Jump Ring Sizing Chart by BradThorn

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 Jump Ring Sizing
 Actual Size is difficult to determine on most computer       I.D. 22ga 20ga 18ga   16ga
 monitors. Screen resolution and browser defaults
 change the image size. Print out this chart and it will      1.5
 provide a more accurate representation of our products.

 Please note, our products are listed in ID, inside diam-     2.0
 eter. Each product on the website lists its correspond-
 ing outside diameter on the product icon.                    2.5
 Product Codes                                                3.0
 Item numbers contain the product type, thickness of the
 wire (gauge), metal type and inside Diameter.                3.5
 JR18SS35 represents an [JR] Open Jump Ring [18] 18           4.0
 gauge wire thickness [SS] Sterling Silver [35] 3.5mm
 Inside Diameter                                              4.5
                        ga      in
 Gauge                  30      .010                          5.0
 Wire thickness is      28      .012
 represented in         26      .016
 gauge Brown &          24      .020
 Sharpe or Ameri-       22      .025
 can Wire Gauge         20      .032                          6.0
                        18      .040
                        16      .051
 [SS]   .925 Sterling Silver                                  7.0
 [AS]   .930 Argentium Silver
 [GF]   14kt Gold Fill
 [SP]   Silver Plate                                          8.0
 [GP]   Gold Plate
 [CP]   Copper
 [BR]   Brass                                                 9.0
 [BZ]   Bronze

 Optional Sizes
 We can fabricate using 14ga. We will be happy to
 research other ring sizes. Twisted Wire Jump Rings,         11.0
 Fine Silver and Solder Filled Sterling Silver are also
 available upon request.

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