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									  There is increased preference for operator assisted conferencing solutions
among business houses. Through a real time operator, a conference session can
               always be kept simple, organized and hassle free.

          ommunication has helped businesses to expand their activity in
          global sphere and technological advancements have made this
          happen in the fastest and easiest possible manner. For both small
          and medium business organizations, video conference and
teleconference call services have helped to establish communication across
the world, enabling them to connect to potential clients, business associates
or their employees based at different locations almost immediately. In video
conference call, the outcome depends on how perfectly organized the entire
session is. It must be executed without any hassle so that communication can
be faster and effective. So, the ultimate answer to this problem is to have an
operator who will instruct at every step of call session and carry out basic
operations to let the conference run smoothly and attend the demands of
conferees in an equal manner. This facilitator assisted conference call system
is better known as operator assisted conferencing.

Nowadays, most of the businesses are making a smart choice and using
operator assisted conferencing service to keep their conference call
procedure simple and easy. With an operator ready to assist through the
entire call session and assuring that the session continues smoothly, operator
assisted teleconferencing service has exceeded the expectations of business
houses in the field of communication and connectivity.

One of the most striking benefits of operator assisted conferencing is that the
business houses can make the conference session move in a systematic and
uninterrupted manner. The operator not only greets all the conferees but
also helps them avoid any hassle coming in their way of making calls. In
fact, the operator ensures that all the conferees join the call on time and
without any wastage of time.
The general flow of an operator assisted conferencing is maintained by the
operator itself. He or she manages the call session more efficiently, conducts
polling as and when needed, monitors certain call participants throughout
the session, on demand from the host for specific time period, records the
call session and submits it to the host right on time.

The operator assisted conference call has moderator facility so that every
participant can speak his or her language without losing call value. The
operator is available to translate whenever a participant starts to speak in a
different language. In this way, the language is made to understand by
others connected to call procedure smartly and let the process continue
without any flaw.

The introductory round in an operator assisted conferencing is properly
handled by the operator. The facilitator gives a brief introduction about
each participant at first and makes them know each other before the call
starts. It helps keep the call focused on individuals and their opinions. Unlike
teleconference call where participants can exceed the time limit, the
operator in a conference call does not let this happen at any cost. He or she
reminds and restricts the speaker from exceeding the allotted time.

Another most important cause for the growing preference of operator
assisted conferencing is quick access to the operator for real time assistance
in case any sort of technical problem appears in the middle of the call
session or a participant gets cut off. If there is a sudden fall in the audio
quality then it can be quickly addressed by the operator.

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