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									Greenberg Racing
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May 6, 2007

Contact:        Lyle Greenberg

           Rachel Greenberg Captures First Win
                     of 2007 Season
ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Albuquerque's Rachel Greenberg took her first Junior Dragster win of the
2007 season at Albuquerque National Dragway on May 6. The 14 year old captured the #1
qualifying spot with a stellar .003 second reaction time and then waded through 3 rounds of
competition to win the event. She defeated Jacob Salas in the final round with a nice .022 second
reaction time, running an 8.48 elapsed time at 80 mph on her 8.42 second dial in. Salas trailed
with a .073 second reaction time, running a 9.22 second elapsed time on his 9.15 dial in.

                                       Photo by Bruce Hatton

"My Dad and I changed the car a bit this year and it is about half a second faster. It has taken us
a few races to understand how the car reacts to various track and weather conditions and I am
not totally sure we really have a handle on it, but it worked out well for this race", noted
Greenberg. She added, "we hope that this is a good step towards our ultimate goal of having a
successful outing at the Western National race in Denver where over 1,000 junior dragster racers
will be in attendance".

A Junior Dragster is about half the size of a Top Fuel dragster, weighing about 300 pounds with
the driver and uses a single cylinder engine that produces approximately 40 horsepower. The
cars run a 1/8 mile race from a standing start with very impressive acceleration.

Rachel Greenberg represents marketing partners Amsoil, Cabinet Concepts, SunCo Equipment
and Supply, M&J Signs and Synergy Coatings.

For additional information on Rachel Greenberg and her Junior Dragster, visit her on the web at

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