Shawshank Redemption Reading Guide by lanyuehua


									ENG4C                Shawshank Redemption Reading Guide

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption is a short story written by Stephen King
in 1982. This study guide will help you while we read the short story. You should
follow the reading schedule below to stay on track. There will be time in class to
read, if you are absent or unable to read the required section you must read these
pages for homework. As well, you must answer the study guide questions on a
separate piece of paper.


Feb 22nd - 17-25                          Mar 4th – FILM
Feb 23rd - 25-35                          Mar 7th – 102 – END
Feb 24th - 35-48                          Mar 8th – Final Quiz – Finish Movie
Feb 25th - Doc, Life Behind Bars          Mar 9th – 11th – Lab Time to Work on
Feb 28th – 48-58                          Essay
Mar 1st – QUIZ #1 58-70                   Mar 11th – DUE: Shawshank Essay
Mar 2nd – 70 – 82
Mar 3rd – 82- 102

Part One p. 17-38

   1) The narrator, Red, describes himself as “the guy who can get it for you.” What
      does this mean?

   2) What is Red in Shawshank for?

   3) What does the reader learn about Red’s character from his vocabulary?
      (Quotation needed)

   4) Briefly, describe the crime that Andy was convicted for.

   5) What nickname did the Boston newspaper give Andy at his trial? Why?

   6) What TWO details make Red (and the reader) suspect that Andy was
      wrongfully convicted?

   7) Why does Andy ask Red for the rock hammer? Why is it important to him?

   8) Why does Andy keep fighting the ‘sisters’? What does this say about him?

   9) Quote TWO story details that show that Red admires Andy.
Part Two, pg. 38-60
   1) What advice does Andy give Hadley? What do you think motivated Andy to
      give Hadley advice?

   2) As payment, Andy only asks for beers. What do you think the beers
      ‘symbolize’ for the prisoners?

   3) Andy is described as having a sense of his own freedom, of ‘wearing it like an
      invisible coat’. Define Andy’s sense of freedom. How does Andy try to
      achieve his sense of freedom?

   4) Red describes how some prisoners become institutionalized. What does this
      mean? How does Andy fight against becoming ‘insitutionalized’?

   5) In what TWO respects are Red and Andy similar?

   6) Andy builds the prison library up from nothing. How does he do it? Why does
      he do it? What does this tell you about him?

   7) Andy begins performing many illegal services for the guards, including the
      warden. Why?

   8) When speaking to Red, Andy mentions a “fine line.” What is it?

   9) What is the meaning behind all the different posters Andy hangs in his cell?

   10) What do the two polished pieces of quartz in the box tell Red about Andy’s

   11) Andy got out of the laundry but he did not get out of the laundering
      business. Identify 3 different illegal operations for which Andy handled the
      financial affairs. (money laundering)

Part Three, pg. 60-84

   1) List 5 details of Tommy’s story about the murder of Andy’s wife and her
      lover. (60-64)

   2) When Andy goes to Warden Norton and explains about the new information,
      Norton refuses to help him. Why?

   3) How did this affect Andy?

   4) What do the Mexicans say about the Pacific? Why is this appealing to both
      Andy and Red?
   5) What does Andy want to do in Zihautenejo? How does he plan to do it?

   7) Describe how Andy prepared for getting out of prison. (76)
       a) Financially:

      b) Personal identity papers:

      c) Name:

   6) Who is Peter Stevens?

Part Four, pg. 84-107
   1) How did Andy escape?

   2) What happened to Red on the day that Andy was discovered missing?

   3) What happened to Norton? Why do you think this happened?

   4) Why would it have been ironic if Andy had been offered parole?

   5) Why did Andy wait so long to escape?

   6) What is important about the postcard Red receives from McNary, Texas?

   7) What do we learn about Red at the end? What does he plan to do next?

   8) What is the significance of the following? (78)
      a) piece of volcanic rock in a hayfield

      b) safety deposit box in Portland

   9) Why do you think that Andy confides in Red and tells him all this

   10)What is Red’s biggest fear about being released to the outside world?

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