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									                                     Magnetic Hill School
                                              Code of Conduct

At Magnetic Hill School we are more than a community we are a caring family of lifelong learners. As a
caring family we expect that everyone in the building will treat each other in a respectful manner, while
taking personal responsibility and accountability for our actions. These are reflected in our expectations
of our students and our school staff. Staff and students are expected to put forth their best effort and to
conduct themselves in a manner that will promote a safe, orderly learning environment. School and
classroom rules, as well as expected behaviours will be explained to the students at the beginning of the
academic year in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

                      We will support a positive learning environment.

                                     All students are expected to:
                                             Do their best.
                                    Show respect for self and others.
                                           Respect property.
                                   Respect our scent free environment.
                                  Say NO to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

                                       All students know that:
      They must enter and exit the building through their designated door in an orderly manner, in the
       morning, after recess or after lunch hour.
      They must be punctual and go directly and quietly to all classes … staying to the right hand side of
       the hall.
      Electronics such as Portable CD/MP3 and I-pod players, electronic games and toys are to be left at
       home. We will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.
      As a K-8 school we do not permit the use of Cell phones in the building. There is a phone in
       the office for student use, and messages left at the office will be relayed to students. Students who
       choose to bring cell phones are to store them in a secure place or leave them at the office. Visible
       Cell phones will be taken by staff and left at the office until a parent/guardian comes in to retrieve
       it. We will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged cell phones.
      Snacks and drinks are allowed only with teacher permission … and not permitted on the
      Due to the associated health risks energy drinks are not permitted at Magnetic Hill School.
      We promote a scent free environment and will be respectful of others by not using scented
       products or body sprays.
      We respect that others have allergies and health issues, and will not endanger our classmates by
       bringing in food items that might trigger a reaction. (Peanuts, nut products, tree nuts and
       certain seafood)
                                    Bullying behaviours and issues:
At Magnetic Hill School we are involved in a continuous process to make our school a safer place. We are working
with students and staff to ensure that Bullying is a concern that is addressed by all members of staff. We encourage
parents and students to share their concerns with the staff so that we may act accordingly. We cannot help if we do
not know.

                                        Our definition of Bullying:
No words can describe bullying, because it is on such a personal level, and its effects (long and short) are so
damaging. At Magnetic Hill School bullying is the act of continuously and intentionally using power in a way to
emotionally, relationally and/or physically hurt an individual(s) and by doing so causing the victim(s) to feel

                       Our Mission Statement about Bullying Behaviours:
Have the courage to take away the pain; when someone says something mean – say something nice. Courage is
doing the right thing even when others are doing something wrong. One person can make a difference.
If you wouldn’t like it, why would you do it to someone else?

                                              Don’t put down: lift up
                                             Don’t stand by: stand up!

                                    Assemblies and Special Events:

   During assemblies students are to sit with their hands and feet to themselves and respect each other's
   Applaud in appropriate way.
   Listen quietly during presentations.
   Students will go directly to the designated area to meet the teacher responsible for the activity.
   Students are not permitted in the gym or computer room without teacher supervision.

                                                  Dress Code

   Hats are to be removed when entering the school building this includes after school activities.
   Outer wear (coats) are to be removed once entering the classroom.
   Clothing and personal articles that promote alcohol use, illegal substances, tobacco, violence or
    containing suggestive language or illustrations, or that discriminates against any race, creed, gender,
    or religion is prohibited.
   Clothing will be appropriate to a school learning environment and reflect the student's respect for self
    and others (for example, but not limited to: no bare midriff, all undergarments to be covered,
    appropriate length shorts).
   Foot wear will be appropriate for a school environment.
   Students who are not dressed in an acceptable way may be required to change or be sent home.
    (Based on the Teacher’s Judgment)
                                            Specific Items

Early Morning-Recess-Noon Hour
    Students are to enter through their specified door at the bell.
    Follow rules for your area (book bags, jackets, based on Team expectations)
    When students are permitted in the building because of inclement weather – students are to
       proceed directly to their classroom.
    Outside … follow playground rules and students are to remain in their designated areas.
    Inside … follow classroom rules as posted in your class.
    Students are not to enter other classrooms.

    Students are to line up single file to get their food and purchase items
    Students are not to save spaces in line or purchase items for other students.
    Food from the cafeteria is not permitted outside the cafeteria.
    Students are responsible for clearing off their tables and placing trash in the garbage.
    Students will be dismissed by staff on duty, and are to leave the cafeteria in an orderly manner.

After School:
    Students are to exit the building and go directly to their bus.
    Arrangements for after school activities are to be made in advance.
    If you are involved in an after school event, go to the designated area and wait for the supervising
    Middle school students are to remain in their home room until dismissal time.

                                           Code of Conduct

All students have the right to …
     be respected
     learn in a safe, clean and healthy environment
     hear and be heard
     have clear rules to follow
     learn in a place where bullying is not tolerated

Students have a responsibility to …
    treat others with kindness, honesty, courtesy and respect
    be attentive, to complete all assignments to the best of my ability, and to seek help when needed
    behave and play without harming or without threatening others
    respond in a respectful manner when spoken to by any member of our school staff
    respect and care for school property
    respect the privacy and possessions of others
    follow the rules of the school and to accept the consequences of my behaviour
    follow the guidelines of policy 311 on internet use both inside and outside of the building
    model appropriate behaviour for guest staff

      Each team will set specific consequences for behaviour.

ALL Staff have the right to:
      Be treated with respect, kindness, honesty and courtesy by students, staff and parents.
      Work in a safe, clean and healthy environment.
      Be part of the decision-making process at the school.
      Pursue professional growth and development.
      To put have in place expectations that are understood by staff and students and supported by parents.

I have a responsibility to …
      Demonstrate a belief that all students can learn.
      Give assignments that make learning relevant.
      Promote a safe and positive learning environment for students and staff.
      Be a good adult role model to my team and school and to abide by policies and regulations.
      Communicate with parents.
      To model and enforce the rules of the school.
      collaborate with and support other staff and team members in their various roles

Have a right to …
      Be treated with respect, kindness, honesty and courtesy by all students and staff.
      Expect that my child will be treated with respect, as an individual and have his/her academic, social and
       emotional needs met.
      Be part of the decision-making process at the school.
      Expect that rules are in place for my children.
I have a responsibility to …
      make sure my child attends classes regularly,
      arrive on time
      To support my child in the completion of his/her assigned work.
      help my child develop a positive attitude to school and respect the staff and school property
      monitor the conduct of my child at school and on the way to and from school/bus
      to support and encourage the following of the school rules and application of consequences

Guests and guest staff:
      Will report to office upon arrival at the school
      Will be treated with the same level of respect as other adults in the building
      Will treat others in the building in a respectful way

                                           Agenda and Lockers
       As part of our positive learning environment, all students will receive an agenda to log their
homework and lessons as well as long term goals. The agenda serves as an excellent methods of
communication between home and school with the front pouch. The cost of the agenda is $8, the same
as the last 5 years.
       Students from grade 5 to grade 8 have use of a locker with a lock provided by the school. The
lockers help secure individual students’ materials. The cost of the rental of the lock is $10 upon $5
which will be returned at the end of the year once the lock is returned.
       The money for the agenda (grade 1 to 8) and locks (grades 5 to 8) can be brought in the first
couple of weeks of school.

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