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                 PATS meeting will be held at 11:30am on Tuesday 14 June 2011 in
                    Room 3.18, Building C, Level 3, Monash Caulfield Campus.


1. Welcome and Attendance

A/Prof Angela Carbone will be the Chair.
The following members have indicated they will be attending via telephone: Ms Katherine Lindsay, Dr Phillip
Dawson, Dr Jane Skalicky

Attendance: A/Prof Angela Carbone, Ms Jessica Wong, Dr Gerry Rayner, Dr Yvonne Hodgson

Apologies:   Ms Lisa Smith, Dr Jane Bone, Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington

Executive Officer: Ms Jessica Wong

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
   Attached in Appendix 1.
   The Reference Group confirms the minutes of meeting 22/3/11 as a true and accurate record.

3. Minutes

 3.1. Reporting on PATS progress

    3.1.1. ALTC Symposium
           The 2011 ALTC Symposium on Peer Assisted Education Programs (PAEP) was held on Tuesday
           7 June. We had an overwhelming interest in the symposium. We had 105 people register on the
           symposium website with 89 attending. Twenty institutions were represented with nineteen from
           Australia and one from New Zealand. A list of all the attendees is attached in Appendix 2. The
           presentations and posters from the symposium will be available on the symposium website.

    3.1.2. Extension Grant
           The ALTC has approved funding for the grant to the amount of AUD$10,000.00 which will extend
           the scheme until the end of 2011. We will be developing a PATS website and workshops which
           will be delivered nationally.

    3.1.3. PATS process
           The diagram outlining the PATS process has been redeveloped to clearly distinguish between the
           pre, during and post-semester tasks. Additional activities have also been included. The new
           PATS process diagram is attached in Appendix 3.

    3.1.4. PATS Guide
           The PATS guide has been revised to explicitly state elements of the process. The guide is
           attached to the email.
           Reference group to approve the PATS guide as a suitable resource in promoting and expanding
           the scheme.

 3.1.5. PATS Participants Instructional Workbook
        Feedback from the mid-semester meeting with the PATS participants (13/4 and 15/4) suggested
        that a “PATS Instructional Workbook” containing timelines, activities and pro formas for the
        participants would be helpful. A draft instructional workbook is attached to the email.
        Reference group to approve the PATS instructional workbook as a suitable resource for PATS
        participants to use and provide feedback on the content.

3.2. Work in Progress

 3.2.1. ALTC Extension
         Grant PATS Website
          In Semester 2, 2011 we will be developing a PATS website that will contain all resources
          pertaining to the scheme. This includes guides, workbooks, newsletters, meeting agendas and
          minutes, videos, podcasts and more.
          Reference group to approve the PATS online presence as suitable resources for PATS
          participants to use.

        Identify common reoccurring themes for areas of improvement in units
         The Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC) has approved the use
         of Monash University unit evaluation qualitative data to identify common reoccurring themes
         for areas of improvement in units. We have already received the qualitative comments for
         thirteen units from the Faculty of IT. We are currently liaising with Mary Tam, the Senior Data
         Analyst, University Statistics – Strategic Analysis and Surveys, Office of the Pro Vice-
         Chancellor (Planning & Quality). There are 174 such units with student comments.
         Reference group to approve the PATS analysis of qualitative data with the intention to identify
         the top 5 concerns with units in need critical attention zone, and provide advice for DVCs on
         how to improve low-performing units.

        Workshop series plan for 2012
         A series of workshops are planned for 2012 to disseminate the scheme to other higher
         education institutions including:
          o Australasian Computing Education (ACE) Conference workshop, RMIT, Melbourne, Jan
          o ACDICT Learning and Teaching Forum, Adelaide, May 2012;
          o HERDSA conference, Gold Coast, July 2012;
          o Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne
         Reference group to provide comments and suggestions in regards to the workshops.

 3.2.2. Results for units participating in PATS in S1, 2011
        Data for the S1, 2011 PATS scheme will be collected by examining the unit evaluation results, the
        deliverables and focus group discussions with the mentees and mentors. Unit evaluation
        quantitative results for S1, 2011 are due to be released on 12 July 2011. The qualitative will be
        released to ADEs on 16 August. The project administrator has been collecting the deliverables
                                                           th     th
        and the focus group sessions will be held on the 8 and 9 June.

 3.2.3. Sustainable future for PATS
        As the fellowship is coming to an end, we would like to propose a way in which the PATS scheme
        can be sustained into the future. In order to transition into a more sustainable faculty-led process
        we would like to establish a PATS liaison person for each faculty that can champion the
        process. This person could be a past PATS participant or someone that has recently accepted an
        education-focused role. They would ensure that partners are well informed of the process, keep
        on track with the proposed activities outlined in the PATS guide and advertise workshop events
        held with OPVCLT to advance teaching quality.
        Reference group to provide suggestions on ways to move forward in sustaining PATS.

    3.2.4. Final Report
           We are currently in the early stages of writing up the final 12 month report which will be submitted
           to ALTC by 30 September.

4. Items for Noting:

   4.1. Journal Papers
        The case studies supplied by the S2, 2010 participants from the faculty of Engineering will be the
        basis of a journal paper for the Journal of Engineering Education [ERA rank A*]. The paper will be
        entitled: Building effective partnerships for unit quality.

       Having been granted Human Ethics approval, we will be using the qualitative comments from ICT
       units in the needing critical attention zone as the basis of a journal paper for the Fourteenth
       Australasian Computing Education (ACE) Conference (2012). The paper will be entitled: Common
       Areas for Improvement in ICT Units that have Critically Low Student Satisfaction.

5. Other business:
   We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of the Peer Assisted Teaching
   Scheme reference group. You have provided us with wonderful support throughout the entire project and
   your critical feedback has helped to shape and improve the scheme.


                   PATS meeting was held at 11.30am on Tuesday 22 March 2011 in
                         Room 3.22, Building C, Monash Caulfield Campus.


1. Welcome and Attendance

   Present: A/Prof Angela Carbone, Mr Jason Ceddia, A/Prof Roger Hadgraft, Dr Yvonne Hodgson, Ms Lisa
   Smith, Mr Phillip Dawson, Ms Katherine Lindsay*
   *Attendance via teleconference

   Apologies: Ms Jessica Wong, Dr Jane Bone, A/Prof Leigh Wood, Mr Adrian Devey, Professor Marnie
   Hughes-Warrington, Ms Sally Rogan, Dr Jane Skalicky, Dr Gerry Rayner, Ms Catherine Barratt, Professor
   Peter Stewart, Ms Jill French, Dr Susan Edwards, Dr Wendy Sutherland-Smith.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
   The Reference Group approves the minutes of meeting 10/12/2010 as a true and accurate record.

3. Minutes

   3.1 ALTC fellowship 6-month progress report
       The PATS teaching fellow presented an overview of the report.
       Members commended the report and praised the bi-monthly newsletters with its impact on keeping
       interest in PATS. Members to advise if any other content needs to be contributed to future

   3.2 PATS in 2011
       The fellow outlined that PATS was offered to all faculties at Monash in S1, 2011. The faculties of
       Business & Economics, Pharmacy, Engineering, Information Technology, Arts and Education have
       all accepted the offer with a total of twenty four participants this semester. The faculties of Law,
       Medicine Nursing & Health Sciences, Art & Design and Science have all declined for various
       A member proposed promoting PATS as a method of improving units that could then be used as
       case studies in the departments i.e. not just focusing on units that were in the ‘critical’ area as well as
       having all new units which have been approved by the FEC’s participate in PATS.

   3.3 PATS guide
       The fellow presented the current version of the PATS guide.
       A member suggested making the guide more generic so it could be used at other institutions ie. less
       Monash centric and will be sending comments/changes to Jessica Wong. Roger will also be
       contacted for comment/review of the generic guide.

   3.4 Journal papers
       The fellow outlined the two papers which have been submitted with one recently accepted as a
       refereed paper at the 16 ITiSCE conference [ERA rank A] taking place in Darmstadt, Germany in

       June 2011. The other paper was submitted to HERDSA for the upcoming conference on the Gold
       Coast in July and the outcome will be known on 8 April. The fellow also discussed the Engineering
       paper which is currently in progress.
       Members suggested other possible journals for the submission of the engineering paper, such as
       Journal of Engineering Education [rank A*], International Journal of Engineering Education [rank A]
       and European Journal of Engineering Education [rank A].

   3.5 ALTC Symposium
       The fellow outlined the arrangements for the 2011 ALTC symposium with registrations to be capped
       at 100 but will accept up to 120 people allowing for some non-attendance.
       Kate suggested that a poster session could be held during the Symposium. A request was also
       made to record the keynote presentations and make them available on the PATS (future) website. A
       PAL fellow (Yvonne Hodgson) will contact A/Prof Dianne Waddell of the HERDSA Victorian branch
       to disseminate the symposium information.

   3.6 Extension Grant for PATS
       The fellow explained that the ALTC Fellowship grant finishes at the end of June, 2011 and we are
       currently in the process of applying for an extension grant in order to develop a website for resources
       and run workshops interstate.
       Reference group approved the application of an extension grant.

   3.7 Application for Human Ethics Exemption
       The fellow explained the application in progress for a Human Ethics exemption in order to use
       Monash qualitative data to identify common reoccurring themes for areas of improvement in units.
       Reference group approved the Human Ethics application.

4 Next Meeting
  The final PATS reference group meeting will take place on June 14 at 11.30am in C3.22 Caulfield. The
  meeting will also serve as a debriefing session for the ALTC symposium.


                                 2011 ALTC Symposium Attendees
                                          Tuesday 7th June, 2011
                                         Monash University, Caulfield

                Name                            Institution                              Email
          Mr. Edilson Arenas           Central Queensland University           arenase@mel.cqu.edu.au
          Ms. Carolyn Bailey                Monash University                 carolyn.bailey@monash.edu
         Ms. Catherine Barratt              Monash University                catherine.barratt@monash.edu
            Dr. Anita Barry                 Monash University                  anita.barry@monash.edu
            Ms. Erin Barry                  Monash University                   erin.barry@monash.edu
        Dr. Margaret Bearman                Monash University               margaret.bearman@monash.edu
          Dr. Juliey Beckman                Monash University                juliey.beckman@monash.edu
          Ms. Joan Benjamin                 Monash University                 joan.benjamin@monash.edu
        Ms. Rosemary Bennett                Monash University               rosemary.bennett@monash.edu
         Ms. Tania Blanksby                 La Trobe University                t.blanksby@latrobe.edu.au
            Dr. Jane Bone                   Monash University                   jane.bone@monash.edu
         Prof. Robert Brooks                Monash University                 robert.brooks@monash.edu
          Ms. Alison Brown                   RMIT University                   alison.brown@rmit.edu.au
          Dr. Gavin Buskes                University of Melbourne              buskesgj@unimelb.edu.au
          Dr. Matthew Butler                Monash University                matthew.butler@monash.edu
       A/Prof. Angela Carbone               Monash University                angela.carbone@monash.edu
          Mr. Jason Ceddia                  Monash University                 jason.ceddia@monash.edu
            Dr. Glen Croy                   Monash University                   glen.croy@monash.edu
          Dr. Phillip Dawson                 Deakin University               phillip.dawson@deakin.edu.au
           Mr. Paul Denny               The University of Auckland              paul@cs.auckland.ac.nz
          Mr. Adrian Devey                  Monash University                 adrian.devey@monash.edu
         Ms. Sanchia Draper               University of Melbourne              sdraper@unimelb.edu.au
            Dr. Steve Drew                   Griffith University                 s.drew@griffith.edu.au
          Dr. Daryl D'Souza                  RMIT University                   daryl.dsouza@rmit.edu.au
          Mr. Lloyd England                 Monash University                 lloyd.england@monash.edu
        Ms. Amanda Everaert                 Monash University               amanda.everaert@monash.edu
          Dr. Clive Ferguson            Chisholm Institute of TAFE          clive.ferguson@chisholm.edu.au
          Dr. Nina Fotinatos               University of Ballarat             n.fotinatos@ballarat.edu.au
          Ms. Jamie Fulcher             Chisholm Institute of TAFE           jamie.fulcher@chisholm.edu.au
        A/Prof. Roger Hadgraft            University of Melbourne           roger.hadgraft@unimelb.edu.au
          Dr. Hariz Halilovich              Monash University                hariz.halilovich@monash.edu
        Dr. Margaret Hamilton                RMIT University                margaret.hamilton@rmit.edu.au
        A/Prof. James Harland                RMIT University                  james.harland@rmit.edu.au
         Dr. Yvonne Hodgson                 Monash University              yvonne.hodgson@monash.edu.au
          Ms. Zoia Hristova                 La Trobe University                z.hristova@latrobe.edu.au
    Prof. Marnie Hughes-Warrington          Monash University            marnie.hughes-warrington@monash.edu
           Dr. Robert Jack                 Macquarie University                  rob.jack@mq.edu.au
          Dr. Sarah Jansen                  Monash University                 sarah.jansen@monash.edu
           Ms. Susan Jerie                  La Trobe University                  s.jerie@latrobe.edu.au
            Ms. Jan Jones                   Monash University                 janet.jones@monash.edu.au
       Mr. Prashan Karunaratne             Macquarie University             prashan.karunaratne@mq.edu.au
          Ms. Lindy Kimmins          University of Southern Queensland        Lindy.Kimmins@usq.edu.au
            Dr. Ian Larson                  Monash University                   ian.larson@monash.edu
          Dr. Belinda Lewis                 Monash University                 belinda.lewis@monash.edu
            Ms. Dana Lutat                  Monash University                   dana.lutat@monash.edu
        Ms. Katherine Lindsay             University of Newcastle         katherine.lindsay@newcastle.edu.au

   Dr. Janet Macaulay              Monash University                janet.macaulay@monash.edu
    Dr. Lynne Mayne                Monash University                 lynne.mayne@monash.edu
    Dr. Susan Mayson               Monash University                susan.mayson@monash.edu
   Ms. Leanne McCann               Monash University                leanne.mccann@monash.edu
  Ms. Debbie McCormick             Monash University               debra.mccormick@monash.edu
   Dr. Wendy McKenzie              Monash University                wendy.mckenzie@monash.edu
    Dr. Salut Muhidin            Macquarie University                 Salut.Muhidin@mq.edu.au
     Dr. Kim Murphy                Monash University                  kim.murphy@monash.edu
  A/Prof. Robert Nelson            Monash University                 robert.nelson@monash.edu
   Ms. Wendy Nickson               Monash University                wendy.nickson@monash.edu
    Prof. Andrew Ooi            University of Melbourne                a.ooi@unimelb.edu.au
    Dr. Linda Pannan              La Trobe University                 L.Pannan@latrobe.edu.au
    Ms. Veronica Png               Monash University                 veronica.png@monash.edu
Dr. Prabhakar Ranganathan          Monash University             prabhakar.ranganathan@monash.edu
    Dr. Gerry Rayner               Monash University                 gerry.rayner@monash.edu
    Mr. Alvin Rendell          Chisholm Institute of TAFE           alvin.rendell@chisholm.edu.au
     Ms. Sally Rogan            University of Wollongong                 sally@uow.edu.au
   Dr. Grace Rumantir              Monash University                grace.rumantir@monash.edu
    Ms. Rachel Saffer              Monash University                 rachel.saffer@monash.edu
Ms. Samantha Sevenhuysen            Southern Health            Sam.Sevenhuysen@southernhealth.org.au
    Dr. Hayley Sharp              La Trobe University               Hayley.Sharp@latrobe.edu.au
     Dr. Judy Sheard               Monash University                  judy.sheard@monash.edu
     Mr. Brice Shen             University of Melbourne                bshen@unimelb.edu.au
  Prof. Adam Shoemaker             Monash University               adam.shoemaker@monash.edu
   Ms. Tristana Sidoryn       University of South Australia         tristana.sidoryn@unisa.edu.au
    Dr. Jane Skalicky            University of Tasmania              Jane.Skalicky@utas.edu.au
    Mr. Michael Smith              Monash University                 michael.smith@monash.edu
  Dr. Grace Stankiewicz            Monash University               grace.stankiewicz@monash.edu
   Dr. Bret Stephenson            La Trobe University               B.Stephenson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr. Christopher Thompson           Monash University                chris.thompson@monash.edu
     Ms. Lyn Torres                Monash University                 lynette.torres@monash.edu
     Dr. Sheila Vance              Monash University                 sheila.vance@monash.edu
   Dr. Heather Verkade             Monash University                heather.verkade@monash.edu
    Ms. Cecily Walker               RMIT University                   cecily.walker@rmit.edu.au
   Mr. Geoff Warburton              RMIT University                    geoffw@cs.rmit.edu.au
   Ms. Jennifer Waters            La Trobe University                 j.mahon@latrobe.edu.au
     Dr. Julie Willems         University of New England              Julie.Willems@une.edu.au
     Dr. Keith Willey       University of Technology, Sydney           keith.willey@uts.edu.au
    Mr. Brett Williams             Monash University                 brett.williams@monash.edu
    Ms. Jessica Wong               Monash University                 jessica.wong@monash.edu
   A/Prof. Leigh Wood             Macquarie university                 Leigh.wood@mq.edu.au
     Dr. Sue Wright             University of Melbourne               smwright@unimelb.edu.au
     Ms. Jodie Young              La Trobe University                jodie.young@latrobe.edu.au


             The PATS process


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