Basic information control system by aqgyND1



What is the PCIMS ?

PCIMS :Process Control Information Management System

    Each plant as an individual process area shall
    consist of an integrated production control system
    and the main units of integrated production system
    consist of :
    UCB : Unit Control Building which is the central
    location for controlling , PCB: process control
    RIB which will house all I/O’s and the controllers
What is the DCS ?

DCS is Distribution Control System
Vendor ,Yokogawa centum CS3000

 which consist of two main parts :
 HIS : Human Interface Station

 - it is operator station that is used to monitor and control the
 process .
 FCS : Field Control Station
    FCS is a stand alone unite capable of performing a full data
    acquisition control ,and all control function are executed
    there with all I/O’s analog & digital signal.
What is the PESS ?

 PESS : Programmable electronic safety system
 Vendor : ( Triconex )
 which is used for emergency shutdown (ESD) function
 and other equipment tripping function .

 What is the PLC ?
   PLC is Programmable Logic Control

   Vendor: Modicon (PLC ) used for control of some packaged
   mechanical equipment like Demain package & Flare system .
What is MMS ?

 MMS : Machine Monitoring system Vendor : ( Bentlt Nevada )

   Machine Motoring System , the Bently Nevada system is
  used to monitor the vibration of the shaft and the baring
  shaft temperature , and to send a signal as hard wire to the
  shut down system “ PESS” to trip the machine . Which is
  used in Comp package & critical big Pump..etc.

Third party Equipment

 Like :Tank gauging ,Flow computer for custody meter
 and Vibration monitoring “ System 1”
What is RIB ?
RIB is Remote Instrument Building

The Remote Instrument Building RIB, which will house, the
DCS controller as FCS ,HIS ,PESS / PLC controller and their
cabinets and all other 3rd party equipment like Tank gauging
,Vibration monitoring , Flow computer , Power supply
distribution panel ,Fire and Gas panel and Uninterruptible
power supplies (UPS ) .
What is inside RIB’s

         - DCS filed control station “ FCS “ Cabinets
         - Programmable electronic shut down system “PESS Cabinets
         - Machine monitoring system “ MMS Cabinets
          - Programmable logic control “PLC” Cabinets
         - Other equipment such as Tank Gauging , Custody metering
         - Air unit
         - Fire and gas panel
         - All field instruments , wiring signals
         - Marshaling panels
         -Terminal blocks
         -Servers cabinets
One pair copper
     cable                                                                                   RIB          Serial communication link

                                                                                                                              V-net cable 10 base 5

            JB                                                                                            FCS
                                                B/N         TMR
                                                                                                           FCU                                                        Optical converter

 Copper multi core
  shielded cable

                                                          F TA                   Hard wire
                                                                                                           FIO                               Black box


                            FTA or I/O's cable
                     twisted multi core ,as TEL cable
                                                                                                                                      V-net cable 10 base 2

                                                                         FOPP                                                             coaxial cable
                                                                                                                                                              Fiber optic cable

                                                                                             HIS    HIS        HIS

                                                                                               Control Room
                                                   V-net converter 10 base 5 to 10 base 10
                         Fiber optic cable
      RIB YNT                                 Control room YNT

        V-Net cable 10
           base 5                    V-Net 10 Base
                                        5 cable

                                 V-net 10 Base 2
                                                       DCS OPC server

                                                     To do down loading , Tag
                                                     equalizing between the
                                                     HIS,s,Trending , and
                                                     viewing DCS logic
                                     RIB              Control Room

                                                        Fiber optic
                                                        100 MP/S

              PLC, PESS
                                                        Fiber optic


                                                         PESS – PLC OPC        DCS OPC
                                                              server            server
One jacket fiber optic cable consist of 6

orange cable which consist of 4 wire
The total is 12 pare wire inside one jacket

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