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					 Guidelines for Examination Candidates 2009/10
 For exam room information, please check Blackboard. Last minute room
 changes will be displayed outside 2B03 (Glenside Campus) and the
 whiteboard (Swindon and Hartpury)
 To all candidates:
    You must
  Read Academic Regulation F14: Invigilation of Examinations (including
  Instructions to Examination Candidates) of the Academic Regulations and
  Procedures 2009/10:
  Lack of familiarity with academic regulations does not constitute grounds
  for appeal.
 Bring your student ID card with you to every examination. You will be required to
  write your Student Registration Number (which can be found on your student ID
  Card) on the examination booklet. You must produce your student ID Card on
  arrival and display it on your desk. Only in exceptional circumstances will
  students without their ID cards be permitted to enter the examination room and
  only if they are able to provide some other form of identity.
 Arrive for each exam in good time, at least 20 minutes before the start of the
 Sign the Attendance Register - this is very important.
 Remember to bring an HB pencil and eraser to any multi-choice tests.
 Switch off your mobile phone, pager or digital watch. These should not be left on
    the desk and should be stored away for the duration of the exam.
 Pay attention to the invigilators’ instructions which will be given at the start of
    the exam.
    You must NOT

 bring a lot of personal belongings with you as the space in examination rooms is
    limited; you will be asked to leave your personal belongings either at the front or at
    the back of the examination room.
 take food or drink into the examination room, with the exception of drinks with
    a closeable top and sweets.
 under any circumstances leave your seat unless instructed to do so by the
    invigilator; if you wish to leave early raise your hand and the invigilator will collect
    your script first.
 use at your desk any book, manuscript, calculator, personal computer, electronic
    organiser, radio, music player or any other aid which is not specifically stated in
    the rubric of the examination paper.
 remove any examination answer paper even those that are blank or have rough
    notes; you will normally be allowed to keep the question paper: if not, it will
    indicate this on the front page of your Examination Question Paper.
 expect to leave the examination room for any reason, including smoking breaks.
   The only exception would be to visit the toilet or in case of ill health. If you must
   leave the room please raise your hand and the invigilator will escort you from the

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