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                                                                    Kids And Energy
                                                                       By Kim Olver

   I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s summer, I’m getting a lot of questions and stories about kids
and energy. I’ll put them all under that broad category but there have been several different
subcategories discussed: kids and ADHD, kids and anger management, and kids and computers.

Kids and ADHD

Let’s start with kids and ADHD. There seems to be a big trend here in the US of drugging our children
so they can “control” their behavior in school. I am NOT in favor of this practice.

Why is there such an epidemic of ADHD diagnoses in our children? I don’t want to oversimplify but I
believe one reason is that our children don’t have the opportunities they had in previous generations to
run around and expend their energy.

In years past, kids got to play in the parks, in the streets and in their own yards. Today, that happens
less and less. Parents are too afraid to allow their children to be outside unsupervised, and rightly so!
There are predators out there who would do your children harm. However, kids still need to expend
their energy, somehow.

So, many times the activities available to them at home are sedentary, such as playing video games,
watching television, talking on their cell phones or using the home computer. None of this provides
opportunity to release energy, unless your children are like my niece who paces vigorously while
talking on the phone.

Then we send them to school and expect them to sit down and be quiet. In addition, many schools are
reducing the amount of physical education time for our kids and I’ve even seen recently that some
schools forbid children to run at recess or use certain playground equipment because they fear of
physical injury lawsuit. Is it any wonder our children are having difficulty?

Now I know there are parents and teachers out there who have stories of children who have been
helped immensely by the addition of Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta or Dexedrine to their daily diet. If you
know a child who is being helped by his or her medication, I’m not saying to discontinue it but for every

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

child who is being helped, I believe there are at least three others who are still exhibiting all the ADHD
behavior the medication was designed to reduce.

There have been studies done on placebo medications that show that in double blind studies, when
neither the patient nor the doctor knew whether the patient was getting the actual drug or the placebo,
the ones getting the placebo actually did better. Is it possible there is a placebo effect with some

If your child displays what you or the teachers believe is an excessive amount of energy, do your best
to create situations where that child can expend energy. I have two boys who could both have been
diagnosed with ADHD as children. They were very physical. Luckily, I lived in the country during a time
when parents sent their kids out the door to simply “play.” I also spent a lot of my spare time running
them around to different athletic events—YMCA soccer, wrestling, flag football, T-ball, basketball, you
get the idea. This definitely helps.

Kids and Anger Management

I spoke with a woman over the weekend whose son is 10 years-old and she says has anger
management issues. We didn’t really get into his specific behaviors but it caused me to reflect on some
inherent differences between males and females.

I think that from very early on, boys and girls deal with their anger differently. As a general rule, girls
need to talk about it to feel better, while boys need to work it out physically.

So if you have daughters, you want to teach them verbal skills to be able to work out their frustrations
but with boys, you will need to provide opportunities for them to work out their anger
physically—maybe with a punching bag, racquetball, running, or martial arts. The list of possibilities is
truly endless but don’t expect your boys to “talk about it,” at least not until they’ve had the opportunity
to release the anger in a safe physical manner.

Kids and Computers

This week, a mother contacted me about her child disobeying her limits with the home computer and
sneaking time beyond her allowed limit.

In this situation, the mother had a need to protect and nurture her child. She wants to be able to loosely
supervise her daughter’s time on the computer to possibly prevent her from falling prey to adults who
victimize children by finding their victims on the Internet. She also wants to support her child’s need for
physical activity so she restricts her computer usage and encourage outside physical activities instead.
Is this mother wrong? Absolutely not.

Her daughter, on the other hand, has a desire to be on the computer. All her friends are on there and
want to know why she isn’t. They don’t have limits while this girl does. This girl is quite accomplished
on the computer and can build website pages for her friends. She also has a high need for freedom
and doesn’t like being restricted and the computer is plain fun to her. She gets her love & belonging,
power, freedom and fun needs met with the computer. Is she wrong? Absolutely not.

How does it get resolved? I think the way to resolve this issue is for the mother and daughter to sit
down and talk about what each other needs and wants in the situation. If the child can convince her

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mother that she has the skills and knowledge necessary to protect herself from predators and she
agrees to engage in other healthy activities each day, then her mother could relax her restriction on the
amount of time she has on the computer.

In this case, and many others like it, the daughter wouldn’t be able to meet her freedom need with the
computer if there wasn’t a rule to break. Sometimes we create the very behavior we are trying to stop
with the rules we make. When a person has a high need for freedom, they will inevitably break the
rules, particularly the ones they don’t like or that don’t make sense.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever do and the stakes are incredibly high. We all do the
best we can and hope for good results. Fortunately, when we have good intentions are kids generally
survive in even thrive.

Kim has a graduate degree in counseling and works with parents and children helping them with their
communication skills ultimately leading to an improvement in their relationships. Sign up for her free
teleclass Empowerment Parenting at

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                                          Outdoor Toys For Healthy Kids
                                               By Denise M Sanger

 In an age when more and more children are spending most of their time inside in front of the television
or computer, finding ways to encourage your kids to spend time outside playing actively should be a
real priority. Exercise and fun outside at an early age are important to health and the development of
good habits, and they'll help your kids burn off some of that extra energy, too. Of course, just going
outside into an empty yard with nothing to do can be pretty boring. That's why there are so many great
outdoor toys to choose from on the market.

From little babies who are just discovering the world of the outdoors to older kids who still want to play,
there are all kinds of great outdoor toys. If you choose yours carefully, you don't have to worry about
getting too many - look for toys that your kids are really going to play with, instead of the ones that are
just a passing fancy. Buying toys meant specifically to be used outdoors will help your kids stay
entertained, let them release some of that extra energy, and keep the toys in better condition than if
you'd just used indoor toys and taken them outdoors.

Wooden and plastic playhouse are great fun for kids of all ages. There are plenty of playhouses
available for children from toddlers to middle schoolers, with appropriate sizing and safety measures.
For playing house, private clubhouses and lots more, these are a lot of fun and will last many years.
Climbing frames and jungle gyms can also be a lot of fun.

You can also choose trampolines for outdoor use, but you'll need to pay close attention to safety, and
always supervise your children on the trampoline. They're a lot of fun, but there are also many injuries
from improper use of trampolines every year. Does that mean your kids shouldn't have one of these
outdoor toys? No - it just means that you and they need proper training in how to use it and what not to
do. Consider a surrounding safety feature to keep kids from falling off the trampoline accidentally, and
always use trampoline pads. Small bounce houses are also fun.

Pools, whether at home or at the park, are also great for kids, and there are lots of wonderful outdoor
toys that are best when swimming. Check out the wide range of inflatable pool toys for kids, fun games
that can be played while swimming, and even slides and other equipment that can be installed. One
bonus of inflatable outdoor toys is that when the kids are done with them for the summer, you can
deflate them and put them away extremely easily.

These aren't all the outdoor toys kids can choose by any means. There are lots of options and
accessories, big and small, meant for tiny children and older ones, too. There are even some outdoor
toys for kids that you can enjoy along with your children. However, they all have some things in
common. They keep your kids healthy, active, and away from the television! Check out your options

Denise Sanger is the owner of which carries a wonderful catalog
of outdoor toys including swimming pool toys, backyard toys, ride on toys, and more.  Denise
also owns that carries an extensive selection of wholesale toys and gifts
for gift shops, pool stores, toy stores, and more.  Denise may be contacted at 877/950-7665.

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