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					             Your popcorn forecast for the 2009 sale:
               Important Dates                      Prizes and Recognitions
               Kernel’s Job Description             Council Incentives
               Types of Sales                       Administration

             2009 Popcorn University Dates and Locations
         7:30 pm Wednesday, August 19th                   Council Service Center,
                                                          970 W Julian St

         7:30 pm Thursday, August 20th                    LDS Church, 925 Cera Dr

         9:00 am Saturday, August 22nd                    Council Service Center

         7:30 pm Tuesday, August 25th                     West Valley Presbyterian
                                                          Church, 6191 Bollinger Rd

         7:30 pm Thursday, August 27th                    Council Service Center

Attend a University and learn how the “Power of Popcorn” can benefit your Scouts and
help deliver the promise of Scouting: outdoor adventure, exciting activities and FUN!
Attend training to earn an extra 1% commission to your unit’s sale.
Unit Kernels can attend any of the above Universities! Sign up today online to let us know
which one you will attend!
       SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                                 Popcorn Kernel’s Calendar
Sunday           Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday         Saturday
                                                   August                                                   1
  2                 3               4                  5                  6                7                  8
  9                10               11                12                  13               14                 15
  16               17               18                19                 20                21              22
                                               Popcorn University      Popcorn                           Popcorn
                                                                      University                        University
  23               24              25                 26                 27                28                 29
                                 Popcorn                               Popcorn
                                University                            University

  30               31                             September
                               1 Show & Sell           2                  3                4                  5
                                Orders Due

  6                 7               8                  9                  10               11                 12
  13               14          15 Technical           16                  17               18         19 Show & Sell
                                 Training                                                                 Pick up
                                (Website &                                                             Sale Begins!
                               Admin tools)
  20               21               22                23                  24               25                 26
  27               28               29                30
                                                                          1            2 Fill It Up           3
                                                                                      Drawing #1
  4                 5               6                  7                  8            9 Fill it Up           10
                                                                                      Drawing #2
  11               12               13                14                  15          16 Fill it Up           17
                                                                                      Drawing #3
  18               19               20                21                  22          23 Fill it Up           24
                                                                                      Drawing #4
  25          26 Deadline to        27                28            29 Take Order &         30                31
              Return Show &                                           Prize Orders
                   Sell                                               Due Online
              S/S Money Due
  1                 2               3                  4                  5                6                  7
  8                 9               10                11                  12               13         14 Take Order
                                                                                                         Pick up
  15               16               17                18                  19               20              21
  22               23               24                25                  26               27                 28
  29                                               December
                                    1                  2              3 Popcorn       4 Drawing for           5
                                                                      Money Due         Top Seller

SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                               2009 Popcorn Timeline

 August                                          November
 12    Wed    Council Popcorn Committee          4    Wed     Popcorn Committee
 19    Wed    Popcorn University/Show n Sell                  Meeting
              Turn-in                            14    Sat    Take Order pick up
 20     Thurs Popcorn University/Show & Sell
              Turn-in                            December
 22     Sat   Popcorn University/Show & Sell     3    Thurs Popcorn Money Due
              Turn-in                            4    Fri   Drawing for Top seller
 25     Tues Popcorn University/Show & Sell                 prizes
 27     Thurs Popcorn University/Show & Sell     January
              Turn-in                                         Council Popcorn sale
 September                                                    Popcorn Ball for Top
               Unit Kick off Nights                           Sellers
 1      Tues   Show & Sell Orders Due online
 15     Tues   Technical Training (website &
               administrative tools)
 19     Sat    Show & Sell Pickup
 19     Sat    Popcorn Sell Begins
 25     Fri    Warehouse Open (see page 11)
 30     Wed    Council Popcorn Committee

 2     Fri    Fill it Up drawing #1
              Warehouse Open for Extra
              Popcorn Pick up (see page 11)
 9      Fri   Fill it Up drawing #2
              Warehouse Open for Extra
              Popcorn Pick up (see page 11)
 16     Fri   Fill it Up drawing #3
              Warehouse Open for Extra
              Popcorn Pick up (see page 11)
 23     Fri   Fill it Up drawing #4
              Warehouse Open for Extra
              Popcorn Pick up (see page 11)
 26     Mon Deadline to return show & sell
              Show & Sell Money Due
 29     Thurs Take Order due online
 29     Thurs Prize order due online

      SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

A note from the Council Kernel –

If you have this manual in your hands, please count yourself as a Very Special Person – to your Unit, your
District, the Council, and of course, to those Scouts whose program you are helping to make possible by
facilitating the Popcorn Opportunity in your unit. As this fundraising program has grown in our Council
over the years, it has made opportunities come to life for many many Scouts that may not have been
possible without this coordinated effort. Again this year, we are thrilled to see even more volunteers step
up to a leadership role in this program. For the first time, each of our four districts has their own District-
level Kernel, bringing more experience and support to your efforts for your Unit. These people are an
incredible valuable resource to you. If you are new to “Team Popcorn,” please let them guide you through
this process. If you are a popcorn veteran, please ask for support when you need it and offer it to others as
you can. You are the heart of this program and I look forward to supporting you again as we get popping!
Have fun and please accept my wishes for a hugely successful campaign for your Unit.
                                                     With best wishes for success,
                                                             Elise DeYoung

                                     Why sell popcorn?
   • The top-selling unit in the Santa Clara Council last year sold almost $20,000 worth of
     popcorn! That means that the units earned over $6,000. What could your unit do with
     $6,000? Send everyone to camp, pay or a sweet super activity!
   • Scouts learn to set goals and experience the feeling of sweet success!
   • Scouts experience the satisfaction of earning their own way for Scouting activities in the
     coming year.
   • Scouts earn great prizes and can pay their way to the 2010 National Jamboree.
   • Up to 41% of the proceeds support your unit and the other 30% helps the council
     support the sale and provide services that come right back to your unit’s Scouts!
   • The community gets to meet Scouts and support Scouting.
   • If everyone pitches in, it is the only fundraiser most units will need to do all year!
   • The council incurs the cost and no money is required up-front for units to sell.
   • Earn prizes and commissions!
                                           The center of the cob:
               There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from selling popcorn!

    SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                      Unit Popcorn Kernel’s Job Description
1. Register your Unit Popcorn Kernel and your unit for the sale by logging onto the Trails End Web site
   at www.trails-end.com
2. Attend a popcorn university that works best with your schedule (see page 1).
3. Hold a Popcorn Kick-off for your unit. Use prizes and videos given at the University and have the
   Scouts and parents try samples of the popcorn. Show the “Kick-off” video for more fun and tips!
4. Coordinate and promote the 2009 Popcorn Sale in your unit.
5. Have your Scouts develop sales goals based on the activities they want to do in the coming year.
6. Total all your Scout’s orders and submit your unit order online.
7. Coordinate popcorn pick-up and make sure all cases will fit in your car(s). Include other parents for
8. Distribute popcorn in your unit and monitor both its delivery to customers and the collection of funds.
9. Make sure you turn-in all forms on time to ensure your unit will receive all prizes, awards and
10. Distribute prizes earned by Scouts. These prizes will be shipped directly to your address.   The
    council approves prize orders once the unit settles its account.
11. Contact your District Popcorn Kernel or District Executive at any time if you have questions.
12. Inform, motivate, and recognize Scouts and families and have fun!

                               Tips to help you manage your unit sale:
                 Make a handout of important dates and deadlines for each family.

                 Set the “turn-in” deadlines a few days or a week earlier than when you will
                 need the money or product. It always takes longer than you expect to round-
                 up all the orders.

                 If you are in a larger unit, get some other parents, or “lieutenants” to help you
                 in making reminder calls about due dates and to check-in to make sure no
                 dens or families are “holding” popcorn that needs to get sold by someone

                 Ask for help! There are many experienced unit kernels out there who want to
                 help!                                                                5
   SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                                        Types of Sales
SHOW AND SELL                                          CORPORATE
   •   Place your order at the Popcorn University      –This works well for savvy Boy Scouts!
       and pick it up Sept 19th.                       There are many ways to sell popcorn to
   •   Scouts sell product at a location or event,     businesses. Some businesses will allow you to sell
       like in front of a shopping center or after     to their employees; some will let you post an order
       church.                                         form in a lobby or workroom. The Scouts who
                                                       have had the biggest successes with corporate
   •   Get permission to sell on other people’s
                                                       sales are when popcorn is purchased as employee
       property. Coordinate with other units in
                                                       gifts. Here are a few ideas but there are more.
       your neighborhood to be sure you’re not at
       the same place at the same time. Share.            •   Attend a staff meeting where you can tell
                                                              all the employees about your popcorn.
   •   Unsold popcorn (cases or containers) can
       be returned to the popcorn warehouse for           •   Set up a booth sale at the business at the
       full credit if done by October 26th.                   lunch hour or when employees are leaving
 This is fun for boys to do together!
                                                          •   Ask the manager or the owner if he would
                                                              like to purchase popcorn as a holiday gift
SHOW AND DELIVER                                              for his employees.
Show and Deliver is a form of Show and Sell, but
                                                          •   Don’t forget to ask your parents if you can
requires the help of a vehicle and driver or wagon
                                                              approach their work to allow you to sell in
or cart. It works particularly well in places where
                                                              one or more of the methods described.
you don’t have the opportunity, or prefer not, to
return to deliver the product ordered. Many Scouts     This is a great opportunity for older Scouts to
and parents who have tried this newer method like      practice their presentation skills and show the
it better than Show and Sell! Give it a try!           business community the maturity and motivation
                                                       possessed by older Scouts will bring to the not-so-
   •   Fill the parent or other adult’s vehicle with
                                                       future work force.
       a variety of Show and Sell products.
   •   Go door to door and ask if they’d like to
                                                       ON-LINE SALES
       buy some popcorn.
                                                       Most Scouts have friends and family that do not
   •   If they want a product you have, they can       live locally. On-line sales are a great way for those
       buy it right then and there.                    important people in a Scout’s life to support him.
                                                       Get started today:
                                                              Got to http://Scouts/trails-end.com to login
   •   Scouts go door to door and take orders for
                                                              or create an account
       popcorn products
   •   Orders are submitted to Council by                     Send emails from the website to friends
       October 29, 2009. Be sure each Scout                   and family
       keeps a copy of his order list so he can               Track your online sales
       deliver the popcorn when he gets it.
                                                       Online sales have its own separate gift card
   •   Product is picked up by the unit                program and does not count towards show and sell
   •   Scouts deliver product to customers             and take order prizes. Start today to create6year-
                                                       around profit so you can pay your way to summer
       TIP: Use your order forms from last year        camp!
       to ask repeat customers!
SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

               Individual Prizes and Recognition
There are three options for individual Scout prize programs. The whole unit participates in one of
the options and should make sure all Scouts and parents understand what prize program you are
using. Be sure to pick the prize program that will be most motivating to your Scouts. This will
help them set and achieve their personal sales goals and the unit’s sales goal.

  • Scouts earn prizes based on setting goals and reaching levels of sales—see prize brochure
   •   Scouts who set a goal for themselves, almost always meet or surpass it—encourage
       success and recognize Scout’s strengths
   •   Prize orders must be ordered by October 29, 2009, or sooner if your account is paid
   •   Prizes are shipped directly to unit Kernels

If your unit provides its own prize program or awards cash prizes to Scouts to fund exciting
activities within his unit, the “Cash Prize” option is for your unit. Here’s how this option works.
       Decide what will be most motivating and rewarding to your Scouts: cash or prizes.
       Unit receives 5% more commission to afford the unit alternate prizes.
       If you are providing alternate prizes, set the prizes ahead of time so the boys can use them
       to set personal sales goals.
       If you choose individual credit/cash for Scouts, be sure to clearly explain in writing to the
       parents and families how the credit/cash allocations will be earned, allocated, and stored
       for each Scout, before the sale starts. Cash should be used toward Scouting activities
       within the unit, district, or council. The cash is issued in a lump sum to the unit and it is
       the unit’s responsibility to properly allocate the credit to the Scouts.
       Please be sure the Scouts receive their full 5% prize value…they earned it!
On top of the prize program your unit chooses, every participant is also eligible for the following
bonus prizes from the Trail’s End Company directly. More information can be found on the
www.trails-end.org website.
       Participation Patch or Pin: Anyone who participates in the sale may have ordered for
       them a 2009 Trails End commemorative patch or pin. These two items are the first two
       lines on the Trails End prize order form. You’ll need to order these items even if you’re
       not using the TE prize program.
       “Fill it Up” Patch and Certificate: Just for filling up one order form with 25 unique
       orders, boys can receive the “Fill it up” patch. This patch will be made available from
       your District Popcorn Kernel.
       $1500 Bonus Prize: Trail’s End offers a bonus $50 gift card for Wal-Mart or Coleman.
       The unit popcorn kernel should order these at the same time as the prizes.
SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

       Trail’s End Scholarship Program for $2500+ Sellers: The Trail’s End Scholarship
       Program has helped many Scouts pay for higher education. To participate, complete the
       “Scholarship Program” Form which can be found at www.trails-end.com

                          Special Council Recognitions
            (In addition to the individual prize program above from Trails End)
                          Any Scout or unit who achieves the following sales goals will be
                          eligible to receive the following prizes or entry into the drawing for the
                          prizes and recognitions from the Santa Clara County Council. For
                          Scouts to be entered in the drawings and eligible for the recognitions,
                          the Unit Popcorn Kernel must complete and return the “Council
                          Recognitions” form by December 3, 2009. Any of these prizes can
                          also be traded for a gift card for similar value of the product to Best
                          Buy Stores (http://www.bestbuy.com/ )
                          or REI Stores (http://www.rei.com/.
                          Any prize may be substituted by the
                          SCCC with a comparable prize of
                           similar value based on availability.
The top seller in the council will be based on the “Council
Recognitions” Forms turned in by each unit Popcorn Kernel. So
be sure to complete the form and turn it in by December 3, 2009
so no one misses out on a hard-earned chance to win this prize!
                        Top Seller = 42 inch Plasma
                         Television (value $800)
                        Not even your parents have one of these! Appreciate the rich color and
                        nearly LIFE-SIZE pictures on this GIANT 42 inch plasma screen.
                        Whether you’re playing video games or watching the Sunday game you
                        will want this GIANT television! This miracle of science will bring your
                        family together as you enjoy hours of gory Halloween movies in your
                        own living room! The best part is: It’s YOURS, and it’s GIANT!

                        $1500+ Sales: Name in drawing for on of the following items:
                        Nintendo Wii or one of the following REI camping gear prizes: (One
                        winner will be chosen from each of the four Districts; one for each prize.)
                        Celestron NexStar 60 SLT Telescope, REI Ridgeline Pack, and the
                        Garmin eTrex Vista H Handheld GPS Unit. (value $250)

SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

      Base commissions

             Participating in the prize program = 26%
             Not participating in the prize program = 31%

      Bonus Commissions

             An additional 1% may be earned if:
                            Your unit was represented at an August Popcorn University
                      Your forms and money are completely closed out by December 3, 2009

             An additional 2% may be earned if:
                               Your unit increases their sales over last year by least 5%
                     If you did not sell last year, you have a “sales by registered youth ratio of at
                      least $250. (Divide your total sales by the number of registered youth in
                        your unit according to the National Scouting database on August 31st).

             If you do even better, instead of a 2% bonus commission, you can get a 7%
             bonus if:
                                  Your unit increases their sales over last year by 20%
                     If you did not sell last year, you have a “sales per registered youth” ratio of at
                                         least $375. (Calculation same as above.)

      Example: Pack 1 wants prizes. They attend the August Popcorn University and close out
      their account by December 3rd. They sold $3000 last year and this year, they have sold
      $3180, a 6% increase over last year. Their commission for the entire $3180 sales will be
      $922.20 (calculated at the 29% rate: 26% plus 1% plus 2%)

      HINT: New Scouts mean your sales force grows but your goal stays the same!

                     Technical Training—Tuesday, September 15th—
                     7:00 to 8:30 pm—Scout Service Center—First time
                     kernel? Need help with the Trails End Online
                     System & Tools. Come to this training. Register
                     today at www.scccbsa.org !

    SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                                       How to do a Kick-off

 The trick to a successful kick-off is doing something that will motivate the Scouts to sell
 popcorn not only because it helps earn money to do cool things, but because it’s FUN!
 Schedule a special meeting, or plan to use 30 minutes of a schedule meeting. Use the
 “Kick-off in a box” provided by the Santa Clara County Council which includes banners,
 how to DVD, flyers and of course the world famous Corn head.
 Help the Scouts get excited by working on posters and seeing prizes that they may be able
 to achieve. It could be as simple as a pencil or patch. Play a game where the Scouts learn a
 script of what to say and how to approach customers.
 Take a few minutes to speak to the parents to ensure they understand how impactful this
 fundraiser can be with their support and what they can do to help their Scout be a success.
 For more on how to have a successful kick-off in your unit make sure to attend one of
 Popcorn Universities or contact your District Kernel. Make sure you get a copy of the
 Trails End Sale Planning DVD with get tips on conducting a great Unit kick-off.


When you log in for the first time, you will need your username and password provided by your district
kernel. Activate your account and log in. Once you get in, you’ll have several menu options:
         Allows you to authorize other parents in your unit to access the system
         Spread out the work between other unit leaders/parents
Sub Units:
         Organize dens and patrols so that you can put each individual Scout into the proper place and
         create competition amongst groups in your unit.
         This page will allow you to place your order for show and sell, take order and prizes. You can
         view your commission rate and you may view your past sales if your unit has sold before.
         Add your Scouts so that you can allow then to enter their orders online.
         Generate several useful reports.
SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                     How to get your popcorn
The popcorn warehouse will be located at 90 Karina Court, San Jose 95131. The warehouse is
conveniently located near the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 87 and also North First
Street and East Brokaw Road. Use your favorite mapping site and if you need help please
contact the Council Service Center.

                                     Need more popcorn?
                             The popcorn warehouse will be open
                                every Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 PM
                              from September 25th to October 23rd.
                              Pop in and restock for the weekend
                             sales! For more information email us
                               at popcorn@scccbsa.org or contact
                                    your District Executive.

                                                                     How Much popcorn
                                                                     can I fit in my car?

                                                                     20 cases or less in a mid-size

                                                                   40-60 cases or less in a truck
                                                                   or mini van

    SCCC 2009 Trail’s End Popcorn Sale

                               Popcorn Administration
A popcorn sale is pretty simple but there are some details that will make the sale a lot smoother for you
and your unit. Be sure to share important dates with the families in your unit. Any resource or form you
can’t find on the website, you can email your District or Council Kernel or your District Executive for
   Item                                   Due                            Where to get it
   Unit Popcorn Kernel Registration       August 1, 2009                 www.scccbsa.org
   Unit Show n’ Sell Order Form           September 2, 2009              www.scccbsa.org
   Return Show n’ Sell Popcorn in full    October 26, 2009               Return to the popcorn
   cases only                                                            warehouse

   Unit Take Order Form                   October 29, 2009               www.trails-end.com
   Unit Prize Order Form (if using        October 29, 2009               www.trails-end.com
   Trail’s End Prize Program)
   Council Recognition Form               December 3, 2009               www.scccbsa.org
   Top Seller and Drawing Winners         December 4, 2009               www.scccbsa.org

    Coyote Creek District Kernel:         Quicksilver District Kernel:        Pioneer District Kernel
             Judy Davis                        Kendra Bredehoft                     Jill Okamura
           408-406-3394                         408-656-9960                       408-996-0232
      judydavissjca@gmail.com              cocacolakendra@aol.com                jaokamura@att.net

             Ken Schott,                      Dylan Hendrickson,                  Michael Wilson,
          District Executive                   District Director                 District Executive
          408-280-5088 x28                    480-280-5088 x41                   480-280-5088 x40
          ken@scccbsa.org                     dylan@scccbsa.org                 michael@scccbsa.org

                                                  Tom Merwin
                                                District Executive
                                                408-280-5088 x22
       Polaris District Kernel:                                                    Council Kernel
             Debbie Jancis                  Santa Clara County                      Elise DeYoung
             408-245-4745                         Council                           408-244-6438
      Debbie.jancis@sbcglobal.net                                               chardansc@yahoo.com
                                             970 W Julian Street
                                             San Jose, CA 95126                 Council Staff Advisor
               Phu Tran,
                                            Phone: 408-280-5088                     Gary Varano
             Field Director
                                             Fax: 408-280-5162                   480-280-5088 x34
           480-280-5088 x21
                                              www.scccbsa.org                   popcorn@scccbsa.org