September 5th, 2012 Minutes by McNeeseSGA


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                                         September 5, 2012

Speaker Delaine led the moment of silence
Speaker Delaine led the pledge of allegiance.
Speaker Delaine called the meeting to order at 4:06 P.M.

Swearing in of New Senators:
Speaker Delaine swore in all new senators.

Approval of Minutes:
Senator LeJeune motioned to approve the minutes, and Senator Richard seconded. The motion carried.

Committee/Branch Reports:

University Services Report
Ms. Lauren Kennedy spoke on behalf of University Services and informed the Senate of a President’s
and Advisors luncheon in the LaJeunesse Room from 11am-1pm on Thursday September 13th. She
also announced that Student Organization packets are due to the Union Office in the New Ranch by
September 28th, and packets will be available after the meeting, and in the Union Office. Also, she
reminded everyone of the Student Tailgate this weekend. There will be free food, games and
entertainment. It starts at 2pm in Lot E and will continue until the game at 7pm.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Whalley gave the Senate helpful tips on fundraising so that they may be better prepared for
any trips they may be taking this year.

Old Business:

New Business:
Election of Speaker Pro Tempore
Speaker Delaine opened the floor to decide how the election should take place, and Senator Richard
motioned to have each candidate five a one minute oral presentation on why they should receive the
position. Senator LeJeune spoke first, as he was nominated first, and Senator Reinauer followed suit.
A silent vote was held.

Election of Parliamentarian
Speaker Delaine opened the floor to decide how the election take place and Senator Harris suggested
election by acclimation. The motion carried, and Senator Elliot is now the Parliamentarian.

SUB announced “Open Mic Night” in the New Ranch tonight from 7-9pm, Finally Friday in the
Housing Quad from 7-9pm, and the Student Tailgate in Lot E on Saturday from 2pm-gametime.

Up ‘til Dawn announced a General Member Meeting on Tuesday September 11th in the LaJeunesse
Room directly following the SUB meeting.

The Wesley Foundation announced that they are making “Fluff Buckets” for victims of Hurricane
Isaac, and will be delivering some supplies on Saturday September 8th.

Election Results:
Treasurer Whalley announced that Senator LeJeune won the election for Speaker Pro Tempore by a
36-32 vote, and Vice President Eastman swore him in by oath.
Open Forum:
Senator Kamrowski questioned when feedback would be available about the parking situation.

Senator LeJeune thanked the Senate for his election as Speaker Pro Tempore.

Guest Speakers:
Nathan Fontaine spoke on behalf of the Athletic Department and Blue Blaze Nation. He announced
upcoming games and meetings that can earn Blue Blaze points. He also informed the Senate that there
are three new additional prizes that can be earned. He encouraged students to attend Finally Friday
and the tailgate on Saturday.

Senator Orientation:
Speaker Delaine led the Senator Orientation via PowerPoint Presentation.

Senator Burnett motioned to adjourn until the next scheduled meeting, and Senator
LeBlanc seconded. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 4:47pm.

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