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Storage of Data
1.   Which two of the following can be used for a backing store?
           a)      ROM
           b)      Magnetic tape              B,D
           c)      RAM
           d)      Hard disk

2.   If a computer only has one type of backing store which of the following would be
             a)     Magnetic tape
             b)     CD ROM                      C
             c)     Floppy disk
             d)     Hard disk

3.   If you have an important piece of software on a floppy disk how can you make sure
     you do not overwrite it?
     Slide the WRITE PROTECT tab to its read only position.

4.   If you wanted to buy a large dictionary in computerised form what type of storage
     medium would you expect it to be on? Why?
     CD ROM because it would take up too many flopy disks to be practical.

5.   Name two types of storage which are normally read only - one inside the CPU and one
     ROM and CD ROM

6.   Which is the best storage medium for multimedia applications?
     CD ROM

7.   Why are CD ROM's usually bought with data already on them?
     Because they are read only and data cannot usually be written to them.

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