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									                               Application for Research Funding from the
                           Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies

     INSTRUCTIONS: This document is a form-fill able word document. Please open in Microsoft Word, and tab
     through the sections, clicking on checkboxes and typing your responses. The form will expand to fit your text.
     Handwritten forms will not be accepted. If you have technical difficulties with this document, you may type your
     responses and submit them on another sheet. Incomplete or omitted responses may cause delays in processing
     your application. Please see the website of CHRCS for more details about the application process and criteria
     for evaluation for awards.

     Please provide the names and complete contact information for all key members of the research team. Use the
     TAB key to insert more rows, if necessary.

Centre                                                                                         Please detail the
Investigator or                                                          Role and              relevant research
Centre Co-                                                               Contribution          qualifications,
Investigator (must                                                                             expertise, and
be a CHRCS                                                                                     experience needed
researcher /          Full address and                                                         to carry out this
member)               phone number            E-mail                                           project

                                                                                               Please detail the
                                                                         Role and              relevant research
                                                                         Contribution          qualifications,
                                                                                               expertise, and
Community Co-                                                                                  experience needed
Investigators /       Full address and                                                         to carry out this
Collaborators         phone number            E-mail                                           project


Project Title:

     Grant Application Form-- CHRCS 2011                                                                           1
(a) In the table below, please list the amount requested and the amount and source of the matching funds.
Please include anticipated start and finish dates for the project. Use the TAB key to insert more rows, if

                                                                                       Award Covers the
                                                                                          Project Dates
              Funding                                Amount Requested                  Start          End

   Matching Funding Source                 Specify type and amounts:
                                           Funds Matched         Equivalent

                                           Funds Matched              Equivalent

If receiving equivalent hours of research labour, please outlines the details.

Please append a letter of support from the community organization attesting to the matching funds or equivalent

(b) Indicate the nature of the community organization (check all that apply):

Educational               Private              Not-for-profit           Governmental        NGO

Other (please specify):

(c) Give a brief description of its mission, objectives, and the population it serves.

(c) Have you (or the organization) submitted a proposal to the CHRCS in the past? Yes                No

If yes, indicate the project title, year submitted, and the result:

(d) Preferred Language of Correspondence: English                     French


Please provide an overall description of the project or research activity by filling in the following boxes. Append
to this document draft data collection instruments, including scales or surveys, interview questions, observation
coding systems, etc., that will be used. This description should be approximately 2 page in length.

    1.   Description of the project's purpose(s) and objective(s)

    2.   Description of the benefits that are likely to be derived from the project

    3.   Description of the participants

Grant Application Form-- CHRCS 2011                                                                                   2
    4.   The methodology and procedures that will be used

    5.   Data analysis plan

    6.   The desired outcomes or deliverables

    7.   The means through which the outcomes or results of this project will be disseminated

    8.   Timelines for specific activities or milestones related to the research project

As well, in a few words, could you explain why you think this project should be funded by the Center? How does
the proposed research address an important community issue or problem? How will the results of this research
be used to increase quality of life or service delivery?

    4. ETHICS

(a) Does the community organization / institution have an ethical review board?       Yes      No

If yes, has ethical approval been obtained for this research project?                 Yes      No

In addition, all research involving human participants requires ethical clearance. Therefore, you as the
Centre researcher must submit a Summary Protocol Form to the Concordia University Human Research
Ethics Committee (HREC).

Procedures, guidelines, and protocol forms are available at

Allow at least a month for approval. Though you may apply for Centre funds before you hear from the
HREC, grant money cannot be released until ethical clearance has been obtained. Please do not hesitate
to ask a member of the research committee for assistance in filling in these forms.

Please provide a description of the reports and other deliverables that you are going to create, as well as the
required submission to CHRCS. At a minimum, a deliverable to CHRCS might include (1) a final research
report, (2) a description of an innovative intervention, (3) an essay of interest to community practitioners, and / or
(4) a critical reflection about community intervention and practice. Indicate the approximate date of submission.
Please refer to the policy of CHRCS on intellectual property.

Description of deliverables to the community organization

Description of deliverables to CHRCS

Grant Application Form-- CHRCS 2011                                                                                  3

Please provide a detailed description of anticipated costs related to conducting the project and disseminating its
findings. Please note that administration costs are not funded by CHRCS.


Please send an electronic copy of the completed application package to the attention of:

CHRCS: Research Committee

All notices and correspondence will be sent to the Centre investigator and the community co-investigator.
Receipt of the proposal will be acknowledged by email. Please allow approximately 1 month for the review.

For more information or assistance, please contact us at:
Centre for Human Relations & Community Studies
7141 Sherbrooke West, VE 225-01, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6, Canada
Telephone: 514.848.2424 ext. 2273

Grant Application Form-- CHRCS 2011                                                                              4

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