to upgrade to the
           latest technology that NISN is utilizing and continue with a new five (5) year
           program, or they will assume responsibility for their facility maintenance.

9/10/2012                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                6
                              Solution (Cont)
  •   For new installations there will be no “option” to the Customers outside of the purchase
      of the five-year-plan.
       – The only exception will be a facility that is “split” between NISN and another Vendor.
           This program will not be offered to “split” configurations at any Center or Site.
            • This includes hardware and software dual configurations
  •   Existing rooms or rooms currently in work will be assessed for addition to the
      maintenance plan.
       – It may be incumbent on the Customer to provide an upgrade to specific equipment
           within their facility, or possibly a complete upgrade
  •   Processes are in work and will remain fluid for the transition
       – Processes will be created by UNITeS and approved by NISN
       – Current processes will be updated as required
            • Test NSR is #32717/MSFC/4203/6220
  •   Service level timeframes identified
       – Two hour response
       – Four hour on-call [as scheduled]
       – A <48 hour equipment turnaround time
  •   UNITeS Network Services is in the process of developing a ViTS Maintenance Plan in
      concert with NSD revisions

9/10/2012                         NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                7
                       Internal Management
  •   Unites Network Services will provide a quarterly report that tracks equipment failure
      analysis and trends.
  •   Unites Network Services will maintain Vendor notices to include the following
        – Technical Bulletins
        – End Of Sale
        – End Of Life
        – End Of Support
  •   Unites Network Services will maintain Vendor Training notifications and certification
        – As permitted Unites Network Services will attend Vendor training as well as maintain
  •   It will be incumbent on Network Services to maintain a broad spectrum skills standard.
      This standard will require a baseline knowledge of the audio & video components and
      infrastructure as well as specific products training and certifications.

9/10/2012                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                8
               Internal Management (Cont)
  •   Maintenance Spares baseline start-up
       – Managed by UNITeS, there will be a pre-determined baseline of equipment
       – Shelf spares will be procured in an effort to decrease and or alleviate equipment
          turnaround time
       – Spares will focus on high failure, big ticket items at first, and will evolve over time
       – New technology will be incorporated into the spares inventory as required
       – Repairs will be returned to the shelf
  •   Equipment Turnaround Time
       – Advertised at < 48 hours

9/10/2012                          NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                9
                              Solution Example
  •     PR will show line item for 5 yr maintenance, consisting of 17% of hardware total.

      Typical VRA PR                             Typical Full Service PR

      Hardware Cost: $22000                      Hardware Cost: $122,000

      5yr Maintenance: $3740 (17% of 22K         5yr Maintenance: $20,740 (17% of 122K
      applied to maintenance RD)                 applied to maintenance RD)

      PR Total: $25740                           PR Total: $142,740

      *Note: Warranty cost will be paid from     *Note: Warranty cost will be paid from
      the maintenance RD ($3000) leaving         the maintenance RD ($5000) leaving
      $740 for maintenance                       $15740 for maintenance

            Purchase of one each would invest the maintenance RD with $16,480

9/10/2012                           NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                        10
  •   The following equipment and quantities are a sample/example of what will be procured and available
      for trouble ticket response
        – Gentner AP-400                       8
        – Gentner AP-800                       8
        – Gentner XAP-400                      8
        – Gentner XAP-800                      8
        – NEC 50” Plasma                       1
        – Sony EVI-D70 Cameras 10
        – Sony Projectors
              • 30 Series                      2
              • 40 Series                      2
              • 50 Series                      2
        – AMX
              • 12” Touch Panel                1
              • 7” Touch Panel                 1
        – Polycom
              • VSX-8000 CODEC                 4
              • VSX-4000 CODEC                 2

9/10/2012                            NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                                      11
                                  Funds Flow

                                          NSR Submitted

                                      NSR/DCS Prepared
                               Loaded Base Cost (includes RD 164)
                                     17% Maintenance Fee

                                       Customer Approves
                                       Funds Transferred

     PSLA Updated For Five-Year Refresh                   Base Cost Applied To Applicable RD
                                                          Maintenance Fee Applied To RD 370

9/10/2012                         NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                             12
                 Trouble Ticket Response
                                  Receive Trouble Ticket

                                Validate Maintenance Plan
                                Reference Operations NSR

                                Cut PR Against RD 370
                           Document Cost And Room In The RD

                               Process Equipment For Repair

                                           Ship Bad Equipment To Manufacturer

Spare Shipped And Replaced < 48 Hours

                                                                    Back-Fill Equipment As Needed

9/10/2012                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                               13
  •   August
       – 14 August present CCB to UNITeS
       – 16 August present CCB to NISN
  •   September
       – 01 September
           • Receive NISN approval and implement plan

9/10/2012                      NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon   14

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