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Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, Inc. (PNQ) to hold 4th Annual Rockin' in Quartzsite - A Celebration of the Arts! PNQ seeking "Foster Parents" for the one-of-a-kind Rock Art Pieces for the winter season in Quartzsite. There's only 15 available Rock Art Pieces, so reserve yours TODAY! Pick your level, fill out the form and email to proudneighbors@yahoo.com

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									                                                 Rockin’ in Quartzsite! Sponsorship
                                          Business _____________________________________________________________________
                                          Contact person ________________________________________________________________
                                          Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________
                                          Physical Address ______________________________________________________________
                                          City ______________________________________ State ____________ Zip ______________

                                          Phone _________________________ Email _________________________________________
                                          Cell ___________________________ Website _______________________________________

Quartzsite!                                                                   WHY should I be a Sponsor?
                                                    1. For four months of widespread publicity throughout Arizona and beyond.
A Celebration of the Arts                           2. Because hundreds of thousands of people are expected to visit Quartzsite this season;
                                                       your name and the artist’s name will be on the plaque on your sponsored Rock Art.
     A public art event                             3. For the satisfaction of supporting local artists and organizations.
    encouraging artists,                            4. Joy of bringing people together for the benefit of the community.
   businesses, sponsors,
    schools, merchants,
  seniors, social groups,
  and individuals to work                                                        SPONSOR LEVEL:
     together toward
 enriching our community.                             Gold - $2,500                                              Diamond - $1,000
                                                             Logo and Name on Internet marketing                        Two (2) T-Shirts
WHAT:                                                        Six (6) T-Shirts                                           Logo on signage
                                                             Logo on signage                                            Logo and Name on promotional materials
• Rock Art Pieces                                            Logo and Name on promotional materials                     Name on an artist’s Rock Art
• Sponsored by local businesses,                             Name on an artist’s Rock Art                               Invitation to “Thank You” affair
corporations and private citizens                            Invitation to “Thank You” affair                           Rock Art Placement on Location
• Painted and decorated by local                             Rock Art Placement on Location
and regional artists.                                                                                             Turquoise - $350
• Displayed throughout the Town of                    Ruby - $500                                                      Logo and Name on promotional materials
Quartzsite.                                                  Name on signage                                            Name on an artist’s Rock Art
                                                             Logo and Name on promotional materials                     Invitation to “Thank You” affair
                                                             Name on an artist’s Rock Art                               Rock Art Placement on Location
WHEN:                                                        Invitation to “Thank You” affair
Nov. 3, 2012 - March 2, 2013                                 Rock Art Placement on Location
• The Rock Art Pieces will be                                                                                     Rock Art Lover Supporter - $25 - ?
unveiled during the Rockin’ Reveal                    Quartz - $250                                                    Name on promotional materials
Artist Reception, Sat. Nov. 3, 2012                          Name on promotional materials                              Invitation to “Thank You” affair
and will remain on display through-                          Name on an artist’s Rock Art
out town thru March 2, 2013.                                 Invitation to “Thank You” affair
• The Rock Auction will take place                           Rock Art Placement on Location
on Sat. March 2, 2013.
• “Rock Motel” at Tyson Wells
Showgrounds, 100 W. Kuehen,                                     HOW can I get involved?
Quartzsite.                               We need your help and support to make this project a success.                                                     Contact:
• Displayed in many locations                            If you, and/or anyone you know,                                                    Linda Ward, 803-984-4230
around town, on sidewalks, in front        would like to get involved as a sponsor, artist or volunteer,
of businesses, and other creative                    please contact any of the members of                                                  Sandee Wall, 702-499-8622
places.                                                  Proud Neighbor of Quartzsite or                                                Mark Goldberg, 951-852-7815
WHO:                                                    Rockin’ in Quartzsite Committee.                                        S. “Rain” Golden-Bear, 541-218-2560
• Benefits local organizations,                             We’d love to hear from you!
businesses, and our community!
• Cash proceeds from the events will        Amount Pledged __________________________                       Amount Received ____________________________
go to local non-profit organizations.
• Locals and visitors alike will find       Special instructions ______________________________________________________________________________
themselves looking for the Rock Art
throughout town, using a Rockin’            Name & Title ___________________________________________________________________________________
Map to bring them from one end of           By signing this contract, I agree to abide by all terms specified.
town to the other. And it’s FREE!
• Local businesses can expect to            Signature ________________________________                                   Date _________________________
see increased sales during this four
month period. In Belfast, Maine, a
town of 6,500 residents, business-
es showed a 28% increase during                           ROCKIN’ IN QUARTZSITE! A CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS
their first similar public art display.           Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, Inc., P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 Email: proudneighbors@yahoo.com

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