; Online Retailer 1st Door Openers Now Offers the Latest Genie Garage Door Opener
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Online Retailer 1st Door Openers Now Offers the Latest Genie Garage Door Opener


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									Online Retailer 1st Door Openers Now Offers the Latest Genie Garage
Door Opener
 Leading online retailer of garage door openers and accessories, 1st Door Openers, is now
 offering customers the Genie garage door opener.

Online PR News – 10-September-2012 1st Door Openers makes it easy for homeowners to get the garage
door openers that they need. The discount reseller of garage door remotes, repair parts, keyless entry, and
gate operator controls for homes and businesses now offers genie garage door opener s and controls.

The company offers the latest Genie garage door opener and other garage door accessories. 1st Door
Openers specializes in providing their customers with complete garage door opener systems, remote
control transmitters, keyless entry systems, sequencer boards, and much more.

1st Door Openers offers the most advanced Genie garage door opener to their customers. Genie
manufactures long-lasting garage door parts and accessories to outlast the competition and meet the
rigorous needs of homeowners. Genie products are specifically designed to handle continued usage and
are one of the most popular brands that 1st Door Openers offers.

The company offers several Genie garage door opener remote control systems for a variety of applications.
The Genie GM3T GenieMaster remote control works with all Genie products and brands. It features nine or
twelve switch 390MHz formats and Intellicode one or two 390/315MHz. The Genie GM3T GenieMaster also
works with all CodeDodger formats.

1st Door Openers also offers customers the Genie G3T-BX and GITR-3 three-button remote control
systems. All of the remote control systems by Genie are backed by customer support from the manufacturer
and 1st Door Openers.

Customers interested in keyless entry with their Genie garage door system can purchase the GK-BX Genie
garage door Intellicode wireless, keyless entry system. The GK-BX features a wireless keypad, the ability to
control up to three Genie Intellicode 1 or Intellicode 2 garage door openers, and a low battery indicator.
Users can program temporary pin numbers for special purpose access. The GK-BX will stay programmed
during routine battery changes.

Garage door openers make life easier for homeowners across the country. The benefits of garage door
openers are often overlooked until the garage door opener system does not work anymore. Customers have
counted on 1st Door Openers for garage door systems and parts for over 30 years. The company makes
every effort to assist customers with personal attention and dedication that is unmatched in the garage door
opener industry.

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