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                                                    Classic Toys – Intrinsic Magic
                                                              By Misti Norusis

   Toys today seem to come with a host of electronic features. They can dance, sing, jump, giggle
even wet their nappies (why would anyone want a toy like that?).

However, some child psychologists actually advise against giving very young children any electronic
toy. They believe that babies and toddlers need to develop their hand and eye coordination, their
imagination, and their motor skills—so giving something that moves and grooves at the touch of a
button is counterproductive. The best educational toys are the Classic Toys.


Dolls are certainly Classic Toys. Archaeological excavations have unearthed dolls that date back to
thousands of years (talk about being sturdy!). These dolls may not have been able to sing or walk on
their own, but they helped comfort a sick or frightened child, and were part of several imaginary
adventures. These classic toys are also important in practicing social skills. As your child “interacts”
with the toy, she plays out gestures or roles that she’s observed from adults around her. One of the
best accessories for dolls are dollhouses, which make the imaginary games so much more real.

Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks are Classic Toys that your child will use for years. Younger toddlers would prefer to
just bang them against each other—which builds their hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. As
they gain greater control of their hand movements, these classic toys can be used to build towers,
bridges and houses. The letters and numbers carved or painted on the side of wooden blocks also
make them a great start to reading!


Does your child spend hours in front of the TV? Get him to play outside; where he can get the exercise
he needs from running, jumping, and playing catch with friends. Child nutritionists are actually
concerned that the sedentary lifestyle of kids today are leading to skyrocketing statistics of childhood
obesity. So these classic toys can actually be exactly what the doctor recommends.

Rocking Horses

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Look at any illustration of a children’s room, and you’re bound to find a rocking horse included in the
tableau. Rocking horses are some of the world’s most cherished classic toys, and are made of such
fine craftsmanship and have such universal appeal that they are often passed down from one
generation to the next. While they traditionally come in dappled gray, you can find them in many, many
colors and sizes.


“Let’s go fly a kite, up where the air is light…” so goes the song about these classic toys from the
classic musical Mary Poppins. While kites have no batteries or gizmos attached, they are a feat of
skill—you need good aerodynamics. In fact, many see them as the precursor to planes, since the
Wright Brothers studied kite movements while working on their historical invention.

The great thing about kites is that they can bring many happy hours of parent-child bonding. Make one
together, and then take outside when the weather’s right. For some people, kite flying is a serious
hobby, and they join worldwide kite flying competitions.

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                            A Quick Look at Some of the Popular Classic Wooden Toys
                                                                By Franz Hahn

Go to any toy store and you can see two categories of toys. One category would be those toys which
existed when you were a child and when your father was a child and also when his father was a child.
These are the toys that were invented a long time ago and continue to attract children of different
countries and cultures. These toys are called the classic toys. They still are popular in their wooden
form. They still are popular as classic wooden toys. The other category consists of toys that never
existed when you were a kid and which you find it difficult to understand despite being an adult.

A quick trip down memory lane is sufficient to list the popular classic wooden toys.

 The most popular classic wooden toy is an icon. Every kid, at some point of time or the other, has
wanted to become a soldier. Every kid knew that the best part of being a soldier was that you could
ride horses. That is the reason why every kid loved the wooden horse. All he or she needed was an
imaginary sword and he or she was a heroic general saving the world. This toy was and still is the most
popular classic wooden toy.

 Although men do not admit it, they too loved playing with dolls. They loved the whole setup- the
wooden dolls, the wooden doll houses, the wooden doll furniture, the wooden kitchen sets, the wooden
puppet theatre, the wooden carts etc. All children, whether male or female, love playing with dolls.
Some grow out of them but nobody forgets them. Wooden dolls are another example of classic
wooden toys.

 Another popular classic wooden toy is the wooden train on the wooden tracks. You may have
memories of fighting with you father and your elder siblings to play with this toy. You never grow out of
this classic toy. Boys will always love to play with the wooden trains on its wooden tracks.

 Every toy contributes to the development of the children. However, one classic wooden toy that is
indispensable for the development of the children is the wooden building block. Wooden blocks
introduce the children to the new world where their imagination and their creativity are not fettered by
the chains of reality.

 The classic wooden toys are very simple and very functional. There are no rules to be remembered
and no method to be followed. All that is needed is imagination and the toys help you on the way.

 Kids have played with these classic toys for centuries now and yet have not become tired of them. The
classic toys have remained true to the basic rule that all toys must comply with. Toys are mere objects.
It is the imagination of the children that converts them into objects of entertainment and amusement.
They are means to an end, the end being the amusement and the development of the children.

 Another popular classic wooden toy is the ‘Yo-Yo’. A simple toy consisting of a round object wrapped
in a flexible and elastic string. This toy has redefined the concept of fun for children irrespective of
cultural, national or linguistic differences.

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