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									I have been thinking...
I’m flooded with the questions about collagen.
With market full of products with collagen at prices varied from few pounds to hundreds of pounds the
question is- what is the difference?
We all know that collagen is important to keep our skin looking younger. We also know that collagen is
important not only for our skin but for the whole body as it takes part in the functioning of almost all systems,
organs and tissues. It has great tensile strength and is the main component of ligaments, tendons, cartilage,
bone and teeth... so yes, we all know it is important protein.
But we don’t know the difference between collagen and COLLAGEN.
Some of us will even say that there is no difference, that products on the market are all the same (they claim to
do the same thing, don’t they?) they just differ in price! But is it true?

Collagen Colway is different.
I’m sure it is something really unique and I will try to explain why.

Products available on the market contain Hydrolyzed Collagen which is a form of collagen. It is also called
collagen hydrolysate, collagen peptide, gelatine, gelatine hydrolysate and hydrolyzed gelatine. In other words
gelatine = collagen that has been irreversibly hydrolyzed. It is biologically dead. From what I understand it is
unable in any way to penetrate the skin, instead it just stays on the skins surface until its wiped away or
washed off. In other words: money spent on products with this type of collagen quite literally, are going down
the drain.

Colway- Natural collagen is extracted using hydration method which guarantees the maintaining of its triple
helix structure, crystal amino acid structure and biological activity of its breakdown products. It is patented
discovery! This is new generation of collagen in the world of cosmetology and dermo-cosmetology.
Putting it simply- you get ‘’living’’ protein which is capable of penetrating the skin’s epidermis.

It will live up to the claims Colway make and up to your expectations because THIS type of collagen is quite
different from the five-level fibril mush, known up to now.

The difference in claims...
Most of creams containing collagen are unable to penetrate your skin. Claims made by companies sound
fantastic, but they are not totally honest and mostly worded very carefully.

Dr Blanca Sengerova, an Oxford University protein biochemist who works on the chemistry of large molecules
says: ‘It really frustrates me when I see adverts for anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen. Although collagen
is structurally important for the integrity of our skin, the protein molecule is far too large to pass through the
barrier posed by the skin.’

Jonathan Hadgraft, professor of biophysical chemistry at the University of London’s school of pharmacy, said:
‘There is a popular belief that about 60 per cent of such creams is absorbed through the skin but the reality is
that most of it just stays on the skin.’’

A spokesman for quite know company (I’m not sure if I can say which one, for legal reasons) protected the
company claims by saying ‘’The firm includes dehydrated collagen spheres in some of its products. When
combined with other ingredients and applied to the skin’s surface, the spheres have been independently proven
to expand by up to nine times and create a plumped, hydrating and smoothing effect of the skin’s surface.’

Chris Flower, of the trade body, the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, told the Sunday Times:
‘Manufacturers are very careful about the exact wording of the claims they make, but here is a risk of customers
forming the wrong impression from some packaging and advertising.’

                                                                                                               ©Edyta Goch
Colway gives you...
Elixir of beauty, health and youth.

Is it another great sounding claim that has nothing to do with the reality?
No, Colway do not want to get your attention by using beautiful words and do not want to trick you into buying
one jar. Colway wants to see satisfied customers who would come back for more because they have received
exactly what they were expecting.

Colway believes in what it says and with this amazing discovery made by polish scientists - they are not scared
about ‘’exact wording’’ like some companies are.
Collagen Colway products are called ‘’cosmeceutical’’ as their benefits go far beyond the traditional
moisturizers. When Natural Collagen is applied to the skin it doesn’t create effect of hydration, firmness or
smoothness. It actually hydrate, plump and smoothes. When collagen spiral breaks down into free amino acids
and peptides they are small enough to penetrate the skin’s epidermis, so it sinks into your skin and work
within. As a result your skin is really ‘’waking up’’ because this product doesn’t form covering layer, neither act
as filler. It is pure, organic anti aging miracle that we all have been waiting for, with no harsh preservatives, no
added colours and no fragrances. Amazing!

Forget about what you were thought at biology classes, forget about ‘’impossible’’... Give yourself a chance. If
you don’t try you will never know how unique, spectacular, REVOLUTIONARY this product is!!!

Little info about how it really works (from training script)
Natural Collagen does not penetrate, as it does not need to penetrate to the dermis! (from EG: It is capable of penetrating
epidermis). It is totally sufficient for the stimulation of reconstruction the organism’s own collagen.
If hydroxyl peptide chains or hydroxyproline remaining from the fish protein spirals are torn away due to penetration of
the epidermis, they will enrich the extracellular space of the layer connecting the epidermis and the dermis.
The fish collagen applied to the skin does not adhere miraculously to our collagen fibrils, nor does it penetrate the skin in
whole form, nor does it reach the interior of the fibroblasts. It immediately enriches the extracellular matrix of all the
layers of the skin with amino acids, which causes an, as of yet clinically undefined mechanism, facilitating fibroblast
activity and at the same time increasing the organism’s production of its own collagen.

There is a new ‘’Collagen Drink’’ on the market. It has been advertised on TV and it is having a big fan club.
I’ve heard a lot about it and I was challenged to ‘’fight ‘’ for Nutricosmetic Colvita.
I do not see the point; neither do have the need to protect what Colway offers. Why? Because I know ‘’my
product’’ and just by the look at the ingredients I know what to choose.
Looking at the INCI of the product that claim to do the same things as Colvita does I have counted 14
ingredients and I’ve studied them carefully.
Only 4 of them (collagen plus 3 vitamins) will offer some benefits to your body or health.What is left?
Sweeteners, flavouring, stabilizers. They come from natural sources, but are they necessary? And most
important- is this what you asked for?

My question is: What is your reason for buying collagen drink? Do you need it for its flavour? Sweet taste?
Fancy bottle? Lovely colour?

From what I understand you want collagen; not sweetener, or fancy flavour, or stabilisers or nice bottle...
You are buying this product because you want / need the collagen inside of it.

Please explain: what made you buy product that contain hydrolyzed collagen, 3 different vitamins and 10 other
ingredients that you have not asked for, you do not need (as they have absolutely no benefits for your body or
health) when you have COLVITA with freeze dried pure tropocollagen, algae extract and vit E packed into
capsule, with no unnecessary ingredients? On top of that Colvita cost less than the drink mentioned above?!

                                                                                                                         ©Edyta Goch
Think of it this way:
You went to the shop because you needed to buy bread, sugar and lemon. Instead of that you were given bag of
breadcrumbs, sweetener and lemon squash. On top of that you’ve paid twice as much as you would pay for
actual bread, lemon and sugar.

Are you satisfied with your purchase?

I will let you think about that. If this is not able to convince you to reach for Colvita or at least learn the
difference between the products offered by Colway and other brands, then I wish you all the best with the new
collagen drinks and all this kind of products fast growing and showing up on the market.

Colway products differ from all you knew.

Trust me, trust Colway or trust the numbers- 2 million bottles of Natural Collagen Gel sold without TV adverts
and hundreds, thousands pounds spent on PR.
Colway puts that money into jars by constantly upgrading to the newest discoveries in the biotechnology,
biochemistry in the cosmetic word, obtaining best possible ingredients. Colway doesn’t have super fancy
bottles, jars, boxes but having said that- all products are nicely packed and labelled.
Colway invest into what is inside, not outside and its goal is to deliver best quality products at reasonable

You can be sure- this company doesn’t sell because they hired famous model to hold collagen bottle, or famous
actress to put collagen on the face just for the advert purpose. They don’t have TV adverts running every 5 min
in the peak times and yet Colway is on the market for the past 8 years constantly growing in strength with
branches all over the world. You can find them in US, Canada, China and many European countries, all because
of people who have faith in Colway.

If you don’t trust my words maybe you can trust in customer’s opinion. Colway is on the market because people
are happy with the products, recommend them and buy them for the past 8 years!

Have a little faith and try. I’m sure you will love Colway products like I do. Maybe you will love them so much
you will become Colway independent distributor?

Good luck with choosing best products for your skin. I have found what I was looking for.

Yours truly,

Please be aware: information’s included in this letter were not verified by Colway as those are my personal opinions and Colway cannot
be held responsible for my words. Knowledge about collagen and its properties was obtained from various sources and there is always
possibility I have not understood this subject correctly or misunderstood something. I’m not a scientist or do not hold medical licence.

Copyright © Edyta Goch 2012

                                                                                                                                  ©Edyta Goch

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