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									                                                                ODOR/                                 PROTECTION
AGENTS             NAME/SYMBOL                 COLOR            SENSE                 USE              REQUIRED                             SYMPTOMS

                                                                                                                      coughing & wheezing: effects in 3 hours. 2-6 hrs
                                                                                                                      coughing w/ white or yellow fluid (often bloody) may
                                                               new-mown          non-persistent
                                                                                                                      commence indicating pulmonary edema. Nausea,
                  PHOSGENE - CG              COLORLESS         hay, grass,       delayed-action       Protective Mask
                                                                                                                      vomiting, gastric pain...rapid shallow, painful breathing
                                                               green corn        casualty agent                       & cyanosis. Shock & death from heart failure or

                                                               new-mown        either a delayed or
                 DIPHOSGENE - DP             COLORLESS         hay, grass,      immediate action      Protective Mask          body converts DP into CG...same as CG
                                                               green corn         casualty agent

                                             COLORLESS         fruity or      non-persistent quick-
                   SOMAN - GD
                                               LIQUID        camphor odor     action casualty agent
                                                                                                                        Early: Runny nose, headache, drooling, tightness of
                                             COLORLESS        (pure form)     non-persistent quick-                     chest, blurred vision, muscular twitching around the
                   SARIN -     GB
                                                LIQUID          odorless      action casualty agent                     area of exposed skin, stomach cramps, & nausea.
                                             COLORLESS                                                Protective Mask
 NERVE                                                            faint                                 & Protective                   Severe: Confused behavior, gurgling
                                                  TO                          non-persistent quick-
                   TABUN     - GA                            fruity...(pure                               Clothing      sounds when breathing, pinpointed pupils, vomiting,
                                            AMBER/BROWN                       action casualty agent
                                                            form) odorless                                              red eyes w/ tearing, muscular twitching, loss of
                                                                                                                        bladder/bowel control, convulsions, coma, and
                                             COLORLESS                                                                  stoppage of breathing.
                                                  TO                            persistent quick-
                      VX OR V                                   odorless
                                            AMBER/BROWN                       action casualty agent
                                                             faint odor of
                                             COLORLESS                        quick acting casualty   Protective Mask
                                                            bitter almonds                                               Rapid breathing rate & pink coloring of the lips,
             HYDROGEN CYANIDE- AC           LIQUID (quickly                    agent suitable for       & Protective
                                                               or peach                                   Clothing
                                                                                                                        fingernails, & skin.
                                              evaporates)                        surprise attacks
 BLOOD                                                                       quick acting casualty
                                    COLORLESS                                   agent used for        Protective Mask    (note: also acts like a choking agent) Slow breathing
                                                             pungent biting
             CYANOGEN CHLORIDE- CK LIQUID (quickly                              degradation of          & Protective    rate & strong choking effect. It is highly irritating to the
                                                                 odor                                     Clothing                    eyes & mucous membranes.
                                     evaporates)                               canisters or filter
                                                                            elements in Pro-Masks

                                                                                                       Protective       Immediate severe burning intense pain & a feeling of
                                             COLORLESS                        rapid-acting casualty     Mask &          numbness. Blanching of the skin within 30 sec. And
Urticants     PHOSGENE OXIME - CX                            PENETRATIN
                                               SOLID                                  agent            Protective       wheals (raised patches of skin) appear approximately
                                                               G ODOR                                                   30 min. After exposure.

             D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide                                                                               Central nervous system stimulants cause excessive
                        (LSD)                                                                          Protective       nervous activity; overloading the brain w/ too much
                                                                                                         Mask           info. Concent. Diff., resulting in indecisiveness & in
                    Amphetamins                                                                                         ability to act in a sustained, purposeful manner.
                                                            ODOR/                                 PROTECTION
AGENTS           NAME/SYMBOL               COLOR            SENSE                  USE             REQUIRED                            SYMPTOMS
                                                           30% sulfur
            LEVINSTEIN MUSTARD - H           GAS
                                                                                                                No immediate effects. Mustards act 1st as a cell
                                         COLORLESS       GARLICLIKE
            DISTILLED MUSTARD - HD                                                                              irritant & then as poison on all tissue surfaces
                                          TO AMBER         ODOR                                                 contacted.                  EARLY: inflammation of
             NITROGEN MUSTARD -                                                                    Protective
                                                                                                                the eyes, nose, throat, trachea, bronchi, & lung tissue.
                                         COLORLESS       FAINT FISHY          delayed action        Mask &
BLISTER                          HN-1                                                                           Redness of the skin, blistering, & ulceration may follow
                                           LIQUID         OR MUSTY            casualty agent       Protective   along w/ fever & vomiting.
                                                                                                    Clothing                     HN-1 acts more quickly on the eyes.
                                                        FRUITY (HIGH                                                                                    HN-3 intolerance
                                                        CONC.) SOFT                                             to loiight may happen
                                 HN-2    DARK LIQUID
                                                        SOAPY (LOW

                                 HN-3       LIQUID        NO ORDER

                                                           similar to
                  LEWISITE - L          TO BROWNISH
             MUSTARD LEWISITE - HLTO BROWNISH            similar to garlic
                                     LIQUIDS                                                                    Produces immediate pain by irritating the eyes & skin.
                                   COLORLESS                                                       Protective
            PHENYLDICHLOROARSINE-                                            All Arsenicals are                 Liquid L can cause immediate burning sensation in the
                                  TO BROWNISH                                                       Mask &
ARSENICAL             PD                                                      delayed-action                    eyes & permanent loss of sight if eyes are not flushed
                                     LIQUIDS                                                       Protective   in 1 min. W/ large amount of water. Redness of skin
                                                                              casualty agents
                                                                                                    Clothing    in 30 min. Blistering does not appear for at least 13 hrs.
            ETHYLDICHLOROARSINE-                    similar to fruits
                                        TO BROWNISH
                     ED                             (biting/irritating)
                                  TO BROWNISH
                                        CONTAINED IN                                                            act to sedate & destory motivation rather than disrupt the
               CANNABINOLS &                                                  delayed action       Protection
                                          HASHIH &                                                              ability to think.un reality, intensification of sensations, hard to
             PHENOTHIAZINES - THC                                              incapacitating        Mask       concent. Lethargy..sedation
                                                                                                                sleepiness & decreased alertness. Affects circlation of blood
                                          WHITE                                                                 & digestion. Disrupts memory, problem-solving, attention, &
                                                                              delayed action       Protection
INCAP.                BZ                CRYSTALINE          odorless                                            comprehension. Hign does: dellirium, dryness of mouth, slow
                                                                               incapacitating        Mask       pulse, high temp, flushed face, blurred vision, dilated pupils,
                                                                                                                slurrd speech, and halluninations.
                         MOST       RAPID-ACTION                depresses respiration & heart rate & causes lethargy,
FENTANYL (no symbol)    POTENT      INCAPITATING                sedation, & immobilization. Large doses produce muscle
                                                     Mask       rigidity.
                       PAINKILLER      AGENTS

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