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					Test 5

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____     1. Computers in the DMZ generally have more security defenses via routers and firewalls.

____     2. UAC means there is little chance that the installation can destabilize the operating system, because the
            installation takes place only with the proper authorization and in standard user mode.

____     3. NAT is not a good security technique because internal IP addresses may be seen by users in the outside world.

____     4. DHCP is an extremely secure protocol.

____     5. NAP cannot work in conjunction with 802.1X.

____     6. Server monitoring enables you to pinpoint problems and identify solutions, for example by tracking disk
            errors and replacing a hard disk before it fails.

____     7. The value of the System Stability Index goes up after successfully implementing operating system updates,
            update applications, or adding hardware.

____     8. If you bought a server computer that has a pattern of hardware problems and proves to be a “lemon,” the
            System Stability Reports will help you determine this quickly.

____     9. The SNMP management system is a computer running management software.

____ 10. SNMP must be installed in an operating system before you can install TCP/IP.

____ 11. A network diagram should include building locations.

____ 12. Rebooting resets the CPU registers.

____ 13. Windows Server 2008 uses the Recovery Console.

____ 14. Before you can install the Web Server (IIS) role services, you must first install the Remote Server
         Administration Tools .

____ 15. Using the Remote Server Administration Tools, you can remotely manage both Windows Server 2008 and
         Windows Server 2003 servers.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 16. The use of ____ in Windows Server 2008 enables you to standardize the working environment of clients and
         servers by setting policies in Active Directory.
____ 17. If a drive is protected using ____, no one can access information without proper authentication even if the
         drive has been stolen.

____ 18. The first line of defense in Windows Server 2008 is ____ security.

____ 19. For a “strong password” Microsoft recommends a minimum of ____ characters.

____ 20. A common password policy is to have ____ go into effect after five to 10 unsuccessful logon attempts.

____ 21. In Kerberos security, the permanent ticket, called a ____ ticket, is good for the duration of a logon session.

____ 22. ____ encryption is the standard deployed by the U.S. federal government and is intended to be more secure
         than DES.

____ 23. User ____ enable an account or group to perform predefined tasks.

____ 24. ____ is a set of IP-based secure communications and encryption standards created through the Internet
         Engineering Task Force (IETF).

____ 25. When an IPsec communication begins between two computers, the computers first exchange ____ to
         authenticate the receiver and sender.

____ 26. IPsec policies for a domain can be managed through the ____.

____ 27. ____ is a server role to complement the client applications that can take advantage of Rights Management
         Services safeguards.

____ 28. ____ are security rights developed by Microsoft to provide security for documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, and
         other types of files created by applications.
____ 29. ____ is an encryption technique that uses public and private keys along with a computer algorithm that relies
         on factoring large prime numbers.

____ 30. ____ applications involves setting up software through a group policy so that the application is available for
         users to install from a central application distribution server, such as through the Add/Remove Programs
         capability or an installation window via the user’s desktop.

____ 31. ____ applications means an application is automatically represented on the user’s desktop, for example as a
         Start menu option or as an icon on the desktop, and which initially is really a link to the central application
         distribution server.

____ 32. ____ is used to make the implementation and troubleshooting of group policies much simpler for an

____ 33. In terms of NAP, “____” refers to ensuring that all authenticated computers on the network have the most
         recent updates and comply with network security policies.

____ 34. To determine compliance, NAP uses a server that is a ____.

____ 35. Using NAP, all network clients must contact the HRA server and submit information about their security
         policy status and recent upgrades—called a ____.

____ 36. In Windows Server 2008, ____ ensures secure access and communication when Terminal Services are used
         over the Internet.

____ 37. The best way to get a feel for a server’s performance is to establish a ____ and then frequently monitor server
         performance, comparing the data collected.

____ 38. In the system services menu, the ____ column shows how a service is started when the computer boots.
____ 39. You can use Task Manager to view applications running on the server by pressing ____ while logged on as
         Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.

____ 40. When you create a dump file, you’ll need a(n) ____ tool to open and read the file.

____ 41. A(n) ____ is an indicator of a quantity of the object that can be measured in some unit, such as percentage,
         rate per second, or peak value, depending on what is appropriate to the object.

____ 42. A(n) ____ exists when there are different elements to monitor, such as individual processes when you use the
         Process object, or when a process contains multiple threads or runs subprocesses under it for the Thread

____ 43. ____ occur whenever memory pages must be called from disk.

____ 44. The ____ counter measures the average number of times per second that the CPU is interrupted by devices
         requesting immediate processing.

____ 45. The ____ counter for the System object measures the number of execution threads waiting for access to a

____ 46. Monitoring disks through Performance Monitor is accomplished by using the Disk Performance Statistic
         Driver, which is enabled through the command-line program ____.

____ 47. A ____ is a collection of diagnostic and performance information in the form of a report or log.

____ 48. A ____ tracks information using objects, counters, and instances.

____ 49. In a data collector set, a ____ contains only those instances when events occur.

____ 50. One of the easiest ways to get started using the Data Collector Sets tool is to rely on a ____.
____ 51. For network performance, it helps to establish ____ from which to diagnose problems.

____ 52. In the System Stability Index chart, a ____ represents a failure condition, such as an application that has
         stopped working or a NIC that has failed.

____ 53. In the System Stability Index chart, a ____ is a warning event, such as that a new driver installation has failed
         but the device is still working with the old driver.

____ 54. In the System Stability Index chart, a ____ is simply informational, such as that you have successfully
         installed a new hard drive or software application.

____ 55. ____ provides administrators with a way of centrally managing workstations, servers, hubs, and routers from
         a central computer running management software.

____ 56. The ____ is any computer or network device running SNMP software.

____ 57. With SNMP, a ____ is similar to having a rudimentary password used among the hosts.

____ 58. Gathering ____ helps you understand your server and how it is affected by the network context.

____ 59. The advanced options for booting are accessed by pressing ____ as soon as the computer boots.

____ 60. A(n) ____ is an application software designed to maintain information on computer systems, user questions,
         problem solutions, and other information that members of the organization can reference.

____ 61. The ____ option is the one in effect prior to making a system, driver, or configuration change after the last
         time the computer was booted.
____ 62. If you use Safe Mode, but are unable to troubleshoot the problem, or a failed driver message is displayed
         during the boot process, use the ____ option so that you can create a log that you can later check for

____ 63. If you have Active Directory installed and suspect that it is damaged, or that the SYSVOL shared volumes are
         corrupted, use the ____ to restore damaged files and folders.

____ 64. The ____ includes the operating system plus extra components and information that reflect the currently
         configured state of the server, depending on what features are installed.

____ 65. ____ is used to test the RAM in your computer.

____ 66. The ____ command can be used to check for disk errors and repair them.

____ 67. In an ____ connection, you don’t need network or display drivers.

____ 68. When you restore system state data you are performing a(n) ____ restore.

____ 69. Active Directory objects that have been intentionally deleted are actually only flagged as deleted and are
         retained for a specific period called the ____.

____ 70. You can restore a tombstone, such as an OU containing user account names, by using a(n) ____ restore.

____ 71. A ____ is a quick copy made of a shared folder at regular intervals.

____ 72. ____ involves configuring multiple computers to appear to work as one computer, with other computers in the
         cluster taking over when one or more computers in the cluster fails or cannot be reached.
____ 73. Event Viewer houses the ____ that record information about all types of server events, in the form of errors,
         warnings, and informational events.

____ 74. ____ are designed to help give the system administrator information about a specific problem and its causes
         and may suggest how to solve the problem.

____ 75. The ____ relate to how programs are operating and are typically used by application or system programmers.

____ 76. The ____ are used by application developers to help trace problems in programs so they can fix program code
         or program structures.

____ 77. If you prefer to use the Windows command line, you can display event log information via the ____

____ 78. ____ enable you to manage multiple servers from one Windows Server 2008 server.

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