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What is Cloud webhosting?
Cloud webhosting is a type of hosting which uses the sources of different clustered servers. Simply
put, this means that a website will use the digital sources of different servers to accommodate all
aspects of hosting the site. There is a balanced load. Security is also taken care of since hardware
sources are digitally available, therefore they can be used when need arises. The cluster of the
servers is called the cloud.

Cloud hosting basically is hosting your video library, business website or databases or any other
details that you want to store in demand. Regular hosting uses dedicated or shared servers in hosting
web sites. Cloud hosting on the other hand gives you a digital server. This server can be scaled
quickly to meet your calls for. High speed networks and fashionable server technology mean different
servers can look like one server that is high powered. Cloud hosting uses this technology. Since you
are not restricted to a dedicated or shared server, you can access enough sources, as much as you
need. The good thing is that you will only pay for what you have used. This different from dedicated
hosting where you are charged the same even if you do not use all the sources of the server within
your disposal.

Can you benefit from cloud webhosting?
Cloud hosting was introduced as a solution for web sites which have grown above the sources of their
current shared hosting provider. If a website has a high traffic and strains the sources supplied by a
shared server, the owner of the site may be forced to find another solution. The solution to this
problem in most instances is working with dedicated hosting, where the site has its own server. The
disadvantage with dedicated hosting is that it requires some IT know-how and is appreciably pricey.
By working with cloud hosting, you can get many advantages. The following are the major
advantages of cloud hosting.

Scalability: with cloud computing, IT departments that anticipate enormous increase in user load do
not need to scramble for additional application and hardware. RAther, an organization can subtract or
add capacity as the network load dictates. Since the costs of cloud hosting service are based on
consumption, companies will only pay for what they use.

Easy implementation: an organization can organize for its cloud hosting within a very short period of
time without having to purchase implementation services, application license or hardware. At a
fraction of the cost, a precise solution can be supplied.

Frees internal sources: by placing server and Storage needs in the hands of an external occasion, an
organization shifts the accountability placed on its IT team to a 3rd occasion. The result is that the in-
house IT specialists will focus on critical tasks related to the business without incurring additional
costs in training and manpower.

Skilled practitioners: with cloud computing vendors can supply reliable service and can deliver huge
data centers that have huge computing capacity and Storage.

Cloud hosting has changed the way that people work. It has allowed a new industry of applications
that are web based, which change the way that people collaborate and work on-line.

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