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No. 13 / Cologne, June 2009

Eu’Vend 2009: Germany confirms its position as a vending nation

Vending 2009 plus – Forecast for the future, an
international comparison to Germany                                                 Eu‘Vend
                                                                                    10. – 12. 09.2009

With a turnover increase of seven per cent to €2.7 billion and 538,050    
vending machines nationwide, Germany has in the last two years
managed to occupy a very respectable first position among the top                   Contact:
                                                                                    Volker De Cloedt
vending countries in Europe. Over 5.3 billion food and beverage items               Tel.
                                                                                    + 49 221 821-2960
were sold in 2008 from German vending machines, and there was one                   Fax
machine for every 153 Germans. The people, milestones and outstanding               + 49 221 821-3285
                                                                                    E- mail
accomplishments that are behind this fast evolving sector will be                   v.decloedt@
presented from 10th to 12th September 2009 at Eu’Vend — the
International Trade Fair for the Vending Industry — in Hall 8 at the                Koelnmesse GmbH
Cologne exhibition centre. Inspiring vending role models like the USA and           Messeplatz 1
                                                                                    50679 Köln
Japan confirm the unlimited possibilities of the vending market, with               P.O. Box 21 07 60
turnovers of $46 billion and €29 billion, respectively, and show how much           50532 Köln
potential for qualitative and quantitative growth there is on the European          Tel. +49 221 821-0
market.                                                                             Fax +49 221 821-2574
Two years ago the ambitious vision of the vending companies was that the
“new generation of vending machines must be lively, spark emotions and foster       Gerald Böse
                                                                                    (Chief Executive Officer)
communication”. Now in 2009, Eu’Vend and the vending sector are reaping the         Oliver P. Kuhrt
rewards of this quality and creativity offensive. In spite of the financial and     Herbert Marner
                                                                                    Dr. Gerd Weber
economic crisis, the vending machine business with its around-the-clock
accessibility is strong and continuously growing. In 2008, a total of 538,050       Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
                                                                                    Lord Mayor of the City of Cologne
food and beverage vending machines generated turnover of €2.7 billion. Added        Fritz Schramma
to this are the popular non-food vending machines, which sell all kinds of
                                                                                    Headquarters and place of jurisdiction:
everyday products from jeans, graveyard candles, plugs — even live bait for         Cologne
anglers — to typical products that people often forget to take along in the         District Court Cologne, HRB 952

morning. The statistical studies of this recent diversification have not yet been
fully evaluated, which means the trade association (BDV e.V.) cannot publish
any finalised data at this time. The most sales are generated by the traditional
segments of drinks and snacks, but also by ready-made meals in office
buildings (from wraps to mini rissoles with mashed potato). In 2008, operators
of vending machines generated over €1, 2 billion from the sales of hot drinks
and €950 million from cold drinks sales. The catering segment generated €550
million in turnover.

Consumers in Germany widely accept and are interested in vending machines.
This is especially apparent when you look at the number of items sold from
vending machines: A total of 5,2 billion items were sold through vending
machines in 2008.

In this context, Germany still has plenty of untapped potential for achieving a
greater density of vending machines per capita. At 1:153, Germany ranks
twelfth in Europe — which means that 153 Germans still have to make do
with one vending machine. The numbers are better in the Netherlands, which,
at 1:77, has the best vending machine distribution in Europe. And the Italians
(92), Spanish (95), Austrians (96) and Swedes (97) don't have to look much
further than the Dutch for a vending machine when they're hungry or thirsty.

However, when it comes to the number of vending machines in operation
Germany ranks high at number three, behind France (624,050) and Italy, which
ranks first in Europe with its 644,466 vending machines.

Internal sector estimates show that about 3.2 billion cups of coffee,
cappuccino, espresso and other hot drinks were sold from vending machines in
2008. This means Germans consumed a per capita average of 40 hot beverages
from vending machines last year.

All who would like to take part in this discussion and meet the representatives
from the different European vending markets in person should not miss this
forum at Eu’Vend in Cologne.
Eu’Vend will take place from 10th to 12th September 2009, in Hall 8 of the
Cologne exhibition centre.
Vending – national & global


Turnover in 2008: €2.7 billion

Vending machines in use: 538,251 ; of which: 291,933 hot drink machines,
155,089 cold drink machines, 91,229 snacks and catering machines

Number of machines per capita: 1 machine : per 153 Germans

Consumption per annum:
Hot drinks per capita: = 40
Total number of hot drinks = 3.2 billion (of which 70 per cent are coffee)


Turnover in 2008: €12,7 billion
Vending machines in use: 3.7 million
Number of machines per capita: 1:190

Turnover, USA: $46 billion                Turnover, Japan: €29 billion
Vending machines in use: 7.5 mill.        Vending machines in use: 5.2 mill.
No. of machines per capita: 1:39          No. of machines per capita: 1:20
                        Number of
                        vending machines                 Turnover
1.    Italy                         644,466 1,560,000
2.    France                        624,050 2,200,000
3.    Germany                       538,251 2,720,000
4.    UK                            514,245 2,381,000
5.    Spain                         483,801 1,392,000
6.    Netherlands                   212,000    431,000
7.    Russia                        108,002    143,600
8.    Belgium                         95,050   277,000
9.    Sweden                          94,999   259,000
10.   Austria                         85,500   24,000
11.   Switzerland                     77,612   346,000
12.   Denmark                         56,850   174,000
13.   Portugal                        39,601   137,000
14.   Hungary                         37,641   57,000
15.   Rep. of Ireland                 31,050   122,000
16.   Ukraine                         30,944   45,000
17.   Poland                          30,499   55,000
18.   Czech Republic                  23,488   71,000
19.   Turkey                          16,193   45,000
20.   Greece                          15,100   51,000
Density of vending machines:
Rank:      Country                                  Number of residents per
                                                    vending machine
         1 Netherlands                                                          77
         2 Italy                                                                92
         3 Spain                                                                95
         4 Austria                                                              96
         5 Sweden                                                               97
         6 Denmark                                                              97
         7 Switzerland                                                          99
         8 France                                                              102
         9 Belgium                                                             110
        10 UK                                                                  117
        11 Rep. of Ireland                                                     135
        12 Germany                                                             153
        13 Hungary                                                             267
        14 Portugal                                                            268
        15 Czech Republic                                                      441
        16 Greece                                                              709
        17 Poland                                                             1,250
        18 Russia                                                             1,314
        19 Ukraine                                                            1,506
        20 Turkey                                                             4,354

              Further information is available at
                         10th to 12th September 2009

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