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									           Department of South Asia Studies
             Center for South Asia Studies

 Languages
 taught                 Fields concentrated
    Tamil
                        •Cultural history
    Hindi              •Anthropology
    Urdu               •Political studies
    Gujarati           •Religious studies
    Bengali            •Art history
                        •Health and medicine
    Punjabi
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   International Forum for
   Information Technology
Tamil Internet 2011 Conference
 (உலகத் தமிழ் ததொழில் நுட்ப மன்றம்)

          DATES: 17-19 JUNE 211
                     INFITT - general

   உத்தமம் - உலகத் தமிழ் ததொழில் நுட்ப
   Non-profit NGO started in 2000 in Singapore
   Functions since 2000 as a NGO registered in California,
   Objective: to assist growth of Tamil Information
    Technology and Tamil Content on the Internet, serve as a
    « single reference » international liason body for Tamil
    Computing /Tamil IT/Tamil Internet
   Has a written Constitution defining its objectives, overall
    structure and operational procedures
                   INFITT - structure

 Membership drawn from all over the world, with major
    stakeholders coming from IN, SL, MY and SG (regions
    where Tamil enjoys special status as an official language)
   Membership open to anyone committed to « observe and
    support various articles of the INFITT Constitution »
   Three level structure: gross root membership (General
    Body/GB) elects 51-member General Council/GC
    (weighted proportional representation of all Tamil
    speaking regions); GC in turns elects 7-member
    Executive Committee EC.
   General Administration through Chair, Vice-Chair and
    Executive Director, all directly elected by the EC
   Discussions throughout the year via mailing lists
                Tamil Internet Conferences

•   Tamil Internet Conferences (“Tamil Internet”) are major annual
    technical conference, aimed to bring together members of academic
    community, software professionals, bloggers and Tamil portal site
    promoters and end-users working on Tamil computing /Tamil IT-ICT and
    Tamil Internet
•   Provide an annual forum for all interested stake holders to present and
    review recent advances in various domains, to build collaborative
    networking and to identify areas which need immediate and long term
    solutions to advance the field
•   Present USA conference “tenth” in the series; Previous conferences held at
    Singapore (1997), Chennai, India (1999), Singapore (2000), Kuala
    Lumpur, MY (2001), San Francisco, CA, USA (2002), Chennai, India
    (2003), Singapore, SG (2004), Koeln, Germany (2009), Coimbatore, India
•   Since launch of INFITT in 2000, TIC series are being managed by INFITT.
     Scope of Tamil Internet Conferences

 Presentation of research and development in various
  areas of Tamil computing, Tamil Internet in technical
  sessions (Conference Hub)
 Conference (duration 3 days) generally have 3 hubs:
  conference hub, exhibition hub (display of Tamil
  softwares and Tools) and Community Hub (Tamil IT
  related competitions, tutorial sessions, hands-on
  opportunities to learn and use advances in Tamil
 Conference venue rotated globally, previous conferences
  held at India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Germany
             Topics addressed at TICs

 Hardware, software development for implementation of
  Tamil Computing in all platforms Windows-Mac-Unix-
  Mobile (fonts, drivers, text editors, spell check, grammar
  check, search engines,..) and in Internet, ensuring error-
  free exchange of information, accessible 24/7.
 Advanced applications such as text-to-speech synthesis,
  voice recognition, data mining of Tamil content in the
  Net, machine translation, Optical character /hand
  written text recognition, Natural Language Processing,
  Language corpus/corpus texts,..
 Computer-aided teaching of Tamil online (web portals)
  and offline (multimedia-based softwares), Development
  of Tamil Content in the Net including Tamil Blogs and
  Tamil Wikipedia
       Conference Program Committee

 Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram Switzerland – Chair
 Prof. N. Deivasundaram, India
 Prof. A.G. Ramakrishnan, India
 Mr. Mani Manivannan , India
 Dr. Badri Seshadri, India
 Dr. Jean-Luc Chevillard, France
 Prof. C.R. Selvakumar, California
 Dr. Seetha Lakshmi, Singapore
 Mr. Siva Pillai, United Kingdom
                   Message from CPC
         Conf. Program Committee for TIC 2011

• Conf being organized at short (4 months notice).
• Conf. will have three hubs: tech sessions (conf hub), Softwares display
    (exhibition hub) and a tirukkuRaL competition for children
    (community hub)
•   CPC received 130+ abstracts for presentation from many countries
    across the globe => attests to the growing importance of this conf.
•   CPC selected about 55 papers for oral presentation; full version of these
    papers available in printed conference proceedings (papers to be made
    available online at after the conference)
•   Conf. participants/paper presenters come from 10 countries across the
    globe (IN, SL, SG, MY, UAE, FR, UK, CH, CA and USA)
•   Majority of participants come from academic institutions (senior
    faculty to young research students), raising hopes for rapid advances in
    the technology areas through their involvement
    Instuctions to Paper Presenters, Chairs

 Tight agenda spread over 3 days
 Most sessions single track, two talks as remote/video
  presentations to check their viability for use in future
 Each paper is allocated 30 min, including 5 min reserved
  for Question-Answers involving the audience
 Unless there is a need to show some live demos involving
  special software, all authors are urged to copy their
  presentations to the conf. hall laptop well in advance
  (saves time for all)
 Each conf. participant will get a printed copy of the Conf.
  Book; extra copies can be ordered (500 Rs / 20 US$);
  PDF will be made available online after the conf.

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