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         October                        2009-2010                  A new beginning…

                                        Achievement! Every student,
                                        everyday. Whatever it takes!
                                        We are proud to issue our first edition of the Wildcats’
                                        Newsletter, and hope it helps you become better

Inside                                  acquainted with our team’s expectations,
                                        accomplishments, and aspirations. We are committed to
Exciting Wildcat news from
each teacher and subject
                                        meeting the needs of your child and to using state
about current and upcoming              standards as a basis for our teaching. We are working
learning experiences.                   diligently to create rigorous and challenging academics
                                        that addresses the developmental, social, and
                                        emotional needs of our diverse students. We encourage
 Our new Principal,
 Mrs. Eckhardt has identified and       you to volunteer and experience Wildcat PRIDE
 communicated a shared vision for       firsthand. Your involvement does
 instructional rigor and student        make a difference! Parent
 support, and our team is working
 together as well as within their       involvement in school activities is
 respective departments and             critical for student and school
 leadership structures to implement     success.
 it. We are off to a fantastic
 beginning school wide!
                                   Science- Ms. Laster
          LIONS                    Welcome to 6th Grade Science! It is my pleasure to inform you about our future
                                   projects and labs. Below you will find the requirements for this year. Please try
                                   to do your best to complete all required work. It is up to you to stay on top of all
    Upcoming Events:               your course work to ensure a successful year!!
                                   UPCOMING Topics:
       Tentative Field Trip:
                                           Climate and Weather (6NE7.3, 7.5, 7.6)
        Everglades Reach Program
                                           Earth’s Systems and Cycles (6E7.1-7.9)
        (Nov. 24)
       Mandatory Science Fair
        Projects (Due in early     Social Studies- Mr. Pascascio
        January)                   Students are starting work in Chapter 2 “Ancient Egypt.” Students will learn about
                                   the Pharaohs, Egyptian Gods, and the importance of Pyramids. Students will also
                                   work on the first project of the Quarter which is a timeline of their lives. I look
                                   forward to working with the students and parents to ensure a successful learning
                                   experience. Standards to be covered during the chapter are as follows: SSA.2.3.1-

                                   Language Arts- Ms. Augustin-Cox

                                   It is my pleasure to meet you this school term. I look forward to working with
                                   each and every student one on one. This year in LA the students will be working
                                   to improve their writing skills in order to bring up FCAT Scores. In Language Arts
                                   Class the 6th graders are currently reading a required novel, “The Watson go to
                                   Birmingham-1963". Remember to bring in all required materials to class to ensure
                                   your best effort is done to assist in the learning experience. Please keep track of
                                   your planners and important information that pertains to you!!
                                           L.A. 6.2.19 Use interest and recommendations to choose fiction books
                                           L.A. Locate and analyze elements of plot
                                           L.A. Examine how text reflects the time period
                                           L.A. Listen read and discusses a challenging text

                                   Reading- Mrs. Cher-Frere
                                   Middle school is the time your child develops the sophisticated reading skills that
                                   allow him or her to analyze literature and master the content of the entire
                                   curriculum: social studies, science, math, health, foreign languages, and elective
                                   classes too. Reading becomes a powerful tool to find information, make sense of
                                   complex material. Students who have embarked upon the “Reading Adventure”
                                   will have an experience of a lifetime. These students will enjoy the wonderful
                                   world of reading as I take them through the journey of understanding the true
                                   meaning behind decoding context clues, main ideas, pre-fixes/suffixes, and
                                   developing the strategy of adequately comparing and contrasting. Along this
                                   journey, students will be exposed to a variety of novels that will enrich their lives
                                   and give them a true appreciation and a joy for reading. These selected books tell
                                   a story captivating the attention of the audience; in turn the students will
                                   gravitate to reading more frequently. We will use different strategies/skills that
                                   will enable them to increase their FCAT levels and be successful throughout their
                                   middle school journey and life. Parents, please sit down, buckle up, encourage
                                   your children to take their education seriously, and enjoy the ride at Mrs. Cher-
                                   Frere’s Reading Adventure!
                                         LA. Context Clues
                                         LA. Author's Purpose
                                         LA. Main Idea
                                         LA. Compare and Contrast

                                   Math- Mrs. Helverson
                                   The Lions Team has been working with technology using the laptop carts in the
                                   classes and the computer lab. They will be playing an interactive math game with
                                   their classmates called Tabula Digita, which works on their basic math skills. The
                                   game increases with the student’s levels. In addition, they are using Compass
                                   Learning Odyssey. Students are working on Number Sense in Math class. The
                                   teachers are looking forward to a productive year!

       TIGERS                    Mathematics – Ms. Hyppolite: We are finishing up Number Sense,
                                 heading into Measurement (M.A.E. 2.4.2 and M.A.D.2.3.1. ) We are
                                 on our way to being a green classroom with the Green Classroom
                                 Green Earth Project, which will kick off in early November. Students
This year our team will strive   have access to online textbooks, assignments and some
to meet the goal of all          assessments can be administered electronically.
International Baccalaureate
programs, which is to            Science – Ms. Michel/Ms. Vega: We have just wrapped up the topic
develop internationally          of "matter." Students now understand and are able to explain atoms,
                                 their components, and how they make up everything around us.
minded, independent
                                 They also understand that energy is involved in all interactions of
learners. Our IB theme this      matter. (SC.A.2.3.2, SC.B.2.3.1).
year is Peace and Conflict.
                                 Humanities- Mr. Sulkes: Students are moving along in their studies
Please check your child’s        on North and Central American culture and geography. Students
planner often. This will help    have constructed amazing organizers on: physical features, climates,
you stay up-to-date on           natural resources, and cultures of the different regions. (SS.B.1.3.3
                                 and SS.B.1.3.6). Coming soon: Topic for History Fair and activities.
lesson objectives and
assignments.                     Language A- Ms. Roberts: Through our SpringBoard curriculum,
                                 students have begun to explore how choices impact their lives,
You should see your child        school, family, community, and our world. Students have been busy
reading at least 30 min.         in their writing workshops. They have already produced two
every night in their             expository essays and a personal narrative. Our focus this month is
Accelerated Reading book!        on the trait of organization. (LA., LA, LA.

                                  Mathematics: Mrs. Ghany’s students have recently explored
     BENGALS                      graphing and coordinate planes, and they will continue to
                                  look at ways of expressing and interpreting data
The Bengals are examining         Science: Mrs. Malonzo’s students will be able to tell you all
their BAT testing results and     about the scientific process. They began the year learning
self-identifying the areas in     about the process of scientific inquiry and important
which they would like to          scientists. Soon they will be exploring the science of
improve.                          weather and climate (SC.6.E.7.6).
                                  Humanities: Mrs. Giles’ classes are moving along from
Don’t forget, your students       Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt. Ask your child about life in
should be reading their           Egypt, from their systems of writing to their elaborate death
Accelerated Reader books for      rituals (SS.6.W.2.5—6). Coming soon: choosing a topic for
20 minutes per day.               Social Studies fair projects!
                                  Language A: In Language A, Mrs. Heard’s students have
We would like to recognize our    been using Writer’s Workshop to craft expository essays
students-of-the-month for         (LA.—3.3.4) about the advice they would give to
November:                         younger students coming to middle school.
Math – Sara A.                    Foreign Language: Mr. Gay’s students are now très adept at
Science – Joel Z.                 introducing themselves to others, and talking about
Humanities – Lin S.               numbers and nationalities. Soon, we will be learning that
Language A – Martin V.            nouns can be feminine or masculine and have different
Spanish – Jessie C.               definite articles. Please make sure your children are
French – Francois P.              reviewing their index cards for 10-15 minutes each night!

         CHEETAH                       The Cheetahs consist of elective classes. The electives are

                                       technology, drama, and physical education.
    We would like to congratulate
    the boys and girls soccer team
                                       In technology, the class is currently working on a project
    for a successful season. The
    Wildcats went undefeated with
    an 8-0 record. The Wildcats        based learning assignment. Students were asked to create a
    clinched the division
    championship and advanced to       mock news broadcast that answers the following essential
    the first round of the play off.
    We would also like to thank the    question: What happens when the belief systems of society
    coaches for their time and
    dedication put forth in coaching   come into conflict? Students must research one of the
    the teams. They worked hard
    to prepare the Wildcats for        following global conflicts: Iraq VS US, Sierra Leone, Darfur,
                                       Kosovo, or Israel and Palestine in cooperative learning
    The Wildcats would like to
    recognize Ashley McGuigan and
    Robert Hewitt. Ashley is a first   groups. The students will use the school’s technology in
    year player for the Wildcats.
    She displayed good                 order to accomplish this assignment.
    sportsmanship and she was one
    of the teams lead scorers.         In drama, the students are focusing on learning the basic
    Robert is an 8th grader who has
    been with the program for a        elements of theatre.
    while. He is one of the teams
    lead scorers, also displaying          Elements of a play
    hard work and dedication.
                                           Basic acting skills including movement and vocal
                                          Creating characters from a script or a skit
                                          Performing improvisations
                                          Learning about pantomime and completing
                                            pantomime performance
                                          Overview of theatre history
                                       Behind the scenes look at technical theatres and various

                                       stage crews reading aloud monologues and scenes from


                                       In physical education, the students will develop basic skills

                                       and teamwork.

                                       PE also promotes participation in team sports through the

                                       knowledge of the rules and procedures and acquisition of the
                                       skills involved. The students are learning the rules and how
  Panthers                         All Subjects Areas: The Panthers are in the initial stages of
                                   implementing a thematic unit, known as I Am…. The students will be
                                   involved in a series of academic activities that promote self-
We would like to welcome our       Mathematics: Ms. J. Brown 7th and 8th graders recently completed
new 7th grade Pumas to the         Strand A: Number Sense. This month they will be exploring Strand C:
Panthers Team.                     Geometry. The students will have the opportunity to experience
                                   geometry in their everyday lives, complete a mini project on creating
Congrats to Raven Gumbs,           a new shape, and apply geometry methods learned to problem solve.
Tiquesha Miles, Brandi             (MA.C.1.3.1, MA.C.2.3.1, MA.C.3.3.1-2)
Galligher, Akida Daley for         Social Studies: Mr. Denis-Lay’s U.S. History students will
being selected as Perry Wildcat    investigate reasons why the English Colonies fought for
Cheerleaders                       independence to become the United States of America. (SS.A.1.3.1,
                                   SS.B.1.3.1, SS.B.2.3.1, SS.A.4.3.1)
Jose Valle for receiving the       Language Arts: Ms. Hunter’s students will focus on voice, word
highest grade point average for    choice, and sentence fluency through persuasive writing.
1st quarter.                       (LA.
                                   Science: Ms. Williams Cruz's students will be able to explain the
Congrats to the Panther football   differences and similarities between heat, temperature, and energy.
team member for winning the        The unit will also include the atomic model and the periodic table of
division champs: David             elements. (SC.A.1.3.3 SC.A.1.3.4 SC.B.1.3.4 SC.B.1.3.5
Campbell, Steven Surita,           SC.B.2.3.1)
Thabiti Harris, Devonte            Reading: Ms. Johnson’s classes have been reading novels from the
Parker, Wilgen Wandique,           Bluford Series and The Hazelwood Trilogy as well as utilizing
Jennifer Nwaboi, and Alizea        Accelerated Reader. Students are require to complete an AR quiz
\                                  after they have completed the book. Students will continue to build
                                   upon the following benchmarks: LA.A. 1.2.3 Vocabulary, LA.A.2.2.7
                                   Comparison &contrast, LA.E.2.2.1 Cause & Effect, LA.E.2.3.1
                                   Character and Plot Development, LA.A.2.3.3 Author’s
                                   Purpose. Students will be able to implement test taking strategies for
                                   Reading, Science and Math.

Mathematics: Ms. Lutchman’s 7th grade students have been registered for the Florida Math
Mania Contest (vmathlive.com). Vmathlive promotes successful learning experiences for
students and helps to develop confident and independent learners in Mathematics. There will
be a statewide competition on Oct 6-7. We are looking forward to this exciting competition!
Science: Ms. Calderon’s students are exploring the nature of Science. With the Scientific
Method, the students have been investigating the claims and promises that many commercials
and advertisements make about their products.
Social Studies: Ms. Neely’s students have just completed learning the 5 Themes of Geography
before embarking on the journey of exploring the various places, people, and cultures of our
world. We invite you to our classroom to view our student created 5 Themes of Geography
Collages on display!
Language A: Ms. Barosy’s students are currently learning the writing process and the 6 traits
of the writing process. We will soon begin reading our first novel! The sixth graders will be
reading “The Watsons go to Birmingham”, while the seventh graders will be reading
Reading: Ms. Andrews’s students have been using comics and cartoons to master concepts such
as compare/contrast, cause/effect, and context clues. The students have created fantastic
illustrations displaying their understanding of these concepts. Please visit our class.
                                Mathematics: Mr. Lewis’s classes have finished their study on ways
          PUMAS                 that numbers are represented (Strand A: Number Sense), and have
                                begun their exploration of geometry. Topics will include lines and
                                angles, geometric shapes, the coordinate plane, and transformations
    The Pumas will be           (MA.C.1.3.1, MA.C.2.3.1, MA.C.1.2.3).
    preparing for the History   Science: Mrs. Kaur and Ms. Andrade’s classes have been
    and Literary Fairs.         working on understanding and applying the scientific
    Details coming soon!        method. They will continue their study of science and
                                technology. Students will learn about the tools of science.
                                Students will learn about the nature of matter and its
    Don’t forget… students      physical properties (SC.H.1.3.1, SC.H.1.3.2, SC.H.1.3.4).
    should be reading their     Geography: The Pumas have been learning how a region’s
    Accelerated Reader          geography, climate, and resources impact different cultures.
    books for 20 minutes        Students have finished their study of North America and
    every day.                  have started their study of Latin America (SS.A.2.3.4).
                                Language Arts: Mrs. Luna-Verdes’ classes are working on
                                techniques for effective persuasive writing. They will
                                incorporate the six traits of writing and use presentation
                                software. Students will begin reading A Christmas Carol in
                                their literature books (LA.A.3.1.2, LA.A.3.1.2).
                                Reading: Mrs. Brown has being working with the students
                                to read more Accelerated Reader (AR) books. Students are
                                reminded that AR books quizzes will count towards 15% of
                                their semester grade. 3 AR book quizzes must be taken with
                                a score of at least 70% (LA.A.2.2.7, LA.E.2.3.2)

      GUIDANCE                              HENRY D. PERRY HONOR ROLL
                                                               1st Quarter
     DEPARTMENT                                                 2009/2010
        GUIDANCE COUNSELORS                            PRINCIPALS HONOR ROLL 4.0
          Ms. B. Daise, 6th Grade          6th GRADE                    7th GRADE
             Guidance Director
                                      Schiller, Beaucejour   Ashley Acevedo                Afeefa Abdool
           Ms. D. Alls, 7th Grade     Ghany
                                      Edinam Eshietedoho     Camisha Campbell    Eldred Bergin
         Ms. S. Andrade, 8th Grade    Nora Rivera            Nia Carter          Jahan Clarke
                                      Juwan Smith            Joshua Ferguson            Sarah Connor
              Ms. L. Feibusch
                                                             Reina Garraway             Keren Desir
              ESE Specialist
                                                             Akira Guppy         Sylvester Flanders
                                                             Melissa Lunan Simpson      Jenny
                  ———                 Sivilien
                                                                                     Yasmin Spencer

             Ms. J. Fitz-Henley                           “A” HONOR ROLL 3.7-3.9

               Mr. M. Bejar                                     6TH GRADE

                  ———                 Shanese Campbell       Gabeiel Casrillo              Ashley
               Ms. A. Hiller
                                      Hughie Buchanan               Oni Ho Choy            Delpria
                                      Dynalie Narcisse              Brandon Saridjo
             Ms. M. Avenia                   Alyssa Jonas

                                                                 7TH GRADE
                                      Nyleve Pommells               Derrick August        Elin Cancel
     DEPARTMENT                       Adam Delima            Melissa Numa          Tyesha Ponder
                                      Yulissa Tello          Sherley Joseph        Kelsey Archer
                                      Lanisha Barrett               Christopher Huachua Ramon Car
                                                                 8th GRADE
The ESE Advisory Council will be
holding its General Meeting on        Mekedes Jarrett               Jessica Moreau         Amanda
November 16, 2009 at Piper High       Persad
School at 7:00 p.m. All parents       Stephanie Sahadeo      Kayley Steadman               Jose Valle
are welcome to attend. Please call    Gururaj Shriram
754-321-2200      for    additional
information and questions.                                   1st Quarter

Our Support Facilitators are busy     HONOR ROLL & MIP BREAKFAST
assisting both teachers and                               December 4, 2009
students in using the many                                    7:15 A.M
strategies available to ensure that
                                         You MUST              in the
every student meets with success                            CAFETERIA
                                          RSVP by
in all content areas. If your child     November 20,
needs assistance in preparing for           2009
the upcoming History Fair, please
feel free to
have your child contact their
Support Facilitator.

                                                 Ms. Estella Eckhardt, Principal
                      LANGUAGE ARTS DEPARTMENT
    7th grade IB students are working on Novel Projects           HINTS AND TIPS: Students should read
    that appeal to their various learning styles.                 different types of texts to become familiar with
                                                                  the various writing styles i.e. Newspapers,
                                                                  journals, and non-fiction.

                                         LANGUAGE ARTS
    FCAT Writing: In the eighth grade, students are               HINTS AND TIPS: Your child can exercise his
    preparing for the FCAT writing exam. The test will be         or her knowledge of reading and language arts
    given on February 13, 2010. This year, only one prompt        concepts   anywhere    there’s  an    internet
    will be given, but students must be prepared for either
                                                                  connection! They can log on to Compass
    expository or persuasive writing. Perry had 92% of
                                                                  Learning Odyssey at
    students pass the FCAT writing exam with a 3.5 or higher
    in the 2008-09 year. This year, the passing score has
    risen to 4.0, and according to our School Improvement            http://compasslearningodyssey.com/
    Plan, we are aiming for 94% to pass.
    Currently all grade levels are working on Persuasive             Login:
    writing. In doing so, students will learn the various            Password:
    persuasive techniques to write an effective persuasive           School: Odyssey

    Novel Study: In the sixth grade, students are preparing
    to read The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher
    Paul Curtis. In this novel, an African-American family
    travels to the South in the early 1960s, and the younger
    members are strongly affected by the bombing of the
    16th Street Baptist Church. Extend your child’s learning by
    researching the American civil rights movement, or
    sharing family stories about the time period.

                           READING DEPARTMENT
         Currently in reading, students are            HINTS AND TIPS: Daily, encourage your child
  focused on recognizing comparisons and               to tell you about their day in class. Ask them to
  contrasts as they read all sorts of materials,       retell a story or a passage in their own words,
  including magazines and novels.                      and to read to a younger brother/sister, or read
                                                       to you out loud.
  Continuously, they have to determine the
                                                       Check out this site: It is a virtual middle school
  main idea, which is the essential meaning,
                                                       library. Great educational games, like fun brain
  and identify the details/facts as they read.
                                                       games for math, reading and other stuff. Enjoy
  What is the secret to becoming a good reader?        the journey!
  The biggest secret is for students to                www.sldirectory.com/studf/cool.html
  PRACTICING reading until they become life
  long learners; that is our goal.
      Reminder, reading an
  accelerated reading book (AR
  Book) is a daily homework
  assignment . Students should read at
  least 3 – 4 chapters nightly, which includes
  the weekend.
                       Social Studies Department
News: Students are preparing for the upcoming           HINTS AND TIPS: Parents can assist their
History Fair, which will be held in January 2010.       child in social studies by subscribing to a
The theme this year is “Innovation in History:          printed edition of the newspaper or an online
Impact and change.” Information can be found on         edition. Also, parents can encourage their
the school’s website, www.perrymiddle.com. If you       child to watch the daily news. This will help
have any questions, please feel free to contact your    in the area of current events and give the
child’s teacher.                                        child a broader knowledge of world events.

FCAT: Teachers are using their content to infuse
the reading strands of Compare and Contrast,
Cause and Effect, Main Idea, and Words and
Phrases. This quarter the teachers will also focus
on short and extended response type questions in
8th grade.

Novel Study: In the eighth grade IB class,
students are reading the novel “My Brother Sam is
Dead.” Students are reading this novel to students
the American Revolution as well as infuse their IB
them of “Peace and Conflict.”

                               MATH DEPARTMENT
            The Math Department’s main goal this       The following are a websites where
     year is Unity, Uniformity, and Student            students can improve their math skills:
     Achievement. We are excited about educating       •http://hdperrymathpeople.pbworks.com/Fr
     your children. Our focus for the 1st quarter      ontPage
     was Number Sense, Concepts, and Operations.       • http://www.coolmath.com
     This quarter’s focusing is Geometry and           • http://www.glencoe.com
     Algebraic Thinking.                               •http://www.amathsdictionaryfork
            Parents we really need your support and    ids.com/
     cooperation at home to insure your child is
     successful. Please read below for great math
     tips.                                             Your child can practice his or her Math
                                                       knowledge anywhere there is an internet
     Tips for Math Success:                            connection. They can log on to FCAT
        1. Review notes, practice and completed        Explorer at:
           homework problems every night.
        2. Review and rehearse steps mentally.
        3. Make a real world connection.
        4. Use the internet for help, call a friend,      Password:
           or read examples from the math book.
        5. Pay attention and ask questions in class.

               ‘Failure Is Not An Option’

                    FCAT Theme: ‘Strive for Five’
         FCAT MATH: The Math department is currently reviewing all five
         strands of math as part of our daily DO NOWS to give students
         exposure to all math skills prior to FCAT.    The five strands
         of math assessed on the FCAT are:

                      Strand   A: Number Sense Concepts and Operations
                      Strand   B: Measurement
                      Strand   C: Geometry and Spatial Sense
                      Strand   D: Algebraic Thinking
                      Strand   E: Data Analysis and Probability

         November 16-19, 2009 – Students will be taking
         the Math District Benchmark Assessment Test
         (BAT-II). Make sure your child is on time and
         has a good breakfast.
                  Remember: NO MAKE UP TESTING!
                             SCIENCE DEPARTMENT
 The Science Department will soon begin preparing for     The following are a few websites, students
 our annual Science Fair. It will be held on January      can find help with for their Science Project:
 25, 2010 and end with an awards ceremony the             •http://school.discovery.comsciencefaircentral/
 evening of January 28, 2010 in the Perry Middle          •http://www.sciencebuddies.org/
 School Media Center.
 Completed Science Projects will be due on January 06,    •http://www.cdli.ca/sciencefairs/intermed.html
 2010. This date gives your child’s teacher enough time   •http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/
 to evaluate the projects and ensure they meet the
 criteria listed in the packet.

 Complete Science Fair Project packet and a power
 point giving details of the rules and regulations and
 the procedure will be available on our School website

 The following are the due dates decided by the Science
 Department for each part of the Science Fair Project:
 November 10th, 2009 – Science Fair Project
 November 13th, 2009 – Hypothesis
 November 20th, 2009 – Complete Experimental Plan
 December 1st, 2009 – Rough Draft of Research
 December 4th, 2009 – Bibliography
 December 10th, 2009 – Conclusion
 December 16th, 2009 – Abstract
 January 06th, 2010 – Completed Project

FCAT Science: In the eighth grade, students are           Your child can exercise his or her knowledge
preparing for the FCAT Science exam. The test will        of Science concepts anywhere there’s an
be given on March 9-19, 2010.                             internet connection! They can log on to FCAT
                                                          Explorer at
November 16-19, 2009 – Students will be taking
their Science District Benchmark Assessment Test –           http://www.fcatexplorer.com/


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