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Options for Child Car Safety Seats


									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                  Child Car Safety Seats - Your Options
                                                                 By Ciara McGrath

    Before you take your new baby home in your car you will need to buy a suitable car safety seat.

Seats for new born infants must be rear facing for safety. This is because a baby younger than about
12 months old does not have neck muscles that are strong enough to support the head. When a car
stops suddenly the back rest of a rear facing child seat is designed to support your baby’s head and
helps prevent serious injury.

In some European countries a rear facing child seat may be used in the front passenger seat, but in
most US states and Canada it must be mounted on the rear seat. A front facing child seat must never
be used in a front seat where air bags are fitted.

Many safety seat manufacturers produce seats that can be used in forward or rear facing positions.
These can be turned around once your baby is about a year old.

Another popular alternative is to buy a baby car seat that doubles as a baby carrier. These seats have
a fold out handle that makes it easy to carry your baby into the house. You can strap your baby into the
seat in the house, especially convenient in bad weather, and just mount the seat using the car safety
seat or the Latch system, if that is fitted in your vehicle. Consult your vehicle manual to see if the Latch
system is fitted to it.

If you are looking to buy a child safety seat that has been used you need to check to see if it has been
subject to a recall. Many older seats do not meet the most recent safety regulations. Additionally, if the
seat has been involved in a major accident the integral harness may have stretched and no longer be
safe. There is no obvious way of checking that the harness is in its original condition.

Child safety seats are expensive items, that you will only need for a short time, but you cannot really
skimp on your child’s safety.

Find more help at

Ciara McGrath has four teenage daughters. She travels widely. Find more help at, and

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             Choosing a Booster Car Seat - How to Ensure Your Child's Comfort and Safety
                                                       By Tom Littlepage

If a child is using either a toddler only car seat, or a 'convertible' infant/toddler car seat, its time to
transition the child into a booster car seat when he or she has outgrown the existing car seat restraints
(usually at about 40 pounds), but is not yet ready for just seat belts (the minimum height recommended
for a child to start using just seat belts is 4'9"). Booster car seats can typically accommodate a child
from 30 to 100 pounds (usually 4 to 8 years of age). Child car seat manufacturers are bound by very
strict guidelines, and you may be surprised to find that some of the more expensive car seats don't
provide any better level of protection than those which are more moderately priced.

 Many State laws require children to be in a safety car seat only up to age 4 or so, and many parents
assume that children who are older than this will be safely restrained by just an adult safety belt. This,
however, is not the case. An automobile's seat belt system is designed for use by adults, not small
children, and it usually will not fit a child properly. A booster car seat is designed to improve the fit of
the vehicle's safety belt system across the child's body, for greater comfort and safety. (A booster car
seat should never be positioned in front of an air bag, as deployment of the bag can cause serious
(even fatal) injuries to a child.)

 Booster car car seats are available with either a "high back" or a "low back". High back car seats
should always be used in cars without headrests, or with low seats, both to provide the child with a
comfortable place to rest his or her head, and to provide protection against "whiplash" in an accident.
Low back car seats are generally cheaper than high back car seats, and are easier to move from car to
car, but should only be used in cars with headrests and high seat backs.

 High back car seats are often available with a 5 point harness (when car seats are not being used with
a harness, they are considered being used in the "belt positioning" mode). Using a harness is generally
the safest way to restrain a child, and it is recommended that, if a harness is used, it be used until the
child outgrows it (usually at about 40 pounds). There are also 'convertible' toddler/booster child car
seats available. These car seats can be used for children from the time they are ready to start using a
toddler car seat until they are ready to start using just the car seats belts.

 Booster car seats are designed to raise the child up so that the lap and shoulder seat belts fit properly.
Belt positioning car seats must always be used with a car's lap and shoulder belt (never with a lap only
belt). The car seat will raise a child so the lap belt goes over the child's pelvis and hips (instead of his
or her abdomen), and the shoulder belt crosses the middle of the child's chest and shoulder (the car
seat may have a clip that can be adjusted to ensure that the shoulder belt does not cross the child's
face or neck).

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