Tips for Buying a Baby Stroller

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    Baby strollers are one of the first things that new parents start shopping for, because they are such a basic yet
     important need. Baby strollers often have devices that make travel possible despite the weather conditions.
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                                            8 Top Tips For Buying A Baby Stroller
                                                             By Jackie Kent

   I can guess how and why a stroller was invented. We all know that small babies have to be carried
about. Mothers would certainly welcome something that would enable them to have their hands free
whenever they go anywhere with the baby.

There are many brands and varieties of strollers available in the market. They are very essential for the
mothers and hence before buying one it is a good idea to check out the details. Few tips are given
below to guide you on your stroller-buying event.

A good stroller should not be heavy. It should be light. You can carry it everywhere, to the shopping
mall, while you are traveling or simply strolling. Its weight should be about 20 pounds.

The stroller should not be large. You must be able to keep in the boot of your car even with one hand.
Mothers of small babies generally have only one free hand to use. It should be easily kept away by one

The stroller should be strong and durable. The babies are active and the stroller should be strong
enough to keep the baby’s balance. It is useless to have a stroller that can’t keep the baby’s balance.

The stroller must have seat recliners that are adjustable, guard bars and so on. Small babies grow
faster than you think and hence it should be able to support the baby at least in his growing years.
Thus the stroller must be adaptable.

Safety is essential in every respect and even in the strollers. Thus, the strollers should have special
features to look after the baby. Thus, straps, harness and holding bars are important in a stroller.

The baby should not be cramped in the stroller. There must be enough space for the baby to move a
little. Again, there must be sufficient attachments like trays and baskets to keep the baby scuffs like
feeding bottle, toys and food etc.

You must definitely consider the price. There are many companies that offer the same features at a
lower price. You can check out these brands. We all know that we must never compromise on the
quality for the price but it should definitely be considered.

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To attract customers many manufactures offer special extras. You must consider these add ons. A
stroller must have a cup holder, a sunshade, a big sturdy frame, a carry strap, reclining seat, a storage
basket, a snack tray, a parent's tray and so on. Some other manufactures may offer you add ons like
parent’s gear bags, bottle pockets, and adjustable handles and so on. You must compare and then
decide which one to buy.

Jackie Kent is a mother and author. See more of her articles at

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                                                     Baby Car Seat Stroller
                                                           By Paul Picher

When parents travel with a small child, they always consider the safety of their precious bundle when
they need to drive or travel. Baby car seats have been designed so that the infant or child does not get
hurt in case of an accident. But parents cannot carry the infant all the time especially when they are
shopping or sight seeing. Thus the need for a stroller so that their hands can be free and both the
parents and the child can be comfortable. But there are advantages and disadvantages in using a baby
car seat stroller.

 A baby car seat stroller or traveler is a combined baby car seat and baby stroller in one. This is handy
for parents who don’t want to spend extra money on separate strollers and baby car seats. The
advantages of having a baby car seat stroller is that when you will be driving you can remove the baby
car seat from the stroller and attach it to the seat of your vehicle, then stow the stroller in the trunk or
back of your car. When you get to your destination, you can just re-attach the baby car seat back to the
stroller. Another advantage with the baby car seat stroller is that the accessories have been tested for
safety together with the car seat and the stroller.

 One of the disadvantages of having a baby car seat stroller may be its size or bulkiness. Parents will
already have to deal with the extra baggage containing the baby’s diapers and feeding bottles, so it
may be a hassle having to deal with stowing away the bulky stroller. Many parents also do not consider
getting a baby car seat stroller, instead they get separate baby strollers and baby car seats for their
child. They can simply strap the baby car seat in the stroller the same way a baby car seat stroller is
strapped. In terms of safety, what matters most is the baby car seat when parents do travel or go out.

 As with baby car seats, one should check if there have been any product recalls for the baby car seat
stroller. Parents should check this one out especially if they are using a used baby car seat stroller.
Parents also need to make sure that the car seat will fit the child and can be attached properly to the
seat of their vehicle. No matter how trendy looking the baby car seat stroller may look with its color
coordination, it will not serve its’ purpose if the baby car seat cover cannot be properly installed. The
same precautionary measures should be used in considering a baby car seat stroller and a plain baby
car seat cover.

 Another factor parents need to consider when they will get a baby car stroller when it comes to its’
bulkiness is how much more space is left when the stroller is stowed at the back of their vehicle. As
with all baby strollers, parents need to check if the bulkiness of the stroller when stored will take up all
the space in the trunk or back of their vehicles.

Paul Picher writes articles about baby car seat cover and baby car seat stroller. We invite you to learn
more about baby car seat and read our baby car seat reviews from our website at

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