JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title :          Quality and Standards Officer

Department :         Quality and Standards

Reporting to:        Director of Quality and Standards

The following list of duties and responsibilities is not meant to be exclusive. It should be taken
as an indicator of the type and level of activity expected of this post. The list does not represent
either priorities or frequency of tasks and should be regularly updated by the post holder in
consultation with and agreement of their line manager.

Main Tasks

1. Assist the Director of Quality and Standards in ensuring that the Annual Course Review
    (ACR), Self Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan documents are
    produced in a timely and appropriate way
2. Support Academic staff by populating Curriculum ACRs and SARs with centrally held data
3. Provide Curriculum data reports for use at ACR and SAR reviews.
4. Co-ordination of ACR/SAR Review process, meetings, minutes and actions
5. Co-ordinate and populate the SAR database and produce queries and reports for the
    Director of Quality and Standards
6. Support the Director of Quality and Standards by supplying a range of data from central
    College systems.
7. Co-ordinate the post observation action planning, support and development of the OTL
8. Assist the Director of Quality and Standards in the monitoring of effective use of the Pro-
    Monitor and E-ILP software
9. In conjunction with the Director of Quality and Standards and Assistant Principal HE and
    Land Based Studies, plan and compile the timetable for Board of Examiners and Annual
    Course Review meetings, HE Assessment Boards and submission of required Institutional
10. Process all FE and HE submissions for course approval in liaison with college staff,
    awarding bodies and HEIs.
11. Support the Director of Quality and Standards in the co-ordination of the various aspects of
    the learner involvement strategy including co-ordination of various stakeholders’ satisfaction
12. Keep up to date documentation in relation to all course approvals.
13. Act as Clerk for the Quality Improvement Committee, Equality and Diversity Committee, FE
    and HE Board of Studies and any other committees and to ensure that the Quality and Data
    Timeline is mapped against the agenda of each of these committees.
14. To maintain up to date terms of reference and membership of all college committees
15. Construct and coordinate the annual diary of meetings.
16. Ensure the collection and monitoring of key curriculum documentation required for the
    annual self assessment process
17. Assist with the data cleansing process using DSAT, Score and other systems
18. Perform such other duties as reasonably correspond to the general character of the post
    and are commensurate with its level of responsibility.

                                                                      September 2009
The College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people
and vulnerable adults and expects all staff to share this commitment. All staff therefore have a
responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable
adults in accordance with the nature of this post. A CRB check is carried out for all

NOTE: These job details are current at the date shown. In consultation with you, they are liable
to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job.

                                                                    September 2009
                                      Person Specification

                               Quality and Standards Officer

                      Essential                 Desirable            How Identified

                 At least two years       FE/HE Course              Application
Experience       within a similar         Administration

                 GCSE in Maths and        NVQ 3 or above in         Application
Qualification/   English                  Business
Training                                  Administration

Special          Child Protection         FE/HE funding and
Knowledge        Issues                   learner data

Skills           Computer literate                                  Application
                 especially                                         References
                 spreadsheets and
                 Organisational Skills
                 Good written/oral
                 Able to form and
                 maintain appropriate
                 relationships and
                 personal boundaries
                 with young people

Disposition      Good                                               Interview
                 Communicator             Emotional resilience in
                 Team Member              working with
                 Works well under         challenging behaviours
                 pressure                 and appropriate
                 Motivation to work       attitudes to use of
                 with children and        authority and
                 young people             maintaining discipline

Other            Fit for the duties of                              Medical Report
                 the post

                 CRB check carried                                  CRB application
                 out on appointment                                 made by College
                                                                    for successful

                                                                    September 2009

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