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									Jeanne Lowell
Vice President,
Project Applications Development
Oracle Corporation
Oracle Enterprise
Project Management
Improve Visibility and
Efficiency in Managing Your
Projects, Programs, and

 Business challenges
 Oracle solution, benefits and customer
  case studies
 More information
What is Project Management?
 Initiatives                                             Assets

  Research                                               Knowledge

 Construction         Time                   Scope       Equipment
 Technology                      Control                     Materials

 Development                                                  Money
  Marketing                                                  Systems

               Suppliers, Partners, Divisions, Geographies
Business Challenges
              Internal Pressures
              •   Downsizing
              •   Reduced budgets            Customer Demands
              •   Increased accountability   • Shorter project timeframes
              •   Changing priorities        • Risk-sharing agreements
              •   Strategic alignment        • Fixed-price contracts

Organizational Complexity                    Global Challenges
•   Multiple business units                  • Compliance to local laws
•   Changing organizational structures       • Global tax and accounting
•   Increased outsourcing                      regulations
•   Joint ventures                           • Near-shoring and off-shoring
                                             • Currency fluctuations
What Does Oracle Enterprise
Project Management Do?

 Helps companies to predictably and
 successfully deliver global projects
    by integrating, managing and
  providing insight into enterprise
         project information.
Oracle Enterprise Project Management
  Project                                              Enterprise
Initiatives                                            Integration
                    Portfolio Management
  Delivery       Project             Resource
 Research      Management           Management             HR

Construction                 Global                    Supply Chain
Information                Repository
Technology                                                Sales

  Product                          Accounting &
Development    Collaboration                            Asset Mgmt
 Marketing                                              Documents
                Enterprise and Project Insight

                                    Role-Based Views
Project Management
Manage full lifecycle with integrated project information

                 Plan                         •   Execute Work
                                              •   Complete Deliverables
                                              •   Share Documents
                                              •   Raise Issues

• Plan Work
• Assign Resources
• Set up Budget
                        Control         •   Update Progress
                                        •   Manage Changes
                                        •   Forecast at Completion
                                        •   Manage Performance
                                        •   Communicate Status
Project Management
Manage full lifecycle with integrated project information

  Deliver on time and within budget by providing
   timely and aggregated project information
  Continuously improve project quality by
   leveraging standard processes
  Reduce financial and project risk through more
   accurate and efficient forecasting
  Improve margins by increasing visibility into
   change impact
  Increase customer satisfaction through timely
Max Boegl
Project management success
• German engineering and construction
  firm, specializing in civil engineering,   Realized Benefits
  tunneling, bridges and construction        • Reduced Cycle Times
  engineering                                     • Change order approval
• Over 4000 employees in 10 divisions             • Contract review and
  and 30 locations across Europe                    approval
                                                  • Construction plan review
Goals                                               and approval
• Single application for all projects,
  documents, changes
                                             • Increased Visibility and Control
• Personalized views of project                   • No delays in
  information including external partners           understanding timeline
• Standardize business processes                    slippages, issues, and
  across projects, including change                 progress to plan
  management, planning and contract                 variances
  management                                      • Reduced Risk results in
• Centralize to-do lists across multiple
                                                    reduced reserves on
• Improve risk management                           Balance Sheet
Resource Management
Leverage resources across global enterprise



Resource Management
Leverage resources across global enterprise

 Optimize utilization by efficiently matching available
  resources to open requirements
 Increase responsiveness by quickly identifying and
  deploying employees and contingent workers to
  global projects
 Lower administrative effort by streamlining
  deployment process
 Lower costs by leveraging and consolidating
  procured materials, equipment and contractors across
  global projects
Resource management success

• Leading global provider of IT
  solutions for insurance industry
• 600 employees in 8 operating
  units, 25 legal entities, and 4
• 250 concurrent projects

• Integrate islands of information
  regarding project status and
  resource utilization
• Track 100% of employees
• Manage multiple contract projects
  – fixed price, percent complete,
  milestone billing, time & material
Access personalized, secure and current information
    Team                                     Team
   Members                               Collaboration
                                          Coordinate Work
   Employees                                 Complete

                                         Share Documents
  Subcontractors        Project
   and Partners        Workspace

   Customers                              Issues with
Access personalized, secure and current information

 Shorten delivery time by providing a single, secure
  and structured workspace for global teams
 Reduce costly errors by ensuring globally dispersed
  team members are working with latest project
 Increase responsiveness by quickly raising and
  addressing issues
 Lower project costs by reducing need for expensive
  face-to-face meetings, rush deliveries and travel
Giesecke & Devrient
Collaboration success

Overview                               Realized Benefits
• Developer of banknotes, security     • Control over software
  documents and smart cards
• 49 subsidiaries and joint ventures     development projects
• Over 7000 employees                    involving team members
• Global teams developing local          located around the world
  smart card solutions                 • Understand progress in real
Goals                                    time; communicate to
• Replace homegrown system to            management
  allow for document sharing in a      • Ability to quickly identify
  secure environment                     and respond to project
• Improve efficiency of gathering
  status and rolling up WBS              changes
Giesecke & Devrient
Collaboration success

     “The entire project team has benefited
     from heightened awareness of the work
     schedule, issues, changes, progress and
     status, making the job of delivering a high
     quality service to our customers more

                   – Francesco Scognamiglio,
                Corporate E-Business Manager
Accounting and Operations
Automate project operations with enterprise systems

 Time & Expense                Manage to Budget

  Material Costs     Collect    Accrue Revenue

 Supplier Invoices
                       and      Invoice Customer
  Commitments         Costs      Cross-Charge

    Allocations                 Capitalize Assets
Accounting and Operations
Automate project operations with enterprise systems

 Deliver within budget by providing timely,
  accurate visibility to all actual and committed costs
 Streamline operations by integrating cost
  collection and processing to enterprise systems
 Improve cash flow through faster and more
  accurate invoicing
 Lower operational costs by streamlining cross-
  charge accounting
 Improve bottom line with faster, automated asset
Accounting and operations success

• Largest convenience retail chain
  in the world                           Realized Benefits
• 24,000 stores worldwide in 19
  countries                              • Manages IT projects and
• Builds over 1500 new worldwide           new store construction
  stores per year                        • Single view of project costs
• 1200 concurrent projects               • Integration with Oracle
Goals                                      Financials
• Consolidate systems,                   • Review project expenditures
  spreadsheets and databases               monthly
• Automate process to collect and        • Can see an overspend
  track costs
• Increase visibility into progress of     before it happens – even six
  capital expenditures                     to nine months ahead
• Consistency with new store
  construction processes
Accounting and operations success

       “With Oracle Projects, we can tie our
       spending to the penny. We have total
       control over it. There are absolutely
       no surprises.”

                         – Keith Morrow, CIO
Enterprise and Project Insight
Provide timely and critical information to right people
  Roles                                             Views

Executives                                      Organization

Operations             Personalized
Managers                                          Resource

Project and                Metrics               Projects and
Managers                     Margin
                        Actuals to Budget
                       Bookings & Backlog
Enterprise and Project Insight
Provide timely and critical information to right people

 Drive intelligent decisions by providing full
  lifecycle of business metrics to right people
 Lower operational costs by streamlining
  collection and processing of business metrics
 Reduce project & financial risk by drilling
  down and identifying underlying issues
 Optimize portfolio by prioritizing project
American Tower
Project insight success

Overview                                Realized Benefits
• Leading infrastructure provider for
  wireless, internet and
                                        • Single instance of project
  broadcasting industries                 information
• Operates over 14,000 sites in         • Streamlined process for
  USA, Brazil and Mexico                  analyzing project
Goals                                   • Full visibility into
• Simplify process of gathering and       construction, engineering,
  analyzing information from 14           labor costs, equipment
  databases                               tracking, and overall billing
• Visibility into daily operations
• Rapid implementation of new
                                        • Tracks all construction
  solution                                projects
American Tower
Project insight success

     “Oracle Projects enables us to get all the
     information project into the hands of the
     finance department as well as to our
     project managers – allowing them visibility
     into timelines and costs for a particular
     project. It allows them to manage the
     project more effectively.”

                          – Robert Mawrey, CIO
Portfolio Management
Align organizational goals and resources

                                                • Allocate funds and
                                                • Launch approved projects
•   Define criteria
•   Collect proposals                      Release
•   Score projects      Plan              to Execute
•   Rank projects
•   Balance portfolio
•   Approve plan

                                                   • Monitor schedules
                                  Monitor          • Aggregate budgets
                                  Portfolio        • Review resources
Portfolio Management
Align organizational goals and resources

 Better evaluate capital requests by
  aggregating business planning assumptions
 Proactively eliminate resource bottlenecks
  by balancing resources, timing and funds
 Plan for contingencies through “What If”
 Create recommendations for implementation
  of approved portfolio
Enterprise Project Management success

                                     Realized Benefits
• Provider of retail management      • Cut monthly closing time by
  software for companies like Best     70% through integration
  Buy, Eckerd, Nordstrom, and Gap
• Over 700 worldwide employees         and streamlined
                                       administrative process
• Understand true cost of projects   • Enabled Retek to offer new
• Increase efficiency by reducing      business model of fixed
  manual processes                     bids for projects
• Easily and accurately bill
  customers for time spent on        • Increased utilization by
  projects                             identifying costs, skills and
• Implement software without
                                       availability of consultants in
                                       300 – 400 projects per year
Enterprise Project Management success

      “Before Oracle Projects, we just didn't
      have the data we needed. The
      improvement is infinite. We have a lot
      more detail today than we've ever had.”

                             – Thomas Kipp,
                  VP of Information Systems
Oracle Projects
An integrated part of the Oracle E-Business suite
           Maintain       Finance
Service                             HR
                  All Product,             Projects
                   & Supplier
Make              Information
 Procure                                              Project Portfolio Planning *
            Order                Develop           Project               Resource
                      Sell Market
                                                 Management             Management

                                                    Project            Project Costing
                                                 Collaboration         Project Billing

                                                          Project Intelligence
* Note: Future solution
Centralize Execution and Control
Open integration with third-party applications

    Planning and
     Scheduling          Oracle             Systems
       Cost            Management          Operational
Customer Leadership
Over 2000 customers in diverse industries
Engineering & Construction, Professional Services, Government, Education, High
Technology, Financial Services, Utilities, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Telecommunication,
Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Transportation and Others
Release Summary
            FP J                          FP K                          FP L                    FP M
           Sep 02                        May 03                        Nov 03

•   HTML Interface               New Products                   •   Asset Capitalization    •   Contingent Labor
•   Project Workbench            • Project Management           •   Gantt Charts            •   Program Management
•   Receipt Accruals             • Project Collaboration        •   Personalization         •   Enhanced Workplan
•   Customer Billing Retention                                  •   Extensible Attributes   •   Streamlined Forecasts
•   Staffing                                                                                •   Earned Value
                           11.5.8                          11.5.9                      11.5.10
                           Nov 02                          Jun 03

                                        E-Business Suite

                   DBI 5.0                                              DBI 6.0
                   Oct 02                                               Nov 03

                                 Daily Business Intelligence
Why Oracle Enterprise Project
  Manage project delivery with less effort

    Leverage resources across projects

          Collaborate in real-time

 Automate project operations and finances

          Make better decisions
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