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     Abacus Institute of Computer Applications
       Eniac Institute of Computer Application
         International Conference

      Information Technology Management


Yashwantrao Academy of Development Administration
                 Baner Road, Pune


               (11th & 12th Oct. 2011)
Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (JSPM) was established in 1998 with the
objective of creating centres of excellence for education in the field of Engineering,
Medical, Pharmacy, Management, computers etc. This all can be happen by the
vision ofProf. T.J.Sawant, an Electrical Engineer who thinks that, "Development of
Techno -entrepreneurial society" is the key to achieve VISION 2020 as perceived by
our FormerPRESIDENT of India Dr Abdul Kalam Prof. T.J. Sawant is strongly
convinced thatestablishment of excellent technical institutions is the solution to the
problem ofdevelopment of techno-economic society. Driven by a mission of providing
an excellentquality education JSPM’s society has left no stone unturned in setting up
EducationalInstitutes in Pune. With the mission "to provide, nurture and maintain an
environment of high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all
aspiring students, whichwill prepare them to face global challenges maintaining high
ethical and moralstandards." we, at JSPM are committed to provide value based
quality educationmaintaining pace with changing technology to produce competent
and skilledprofessionals ready to accept global challenges. JSPM success story is
nothing buteffective leaders towards the accomplishment of the common objectives,
a commonvision of future. JSPM’s management team has consistently created
conditions underwhich all followers have performed independently and effectively
towards the goal ofachieving an extraordinary result for all stakeholders and society
as a whole.

Situated at Pune and affiliated to AICTE and University of Pune, JSPM`s
AbacusInstitute of Computer Application provides an ideal atmosphere for
academic pursuit.The institute has a student friendly atmosphere and distinctly
employment orientedprogrammes. Our close links with the Industry provides great
benefits to the students.The programmes offered at AICA designed in such a way
that students can reach to theireducational, personal and professional goals. The
college provides every opportunity todevelop student`s potential, increase self
esteem, enhance their learning skills and furtherto increase their employment
opportunities. Our aim is to develop practical orientatedmanagement and IT students
who will deal confidently with the challenges come in theirway.

ENIAC Institute of computer application (EICA) is committed to provide quality
education in computer application and management. The institute has its corporate
resource centre (CRC) where coordination for placement related activities is done.
The CRC is actively managed by placement coordinator, faculty members and
students’ representatives and assistant for placement is given. Various reputed
companies are coming regularly for the campus placements of students. Our well
equipped computer labs with latest software, Wi-Fi connectivity and contemporary
infrastructure. In its endeavour to establish a truly international level centre of
excellence in management and information technology, the EICA strives to develop
competent and relevant manpower for the 21st century needs of trade, business and
Patrons and Advisory Committee:

Patron                     :      Prof. T. J. Sawant, Founder Secretary –
                                  Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
Conference Secretary       :      Dr. Mani mala Puri, Director
                                  Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
Conference Co-chairs       :      Dr. Sarika Sharma,Director
                                  Eniac Institute of Computer Application, Pune
                                  Dr. SavitaPathak. Director
                                  Abacus Institute of computer Applications Pune

Advisory Committee:

♦Dr.P.P.Vitkar, Director, Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
♦Prof. Ravi Joshi, Director, Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
♦Prof. K.N.Barbole, Director, Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
♦Prof H.P.Gupta, Founder & Executive Director, IME Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
♦Dr.S.P.Sharma, Economist, University of Delhi, Delhi
♦Dr. S.K. Puri, Economist, University of Delhi, Delhi
♦Dr.D.P.Goyal, Director, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, Haryana
♦Dr. Gopal Babu, Head, Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra
♦Dr.NeerjaSaraswat, Professor, University of Wills, Canada
♦Dr.VimleshWadhawa, Professor, University of Singapore, Singapore
♦Mr.LokeshPathak, Project Controller, SABIC, Dammam, KSA
♦Mr.D.P.Paryani, CEO, Austin Project Consultancy, Austin, United States
♦Mr.SatishYadav, Project Controller, Atos Origin, Belmonte, USA
♦Mr.PankajJagtap,Sr. ProjectManager IBM USA
♦Mr.Manoj Panda, Sr. Consultant Infosys Technologies, USA
Information Technology Management:-

            Information Technology Management deals with the exploration and
understanding of information technology in improving the strategic and operational
capabilities of an organisation for designing and developing products and service for
maximum customer satisfaction, corporate productivity, profitability and
competitiveness. While the value creation for an organisation depends on the
relationship between internal and external environments. Technology plays and
important role in busting the overall value chain of an organisation. However, this
improvement requires the business and technology management to work as
creative, synergetic and collaborate team. Information technology and management
explores the many different technologies. Inherent in the field of information
technology and their impact on information systems designs, functionality, operations
and managements. It intends to explore the man/machine interfaces, human factor
and organisational issues. It also explores the managerial issues and the strategic
issues that arise from the management of the information technology. Capital
EAICAIC 2011 invites researchers from different disciplines to common platform for
exchanging research ideas/hypothesis about information technology, systems and

Sub Themes

Sub Themes are mentioned below, but not limited to
1. Technology commercialisation.
2. Information technology and knowledge management.
3. Adverse knowledge service.
4. Technology transformation.
5. Artificial intelligence and E-learning.
6. Data warehousing and data mining.
7. Operational systems.
8. Graph theory.
9. Networks and network security.
10. Theoretical computer science and web semantics.
11. Technological entrepreneurial opportunities.
12. Technology commercialisation and social issues.
13. Communication technology.
14. Social networking.
15. Total quality management.
16. Virtual marketing.
17. Marketing theory and applications.
18. Advertising and sales managements.
19. Customer relationship managements.
20. Managing change.
21. Human resource and corporate restructuring.
22. Retention and prevention of human resource.
23. Indian banking system.
24. E-governance.
25. Micro and macro finance.
26. Inventory management.
27. Implementation issues in operational management.
28. Production planning and control.
29. Supply chain management.
30. Industrial business intelligence.

Paper Submission Guidelines:

   Only original, unpublished papers will be entertained
   All the submitted papers will undergo blind peer review process.
   Paper summary should not exceed 300 words
   Full paper, not to exceed 5000 words, should be prepared in A4 setup with
    headings and text in Times New Roman 14 and 12 point type respectively.
   At least one of the authors must have registered and must have made payment
    of registration fee for inclusion of the paper in the conference and proceedings.
   Virtual or in-absentia submissions or presentations of paper are welcome.
   To maintain high quality and to allow adequate time for scholarly discussion of
    papers, we will accept only 100 papers this year.
   All accepted papers will be included in an edited book published by well known
    publisher and released at the time of inauguration of the conference.
   All registered participants will receive a copy of the book.
   An author has to send one hard copy of paper along with Declaration Form.
   Best paper presentation of the session will be awarded.
Important Dates
Last date for submission of Abstract                          -      15/08/11
Acceptance of abstract                                        -     17/08/11
Last date of Submission of full paper with ppt and DD         -     30/08/11

All the papers can be send on
All queries can be send to -

Registration fee:-

Fees are to be made by Demand Draft in favour of Director, Abacus Institute of
computer Application payable at Pune.

Academicians/ Researchers/ Students                           Rs. 1500/-
JSPMians (Faculties/students)                                 Rs. 1200/-
Papers in Absentia                                            Rs. 1500/-

Declaration and Authorization:-

Each manuscript must accompany a formal Declaration in format as under. This has
to be signed by all the authors.
      The paper submitted is original, unpublished and is not submitted
       simultaneously      to      any   journal   or       conference/seminar   for
      Reference to the source has been cited in the text wherever more than fifteen
       words in continuation or figures or graphs have been used from a publication
       or internet.
      The authors alone are responsible for the correctness of events, accuracy of
       information and data used and charges of plagiarism. The authors have
       followed a system of ethics and research protocol.
      The authors permit the editors/publishers to carry out copy-editing, grammar
       corrections and, formatting of the paper.
      The copyrights of the paper stand transferred to AICA in event of the
       acceptance of the paper.
      The registration fee covers conference kit, edited book containing accepted
       paper, lunch and coffee/tea served during the conference. It does not include
       accommodation, airport/railway station transfers and hotel pick point.

Conference Organizing Committee :-

Prof. Vishal Chaudhary                             Prof. Neha Tejwani
Prof. Shailesh Rajhans                             Prof. Raj Jadhav
Prof. Suman Pasrija                                Prof. Shrikant Chaudhary
Prof. Altaf Shaikh                                 Prof. Bhagvat Kaulwar
Prof. Bhushan Shah                                 Prof. Swati Sabnis

Event Coordinators:-
Dr.R.C.Tripathi               Prof. Hemangi Patil             Prof. Dharmendra Singh
Prof. JayantKulkarni          Prof. SmitaJadhav                Prof.Ganesh Gadekar
Prof. SheetalDeshmukh         Prof. SavitaManghankar           Prof. Sarita Patil
Prof. AkshayGanbote           Prof. Swat Oza                   Prof. Chandrakant Hake

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