Data Collection and Analysis Plan by aJUu8siV


									                                  Data Collection and Analysis Plan
                                         Draft Design Tool


Area of Concern:

Concern Statement:

Need Indicator:

Source of Data:

                           Plan                                                Issues to Consider
Variables/Data Elements:
                                               What specific data elements or variables will be needed?

                                               From whom will the data be collected? Total population? Random sample?
                                               Stratified? Geographic? Convenient?

                                               Existing data sources? New data sources? If database query, who will develop and
                                               validate new instruments? If making a database query, what fields will be needed?

Collection Procedures:
                                               Is there a protocol for requesting data? If data are in hard copy at the school
                                               level, how will you collect them? How will survey data be collected, if applicable?

Data Analysis:
                                               In what forms are you collecting the data? Counts, percents,or qualitative data?
                                               How will you disaggregate the data? Priority for service, grade level, ELP, etc.
                                               How will you analyze the data? Comparing counts, means, medians, content

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