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					                             ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY

Instructor:   Mrs. Newsome
Room:         177
Lab Room:     177
Planning:     First Block

Course Description: The anatomy and physiology elective core contains content
regarding the structure and function of the components of the human body. It is designed
especially for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical and allied
health fields. The laboratory setting encourages students to apply knowledge and the
processes of science while independently seeking answers to questions of personal
interest and importance.

Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of Advanced Biology.

Required Fees: $15.00 This class fee is to be used for consumables.

Proposed Topics to be covered:
                Structure and function of cells , tissues, and organs
                Organization of the human body
                Biochemistry
                Skeletal, muscular,, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic,
                 immune, excretory, and reproductive systems

Sources of Objectives: ACOS, AHSGE, ACT

Textbook: Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Seventh Edition
      Shier, Butler, Lewis

Required Materials:
               1 ½ or 2 inch 3 ring binder notebook
               Project binder with sheet protectors for disease diary
               College rule loose leaf paper
               Unlined or copy paper (for drawings)
               Colored pencils in a pencil pouch designed to be secured in your
               #2 pencils, pens in various colors
               glue stick
               scissors (unopened)
               Kleenex tissues
               White-put
               Large bottle germ-x
               1 tube tennis balls
Educational assessment:
    Course average: Assessments 45%
    Inside of Class Work        10%
    Outside of Class Work       20%
    Formative Assessments         5%
    Midterm/Final                20%

Alabama Science in Motion supplies many labs through the University of South
Alabama. It is required that each student who participates in these labs must have a
contract signed by the student and their legal guardian, and kept on file at the school.
Please return this as soon as possible.)

Grading breakdown:
      Tests: (Makeup within 3 days of excused absence, BCBE guidelines)
      *       Normally one per week, usually on Friday
      *       Tests are based on material covered in class lecture, class discussion, class
              work, homework, laboratory exercises, projects and the text

       Test Questions:
          o multiple choice, fill in the blank, true false, essay, and drawing (from
              memory) and labeling diagrams
          o Evaluation will be based on questions levels 1, 2, and 3
                   Level 1 – reaction, route memorization
                   Level 2 – learning, what you knew before presentation of material
                     compared to what you know after
                   Level 3 – logical thinking and performance (challenging)
                            material not directly stated
                            Hint: to answer level 3 questions correctly you must
                                have studied the text, completed assigned work,
                                listened in lecture and discussion, and be able to rule
                                out the incorrect answers and reason through the

       Quizzes: (Makeup within 3 days of excused absence, BCBE guidelines)
       *     Prior material covered
       *     Usually unannounced, rarely announced
       *     Quizzes will usually be read by teacher, sometimes given on paper

       Laboratory: (Makeup within 3 days of excused absence, BCBE guidelines)
             Started in class and often completed at home
                Neatness counts, appearance is very important in lab reports, data
                 analysis should be very easy to discern, anatomy deals with details
                 (ex: slight shade mistakes may indicate another tissue layer)
                Late lab assignments will be penalized 10 % per day
Projects: All projects are to be turned in on the date specified or earlier, even if
you are sick, ½ of assigned points will be deducted for each day late
       Evaluation will be based on Level 4
                Level 4 – Results
                         Includes: efficiency, morality, teamwork, objectives      covered,
                         FYI: collecting, organizing, material can be time-consuming and costly
       Including: current events, reports, 3-D models, life size skeleton, guide
       through the human body, and disease diary

   *       Current Events:
            information from newspapers, reputable magazines, reputable websites
            must be current, meaning; one from the newspaper of that week, or that months
               edition, not two from the same source
            this project is to be done at home

          Reports: may be presented
            To be done at home
            5 to 8 typed or 10 to 12 neatly written content pages
            cover page and reference page
            plagiarism is against the law and will be given a ZERO

          3-D models: may be presented to teacher or to the class
            To be constructed at home
            Cell model with all organelles labeled, may be edible
            Organ model, must simulate the activity of the organ

          Life-size skeleton:
            Will be started in class, may be completed at home
            Remember, details matter, each bone has specific shapes for specific reasons
            Grading will be based on effort, and yes, ability to detail in drawing

          Guide through the human body:
            Specific guidelines are to be followed for full credit
            To be constructed at home
            Presentation in class

          Disease Diary:
            First 10 minutes of class daily
            Submissions are due every 2 weeks
                         Including:
                          o Skin diseases
                          o Bone Diseases
                          o Muscle Diseases
                          o Nervous System Diseases
                          o Endocrine Disorders
                          o Blood Diseases
                          o Heart Disease
                          o Lung Disease
                          o Digestive Diseases
                          o Urinary Diseases
                          o Reproductive Diseases

                            Should contain:
                             o Disease name
                             o A graphic of some aspect of the disease
                             o Outline description of characteristics, causes, signs &
                                 symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
                             o Cite all sources
       Assignments given daily
       Late assignments will be accepted for 10% drop each day

       Semester Exam:
             Midterm and Final
                Science comprehension
                  Read and interpret information
                Science Content
                  Similar to chapter tests ~ questions taken from these tests
                Data analysis
                  Organizing, graphing, and interpreting data
                Critical thinking
                  Application of anatomy content to decision-making

Make-Up Work Procedures: You will only be allowed to make up work if you have an
excused absence. Should you have an excused absence, you are responsible for the
material covered and to learn what was covered during lecture. Assignments are listed on
Daphne High School website. You may ask a classmate to lend you lecture notes, but I
will not share my notes. I recommend you keep the telephone number of at least 2
classmates with you in case of an emergency. Call your classmates, do the work assigned
in class that day and do not get behind. You have 3 days from your excused absence to
take quizzes and tests. The time for make-up for tests and quizzes is 7:30 in the
mornings; the main doors open at that time.

Student Responsibilities: To be prepared for class each day. This is accomplished by
reading the material which is to be covered in class before that class. Have a great
attitude for learning.

Procedures: Come into the classroom immediately and begin your assignment. Have
your materials ready and be ready to learn. I expect full participation and cooperation at
all times. I ask that you raise your hand to speak and that you listen while others
speaking. When engaged in laboratory experiments and dissections, I expect you to
follow directions, use material properly, clean your area, and put materials in their
designated places. Bring all materials with you and do not ask to leave the room. Have
your reading done and your homework prepared when you enter the classroom. Be ready
to work when you walk in the door.

Procedures for conference Requests: At times your parent or legal guardian may want
to speak with me. To contact me: Call 626-8787 and leave a message, or email me at My planning is first block.

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