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									William Mieger:

Nationality: American
Residence: Ashland, Oregon USA
Profession: Educator, Business Design & Management
Function: Business Development and Financial Management
Education: Russian Language and Literature, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

William has many years of experience in the field of education and an excellent command
of presentation and communication skills. More recently, he has turned his highly
creative focus towards business design and management, successfully establishing and
then selling a number of businesses before entering the field of international project
finance with several European partners.

Chief Executive Officer, SUNPOWER RENEWABLES, INC. (2010 to present)
As CEO of the SUNPOWER RENEWABLES, INC. (SRI) William has focused primarily on
the development of PV solar installations in California. He recently contributed his
financial planning skills to the development of the San Benito Smart Park in Hollister, CA
writing project descriptions, executive summaries and creating the bank pro formas for
the project. He is currently involved in the development of 7 SRI solar projects with a
potential installation of 20 MW. He is the coordinator for a number of European interests
in renewable energy in the USA.

Chief Executive Officer, GERES RESEARCH, INC. (2008 to present)
As CEO and President of GERES RESEARCH, INC. (the American office for a German
wind and solar company, the GERES Group, Frankfurt, William conducted a study of the
renewable energies market with the goal of locating suitable projects for investment.
William’s excellent command of the German language and polished communication skills
made him the ideal person to coordinate activities between the American and European
companies of the GERES-Group.

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