Hotel Des Trois Poussins by hani199


									 The breakfast room is located on the ground floor in the basement of the hotel Lower high enchanting. It
 is broad and furnished to a good standard. Hotel restaurant excellent relationship "to Oberg for Andayiz"
 just a few steps from the hotel, where guests can take advantage of the good prices. The hotel was built
   recently on the Parisian model. The lobby is clean and bright with furniture and decor reflects the taste
and add atmosphere intimate helps to relax. The lobby design is open and includes corner break. Rooms
  medium-sized and in very good condition and good decor and are furnished in a modern style attractive
colors and original furniture. The bathrooms are small but fully tiled and in no excellent. It is a 3-star hotel
      facility was first class. Highly recommended for guests looking for comfort, good service and a good
                                                                                  )location in Paris. (0508/IU

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