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Thank you for your interest in presenting at Shibaricon 2010. Education is the focus of
Shibaricon so having an excellent selection of presenters is crucial to our success. We
appreciate your desire to share your skills and talents with us.

Because of increased interest in presenting at Shibaricon, we have created a proposal
system for potential presenters. Please use the guidelines below to create your proposal and
send a completed Microsoft Word or PDF document as an attachment to

It is our goal to accept a variety of presenters, including the very experienced to those known
by their local communities just beginning to present at the national level. We have a certain
number of slots reserved those among you who may be new to teaching on the national level
so please don’t be intimidated by the process. We want your proposals!

Tips for a successful proposal:
   1. Be honest about your needs and expectations. We don’t want to waste your time; you
       don’t want to waste our time.
   2. Be unique and inventive. Each presenter brings something special to the event. What
       is your niche? Why is your class different/better? Please don’t just send a list of
       classes you have taken at Shibaricon for 5 years that you now want to teach. Tell us
       why YOU should teach that class.
   3. Narrow your topic! Yes, those who have worked with us before are laughing here but
       what your teachers in 8th grade told you about narrow topics making better research
       papers also applies to Shibaricon classes. Please remember that your class size at
       Shibaricon is potentially much larger than you may be accustomed to at your local
       rope meting. If you can get through 10 ties in a hands-on class there you can probably
       cover 5 or fewer at Shibaricon.
   4. We love modular classes that teach several ways to do the same sort of thing. Arm
       Binders, Hogties, Chest Harnesses, Breast Bondage, Karadas, Foundational Ties for
       Suspension (or a pre-suspension class), one and two column ties and other novice-
       level classes are all good options. We also need classes about different aspects of
       rope bondage, mood, types of play, energy, connection, aftercare, safety, bottoming,
       history, etc. Maybe there is a topic you thought was missing when you attended in the
       past. Don’t feel limited by what has been mentioned here, these are just suggestions.
   5. Propose classes you have not taught at Shibaricon in the past. Variety is important for
       a great class schedule. It is also important to have variety from year to year. If the
       same presenter teaches the same exact classes every year it gets boring for repeat
       attendees. Some classes are repeated because there is only one presenter who is
       able or wiling to present that topic, but in general it is best to alternate classes. For
       example, there is a CBT class every year, but those chosen to present on the topic
       may have it scheduled for them every 3rd or 4th year.
   6. Please read the proposal instructions below completely before starting. It will provide
       you with a more complete picture of which information to put where and what is most
   7. The bracketed text under each heading is for your reference and is meant to be
       deleted. Please only include the section heading and the information described. If
       your information is buried in the bracketed instructions and difficult to find your
       proposal may not be considered.

Presenter Information
[Please briefly tell us who you are and provide contact information.]

Teaching Experience
[How long have you been teaching? Where do you normally teach? Have you presented at
Shibaricon before?]

[Who can verify your experience and expertise? Please note that if you would like to be
considered as an anchor presenter teaching 4 classes you must have recommendations from
at least two members of the Programming Advisory Board. If you have been an anchor
presenter for Shibaricon in the past please note that here as well.]

Proposed Classes
[What would you like to teach? Please include a class title/working title and a sentence or
two about what your students will learn. Please note that Shibaricon prefers to schedule
hands-on classes geared toward average people who play with rope. If you would like to be
considered as an anchor presenter teaching 4 classes at least two of the classes you
propose must be hands-on with a Japanese or Asian inspired focus.

You may also point us to a web site where you have classes listed from which we can
choose, but this is not preferred unless you have an extensive repertoire like Midori or Lee
Harrington. Please do not point us to any social networking sites that will require
membership to view your information. The Shibaricon staff is extremely busy and the less leg
work required, the more successful your proposal is likely to be.

Please also include the minimum/maximum number of classes you want to teach. If you are
only willing to attend as an anchor presenter or are only interested in teaching one class we
need to know. You will have the best chance of being selected if you are willing to teach any
number of classes. Not all presenters will be accepted every year and not all presenters who
have taught 3-4 classes in the past will be selected to teach that many classes each year.
Please be clear so there is no misunderstanding.]

[Complimentary passes to Shibaricon are standard for all presenters. The following
guidelines will apply:
   1. If selected to present 1 class you will receive 1 comp, for 2 classes you will receive 2
       comps, i.e. one comp for you and one for a guest/assistant/co-presenter. Many
       presenters enjoy being in this category because they get the same comp as a
       hardship volunteer without having to put in 18 hours throughout the event. Teaching
       fewer classes also allows for more free time to enjoy Shibaricon. Over half of the
       presenters chosen will fall into this category.
   2. Presenters chosen to teach at least 3 classes will qualify for 2 comps and may be
       eligible to receive a room share with another presenter also teaching at least 3
       classes. A class can only count toward one presenter’s total, which generally isn’t an
       issue since most people who collaborate are also usually roommates.
   3. No more than 12 presenters/presentation teams will be chosen as anchors to teach 4
       or more classes. These presenters/presentation teams will generally qualify for no
       greater than 4 room nights. In order to extend the hotel stay, an anchor presenter may
      choose to room with another presenter chosen to teach at least 3 classes. This will be
      handled on a case by case basis.
   4. Presenters are normally responsible for paying their own travel, meals and incidental
      expenses. Covered rooms will be room & tax only and you must present a credit card
      upon check-in to cover any other charges.
   5. These are guidelines. Not everyone has the same circumstances, expertise and
      experience. Shibaricon reserves the right to change or amend any arrangements on a
      case by case basis. These guidelines are for informational purposes and are not an
      agreement or guarantee to provide consideration of any kind to any presenter.

Keeping in mind that we do not generally veer from the above guidelines, please tell us what
you want, need or expect, in exchange for teaching at the event. Please note that our budget
is tight and if what you seek is beyond what our budget will allow we will not be able to
consider your proposal. We will be sorry and miss you, but we have to stay within our

Closing Remarks
[Is there anything else you think we should know before considering your proposal?]


Presenter Information
My name is Jane Doe. The best way to reach me is email at I can
also be reached via phone at 444-555-1234. I have been active in my local community for
about 5 years, and have attended Shibaricon for the last 3. My play consists primarily of
bondage and D/s, and I also do impact play. I have really enjoyed Shibaricon over the past
few years, and look forward to being able to share my knowledge with others.

Teaching Experience
I have been teaching for about 2 years in my local community. I have taught classes on
bondage and D/s dynamics. I have not presented at Shibaricon before.

Joe Schmo ( – Workshop Coordinator for Local Playspace where I
Bondage Master ( – previous presenter at Shibaricon

Proposed Classes
Bondage 101 – My take on the basics: single column ties, double column ties, karadas. This
is a hands-on class.

Bondage and D/s – This is a discussion class about using bondage as a tool to foster D/s

Chest Harnesses – A hands-on class teaching a basic chest harness and variations as time

Please see my website for additional classes at

I am willing to teach 1-3 classes.

If I am teaching one class, I would be happy to receive comped entry to the event for myself.
If teaching three, I would like to be considered for a room share, if possible.

Closing Remarks
Thank you for your consideration. I have been an attendee at the past three Shibaricons,
and would appreciate the opportunity to give back to the event and to the rope community.