Instructions For Installing by GeorgeWhitelock


									Instructions For Installing

Tools needed to install the WheelzRack®:
Measuring tape, Drill with Philips screw head and 1/8” drill bit, level, stud finder (optional)

Step 1: Open and unwrap the wall mounting plate, the extension arms. And bag
        of screws/drill bit
Step 2: Locate wall studs and have a location for the wall mounting plate prior
        to drilling any holes. Decided on the height that you want the wheels to
        sit at, we recommend at least 5” from the ceiling on the clearance of the
        tallest wheel. Also allow at least 2” from any corners, this will give you
        room for the wheels quick releases while they are in the WheelzRack®.
Step 3: Once you have the location and the stud marked, place the wall plate
        up against the wall and screw in the 2” long screws provided. You may
        use longer or shorter screws if you prefer. Use the pre-drilled holes for
        mounting the wall mount. You may need to drill additional holes in the
        wall mounting plate if you need to align up with the studs. Use all pre-
        drilled mounting holes. Wall plate should be securely fastened to the
Step 4: Take an extension arm and place the top of the mounting tab into the
        top of the mounting plate, once the top tab is in, pull down and place
        the bottom tab in the lower slot, once this is completed you need to
        gently but securely lock it in place to ensure the extension arm is placed
        properly in the mounting slots. Repeat for each extension arm, until done.

Step 5: Take a front wheel and set it in the back set of notches on the extension
        arms, please note to try and keep all QR’s on the same side. Then place
        your rear wheel in the front set of notches on the extension arms. Repeat
        as needed.
Step 6: Sit back and relax and enjoy your work.
Note: A Properly mounted and usage of the WheelzRack®, you can enjoy years
      of safe wheel storage. This rack will keep your wheels safe from damage
      and abuse that happens to wheels when not properly stored.

Contact us if you have any questions on the installation of the WheelzRack® or if
you have any suggestions that you would like to share with us.

720 West 200 South
Logan, Utah 84321
888-wlzrack (959-7225)


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