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                                                          Ten Famous Toy Recalls
                                                                 By Alex Daniels

    The number of recalls issued by toy manufacturers is staggering. Today there seems to be little
attention and thought in the design of children's toys, other than to make them as cheaply as possible.
The design level is certainly lacking the element of making safety first. It is apparent the parents or
those buying the toys are purchasing them without the knowledge of reading the box which will say
"Parts that can cause a choking accident". We have to be more vigilant in the supervision of children
and look to see if a situation is life threatening.

Here is a list of a few products that have been listed on the top ten list of recalls:

1. Toy Mobile Phones Recalled for Choking Hazard International Playthings Inc., of Parsippany, N.J.
recalled 50,500 iPlay "My First Mobile Phones". The toy phone's yellow antenna could detach and
posed a choking hazard to young children.

2. Next Marketing Inc. Recalls Youth Hooded Fleece with Drawstring for Strangulation Hazard

Next Marketing Inc., of Wabash, Ind. recalled 22,000 Youth Hooded Fleeces with Drawstrings. The
drawstring, which went through the hood of the fleece, posed a strangulation hazard to children. In
February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines to help prevent children from strangling or getting entangled
on the neck and waist by drawstrings in upper garments, such as jackets and sweatshirts.

3. Simplicity Cribs

After the death of a 19-month baby in Myrtle Creek, Ore., the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission and Simplicity Inc., of Reading Pa., renewed their search for recalled Aspen 3 in 1 Cribs
with Graco logos. The child died on Jan. 6, 2006, after two of the mattress support slats came out of
his recalled crib. The infant was trapped between the mattress and the foot board of the crib and

4. Fisher-Price Infant Musical Toy ChairHazard

Fisher-Price, one of the most well-known toy manufacturers in the world, voluntarily recalled about
614,000 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn & Trade Musical Learning Chairs. It was possible for a child to get

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stuck between the back of the seat and the side table attached to the chair, which could cause the
child's neck to become stuck as well and posed a strangulation hazard.

5. Mattel Polly Pocket magnetic play sets

Mattel Inc. recalled 4.4 million "Polly Pocket magnetic play sets" after they found out that three children
had been hospitalized with serious injuries after swallowing tiny magnets which fell off of the toys.

6. Mega Brands Inc. "Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets"

3.8 million of these Magnetix sets were recalled after a 19-month old, and three other children were
injured from parts of the toy, one fatally. The magnets were distributed loose in the box and were fairly
small. If swallowed, several of them could magnetically bond together inside the digestive track and
cause serious blockage.

7. Riding Toys

There were 20 toy-related deaths and 152,400 toy-related injuries involving children under age 15.
Although no deaths occurred, The majority of injuries were sustained from riding toys.

8. KFC Tangled Treeples Toy

These toys came with KFC kids meals in June and July of 2000. The container the toys came in could
fit over a child's nose and mouth, posing a suffocation hazard to children.

9. Playskool Toy Tool Bench

Playskool voluntarily recalled this toy after it resulted in the death of two toddlers.

10. Children's Cooking Sets

A popular Children's Cooking Set was recalled because the glass lids were considered a laceration

When it comes to children, toy manufacturers need to think safety first. Children are vulnerable and
need constant supervision, but parents have learned to depend on and trust the judgment of
companies like Playskool and Fisher Price. Like it or not, those companies have, at least in the opinion
of this writer, a responsibility that is inherent to the industry they've chosen.

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                    What Parents Need to Be Aware of When Buying Toys For Their Child
                                                         By Peter Geisheker

Play and toys are a very important part of the development of your child. There are some things that
parents can do to make sure that their child is getting the best possible use of their playtime to help
them develop the skills that they will need in their later years.

 The toys that parents choose for their child should be age appropriate. This is perhaps one of the most
important factors to look for when you are shopping for toys. If you buy toys that are too young for your
child, they will not learn anything from the toys that you are providing. Likewise, toys that are too far
beyond your child can result in frustration on the part of your child and they will not play with them.

 The safety of the toy is considered when you are choosing age appropriate toys. Children may be
smart enough or developmentally further along than other children their age, but the toy should still be
safe for use by someone that is their age. Pay attention to consumer information about toy recalls and
the dangers that have been discovered about some of the toys that are on the market.

 The toy should be fun for your child as well. If your child does not have any interest in the toy, they will
simply not play with it. It may be the most advanced toy that promises to teach your child a great many
skills, but if they do not play with it, you will have wasted your money. Watch your child and learn what
kind of toys they enjoy playing with. Some children prefer puzzle toys while others need something that
requires more active participation.

 Don’t forget about imagination and pretend games for your child. Look for toys that will help them
expand their imagination and develop their creativity. Toys that allow children to be creative will help
them to think in ways that is bound only by their own imagination. Artistic toys and those that allow
them to develop these skills are highly recommended for your child.

 Many parents simply buy toys without regard for the special skills that they can teach their children.
There is tremendous opportunity through play to help your child develop into creative and imaginative
adults. While not every toy will provide skills, it is still important to pay attention to the things that your
child is playing with.

 Parents should take some time and get in on the playtime. Sit down with your child and play the
games with them. It is a great chance for you to find out what the toy or game is providing to your child.
You will be able to help them play and learn at the same time. It is also a great amount of fun for
parents as well. Remember, that your child is learning every waking moment. You can take advantage
of some of these times to teach your child about the world around them and what they are capable of

Peter Geisheker is the CEO of The Geisheker Group marketing company.
http://www.marketing-consulting-company.com Peter develops and implements strategic marketing
programs for businesses including educational learning toys and early childhood education.

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