Excel Project by gg2zRNML


									                                    Excel Real Life Project

For this assignment the student will choose the topic. The assignment is structured to allow you
to use the concepts learned and apply them to real life.

Some topic ideas: Monthly Household Budget, Employee Payroll, Product Inventory, Yearly
Sales Figure, etc. (Basically any type of data that requires calculation.)

       Spreadsheet must include:                                                    Points
              A unique title and your name.                                           5
              A clip art.                                                             5
              Must use two different fonts. ( Your title can be one font, your
       data another.) **No script please.
              Must include data labels.                                                20
              Must include a minimum of 3 different types of calculations.
       (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Average, Max, Min,            30
              Must include a chart. (Chart type is students’ choice and may
       be included as an object in your sheet or as a separate sheet.)
              -     Chart must have a title.
              -     Chart must include a legend.
              Must include one additional worksheet tab. (Suggestion: This
       could be your chart.)
       **Carefully check spelling- you will be docked points for misspelled words.
       **Part of your grade will be based on the layout/neatness of the spreadsheet.

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