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The Presidents


									Ben Corpstein
English – Mrs. Rademacher
May 24,2012

Andrew Jackson the Seventh President

  Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States of
America and was a member of the Democratic party.

He was a popular president because he fought the American Indians.

  Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767 Waxhaw, Creek North Carolina.

His dad died a few days before he was born.

Andrew Jackson has a mom and two brothers in his family.

  Two years before he was born his family moved from Ireland to America.

His brother’s names are Hugh and Robert Jackson his mother’s name is
Elisabeth Jackson.

In the American Revolution a British soldier commanded Andrew and Robert

to clean his boots and Andrew and Robert refused and the British soldier
slashed them on their hands and faces and left them with scars.

Before Andrew was a president he was a lawyer and a soldier.

Then on April 1788 Andrew worked as a lawyer.
 Andrew got married to Rachel Donelson on August 1791, they had no
children. The Jacksons later adopted Rachel’s nephew they named him
Andrew Jackson, Jr. He met Rachel when he took a job in North Carolina.

He lived in the Donelson’s house.

He was Tennessee’s state senator. He was the national hero because he
defeated Creek Indians and the British and that is why he is on the 20 dollar
bill. In the year 1823 he was elected to the Tennessee Senate again.

   In 1802 he was awarded major general because he defeated the Creek
Indians and the British army. Years after the war of 1812 Monroe ordered
him to go to Alabama Georgia to stop the Indians from attacking the settlers.

   In Tennessee his friends wanted him to run for president as the voice of
“common people”.

Jackson won the election in the election of 1824 but the votes are not
enough votes to win.

Jackson again decided to run for president in 1828. He was elected president
in 1828 (1829 – 1837).

He believed that the president is responsible for the nation’s good. When he
did not agree with the congress, he freely used his right to change their

Martin Van Buren a close adviser to Jackson he became his vice- president.

Life after the presidency:

After his second term ended he retired in 1837.

He moved back to his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Andrew Jackson died peacefully on June 1845.

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