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                                                                                                                     HEALTHCARE SUNDAY
alcoholism and drug abuse. Pray particularly           .                                                         .
                                                           HospiVision was founded in 1999 to provide
for the children of South Africa.
                                                           counselling, spiritual care and physical support

                                                                                                                                                           A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS
                                                           to patients, families and healthcare workers.
   This pamphlet was prepared by                           This includes services such as 24 hour trauma
The ‘Christian Networking Alliance for                     counselling, care of orphaned and vulnerable
Healthcare’ which consists of the following                children and support of people living with HIV
organizations.                                             and AIDS. Through a dedicated team of
                                                           permanent staff and volunteers HospiVision
Healthcare Christian Fellowship gives glory to             touches lives and brings hope in healthcare.
God for 75 years of ministry to healthcare staff. It       Accredited training is provided for lay and

                                                                                                                                         16 October 2011
is interdenominational and operates as an arm of           professional counsellors and healthcare
the church. Constrained by God, Carl and                   workers.
Francis Grim founded the fellowship in South
Africa in 1936. From here, the fellowship has              HospiVision, PO Box 12423, Queenswood, 0121
spread to many parts of the world. The mission             Tel: 012 329 9492.
of HCF International is to extend God's Kingdom            Email:
in the health field worldwide through prayer,    
evangelism and discipleship. Christians in the
health field have unique opportunities for witness         Institute of Christian Psychology was founded
and service through compassionate ministry to              in 2001 with the purpose of equipping people to
the needs of the whole person.                             help others, and many courses have been
                                                           developed in order to educate people to counsel
HCF (SA) PO Box 11220, Rynfield 1514                       others on both a lay and professional level.
Tel: 011 968 2751 Email:                    Christian psychology is an approach to                                    psychology that emphasises a holistic approach
Fax 086 723 7425                                           to the scientific study of human behaviour. A
                                                           holistic approach includes the critical studying of
Christian Medical Fellowship of South Africa               human behaviour on an intra-psychological,
has witnessed for Christ for over 50 years. It             interpersonal, socio-economical and spiritual
seeks to encourage healthcare workers to glorify           level.
and honour Christ in daily practice, linking faith
and service. Through mutual study of the Word,             ICP, PO Box 15040, Lambton 1414.
prayer and fellowship, members are                         Tel: 011 021 8930 Email:
strengthened and encouraged in their place of    
work. Christian healthcare workers are urged to  
serve according to the example of Christ, bearing
a message of hope, love and healing to this                The Networking Alliance is working towards
broken, wounded world for which Christ died.               an effective Biblically based influence on the
                                                           healthfields of the country and strengthening
CMF of SA, PO Box 5198, Tyger Valley 7536                  the Christian health influence in the nation.
Tel: 021 9495199. Email:                                             If you are needing someone to share in your
                                                           church on this day, please contact us.
                                                        .                                                          .
A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS                                 .   Another shining example can be found in the life     .     By identifying with our nation and healthcare
Dr Andre de la Porte                                        and work of the late Albertina Sisilu an outstanding       workers we can repent of:
                                                            nurse. After retiring she worked with the                  side-lining God, sacrificing patient care in the
“The people who walked in darkness have seen                underprivileged in Soweto.                                 name of human rights and a lack of
a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the                                                                      compassion and care. As Christians we have
shadow of death, upon them a light has shined”.             However Christian healthcare workers find their            not sounded the trumpet of warning
Isaiah 9:2.                                                 calling and inspiration in the One who “….has              (Ezek. 33:1-9) in a country where an
                                                            broken the yoke that burdens” and “…the rod that           estimated 1000 people die daily from AIDs
Healthcare Sunday is one day a year where                   beats the shoulders” Isa. 9:4. Of Him it is said:          related illnesses and the unborn die at the
Christians throughout the country (and many                 “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He             hands of health personnel. We should
other parts of the world) are encouraged to bring           was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for       recommit ourselves to God to be His
the Healthcare needs of the nation to God’s                 our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we              witnesses in the nation through righteous
Throne of Grace. These needs include the sick               are healed”. Isa. 53:5. Isaiah also proclaims: “A          living, being salt and light and spreading the
and suffering, healthcare personnel, health                 bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He        Gospel through the talents He has given us.
authorities and health facilities in both the private       will not quench; He will bring forth justice for
and public sectors.                                         truth”. Isa 42:3.                                          4. Pray and intercede with the whole Body of
                                                                                                                       Christ by:
Consider the ongoing decline in healthcare                  How can the Christian Community and Christian                   Praising and thanking God for His
generally, the barrage of bad medical news in the           Healthcare Workers contribute towards being a                      merciful forgiveness of our sin and His
media, the low morale and mass exodus of                    “great light” in darkness?                                         faithful involvement in all our lives.
healthcare personnel, the words of Isaiah about                                                                             Praying for hope and joy, for wisdom
walking in darkness rings true. When thinking               1.Dedicate a Church Service or a congregational                    and gentleness, and that the light and
about bringing light into darkness we are                   meeting to Healthcare Sunday on 16 October by:                     life of Christ might shine through all
reminded of the image of Florence Nightingale,                                                                                 those involved in caring for the ill and
called “The lady with the lamp” who laid the                       Addressing healthcare issues as mentioned                  the broken.
foundation for professional nursing.                                above in a sermon                                       Interceding for all those involved in
We are also inspired by people in our own                        Inviting a Christian Healthcare Worker to                    public, private and academic health
history, such as Emily Hobhouse who played a                        share their testimony                                      sectors, whether in a clinical,
similar role. When reading her description of                    Reaching out to a nearby Hospital on that                    administrative or supportive capacity,
conditions in the camps during the Anglo-Boer                       Sunday                                                     also those studying health sciences
war, one is reminded of the conditions in many                   A symbolic action such as lighting a candle                  and those doing medical research.
informal settlements today. “….there was a                          for healthcare workers in the service                   Praying for those in authority, who
scarcity of essential provisions. The                       2.Congregations should view hospitals and clinics                  take decisions affecting the health of
accommodation was wholly inadequate. When                   as mission fields on their doorsteps and develop                   our nation, especially our President,
the eight, ten or twelve people who lived in the            strategies to reach out to these facilities with the               the National Minister of Health, and
bell tent were squeezed into it to find shelter             Gospel. They can identify and support health                       the provincial MEC’s of Health and
against the heat of the sun, the dust or the rain,          professionals in their congregations and encourage                 their staff. Pray for equity, justice and
there was no room to stir and the air in the tent           them as potential missionaries in their areas of                   righteousness to triumph in healthcare
was beyond description… The water supply was                work.                                                              and for more Christian leaders to take
inadequate. No bedstead or mattress was                     3. Let us stand in the gap for healthcare in the                   up the challenges of health regulation.
procurable. The rations were extremely meagre               country through repentance and intercession. We                 Remembering in prayer those who are
and fell short of the amount prescribed”.                   should humble ourselves, confess and repent of                     affected by the terrible plagues
 (                                           our own sins and those of others.                                  sweeping our country – AIDS, TB,

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