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					                                       Map of Evidence - Data Capture Form
Please complete as many of the fields below as possible. We recognise that you may not wish to share full details
  of initiatives that are in development, ongoing or unpublished. In these circumstances, as a minimum, please
                                      complete the blue sections of this form.
Title of Project:

Lead Contact:

Full postcode of work address:

Project Team:

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Start Date:

Completion Date:
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Funded by:
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Project undertaken as part of an academic qualification:
[Degree, Masters, Doctorate, N/A]

Higher Education Institute(s) involved:
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Non-academic project partners:
[E.g. industrial, commercial, public sector, charitable organisations etc]

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Brief description:
Up to 500 words, for example, aims and objectives of study, methods employed and topline results.
You may include hyperlinks and citations.

Upload Documents:
Please submit documents that you wish to be uploaded alongside this entry, for example, business proposals,
research abstract, service evaluation findings, audit data etc.
                  N.B. All of the above entries will be placed in the public domain, on

The following details will be used for internal monitoring purposes at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, these will
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