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									                            American Industrial Hygiene Association
                                        St. Louis Local Section

   St. Louis AIHA website:                         February 2010
                                                                               NEXT MEETING:
   Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as
   president of the St. Louis AIHA section. We                  Monday, Feb 22nd, 11:30 AM,
   have an exciting year ahead.
   I am sorry to inform you that Joe Costantino will            5201 Southwest Avenue
   be relocating in 2010 and has decided to scale               St Louis, MO 63139-1400
   back his involvement in the board. Elizabeth
   Bussman has agreed to move from third year
   director to fill in for Joe as President-Elect. We           Topic: Saint Louis University’s School of
   hope to see Joe at future meetings until his                 Public Health- Environmental &
   eventual relocation.         Thank you Joe for               Occupational Health Student Panel
   everything you have done in support f the local
                                                                Discussion/ Poster Session

   A big thinks to Elizabeth, as well, for agreeing             Where: Favazza’s – On The Hill
   to serve the chapter as President Elect!
                                                                When: Monday February 22, 2010
   Be sure to attend February’s meeting.                                 11:30 AM - Registration and Networking
   February’s meeting is a new and interesting                           12:00 PM - Lunch
   format. Students from Saint Louis University’s                        12:30 PM – Presentation
   School of Public - Health Environmental &
   Occupational Health will present on a number
                                                                Registrations must be received by Friday Feb. 19
   of current research initiatives.    It is an
   opportunity to stay abreast of current EH&S
   topics being studied by young, soon-to-be                    Click her to register
   professionals.         See      you     there.
                                                                Price: $15 members/ $20 non-members
   Have a great 2010,
                                                                Details: 3 students will present recent
   John Malone,                                                 research:
   President, St. Louis AIHA Local Section
                                                                1) Mala Bedient - "The Use of Geographic
                                                                Information System (GIS) to Predict the Risk
                 INSIDE THIS ISSUE                              of Residential Lead Poisoning in St. Louis
   2   2009 & 2010 Board Members                                2) Brenda Wilkins - " Evaluating the
                                                                Elimination of Household Contaminants"
   3   On-Line Event Registration
                                                                3) Cathy Liu - "Health Risk of PM2.5 to
   2   Local AIHA Dues                                          Children in the City of Shijia Zhuang, China"
   2   Sponsoring Meetings
       16 Annual “Earthquakes: Mean Business”
   3   Seminar – FREE SEMINAR

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2010 AIHA Executive Board                               On-Line Event Registration
      JOHN MALONE, CIH, CSP                             Register for events on-line by simply going to
                 AT&T                                   our web page ( and
             (314) 505-1461
                                                        select Events. This will link you to the Events
                                                        Calendar where you can search the calendar
                                                        for the event of interest. Once there, select the
                                                        event by clicking for a detailed description of
     ELIZABETH BUSSMAN, CIH                             the event. If you wish to register, select the
  Illinois Emergency Management Agency                  “Register for this event” link at the bottom of
             (217) 558-0563                             the page.
  Rhonda Kauffman ,CIH,CSP,CHSP
        Safe Day Consulting, LLC
             (636) 577-5435
            Secretary-Elect                                  Register Now for the 2010 Spring
                Vacant                                       PDC. The event will be held at the
                                                               Ameren UE Headquarters on
                                                              Monday, March 8. Registration
               Treasurer                                      information is on pages 5 & 6.
           Mae Ping Patrick
            BJC HealthCare
             (314) 286-0653
                                        Be sure to check out Aaron
            Past President                                   Trippler’s Happenings on the Hill
                                                             for the latest on EH&S legislation
                                                                        and activities.
             (314) 654-7849
                Director                                                    Happenings-01-21-1
            Brian Powers
             (618) 258-5632
                                                                 Dr. Allen Iske, professor at
          Steve Hacker, CIH                                  University of Central Missouri and
           KV Pharmaceutical                                 presenter at the 2009 AIHA/ASSE
         314-645-6600 X 6580                                  PDC, is running for a position on                                   the national AIHA board. Keep him
                Director                                      in mind when you receive voting
                                                               information for AIHA officers.
             (314) 770-3095

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Annual Dues                                         accurately,” said AIHA President Cathy L.
                                                    Cole, CIH, CSP.
St. Louis AIHA dues for 2009 at the
bargain price of $10! For those who are             “AIHA is also reaching out to our
also members of the national AIHA                   volunteer groups’ via a survey on the
organization, you can pay your local dues           topic,” added David R. Hicks, CIH, CSP,
along with your national. Check “Yes” and           CHMM, AIHA’s Senior Manager of
“Saint Louis” box on the national dues              Volunteer Engagement.
renewal form and under the “Local Section
Membership” section.                                In particular, the agency invites input on
                                                    the following:
AIHA® Hosts Public Forum to                                 What can the agency do to
  Address “OSHA Listens”                                     enhance and encourage the efforts
         Meeting                                             of employers, workers, and unions
                                                             to identify and address workplace
FAIRFAX, VA (January 21, 2010) —                             hazards?
The American Industrial Hygiene                             What are the most important
Association® (AIHA) will hold a                              emerging or unaddressed health
phone-in town hall meeting on                                and safety issues in the
Tuesday, February 2, 2010, at 1 p.m.                         workplace, and what can OSHA do
ET to solicit feedback from its                              to address these?
members as it prepares to attend the                        How can the agency improve its
“OSHA Listens” event where OSHA                              efforts to engage stakeholders in
will obtain information from the                             programs and initiatives?
public on key issues facing the                             What specific actions can the
agency.                                                      agency take to enhance the voice
                                                             of workers in the workplace,
To participate in the town hall                              particularly workers who are hard
meeting, dial 1-866-339-1399                                 to reach, do not have ready
and enter the meeting code                                   access to information about
*1244113*, including the                                     hazards or their rights, or are
asterisk before and after the                                afraid to exercise their rights?
code.                                                       Are there additional measures to
                                                             improve the effectiveness of the
When the Occupational Safety and                             agency's current compliance
Health Administration (OSHA) holds                           assistance efforts and the on-site
its meeting on February 10 in                                consultation program to ensure
Washington, D.C., stakeholders and                           that small businesses have the
others will have the opportunity to                          information needed to provide
present comments and                                         safe workplaces?
recommendations.                                            Given the length and difficulty of
                                                             the current OSHA rulemaking
“AIHA is very excited to be able to                          process, and given the need for
appear and present our thoughts to                           new standards that will protect
OSHA. I am hoping folks will take a                          workers from unaddressed,
few minutes to review the following                          inadequately addressed, and
questions, participate in our town hall                      emerging hazards, are there
meeting, and present comments, so                            policies and procedures that will
we will have a broad view of what to                         decrease the time to issue final
say at this meeting and make sure                            standards so that OSHA may
we are representing our members                              implement needed protections in a
                                                             timely manner?
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As we continue to progress through a               the Busch Student Center on the campus
new information age vastly different               of St. Louis University.
from the environment in which OSHA
was created, what new mechanisms                   This free seminar is a public outreach
or tools can the agency                            offering of the regional geoscience,
                                                   engineering, and emergency management
Sponsoring Meetings                                community. It is an effort to showcase the
We encourage interested parties to                 issue of earthquake hazards and
sponsor our monthly meetings. The                  earthquake risk in the central United States
cost of sponsorship for a lunch or                 and how we can better prepare for it. This
dinner technical meeting is $150. This             seminar is appropriate for anyone
keeps the cost of the meetings                     interested in earthquakes, earthquake risk
reasonable for our members, and helps              and mitigation, emergency management,
pay travel expenses for our highly                 business continuity, or citizen
qualified speakers. In turn, we provide            preparedness.
an opportunity to speak a few words
about your company or organization                 Agenda highlights
and display information. If interested,              7:30 AM     Welcome Desk opens
please contact an Executive Board                    8:00 AM     Exhibit area opens
member for more information.                         8:30 AM     Welcome and Keynote
For St. Louis Local AIHA section                     9:00 AM     General session
website go to:                                     presentations begin            11:45 AM     Lunch break
StLouis/index.htm                                    1:15 PM     Workshops begin
                                                     4:30 PM     Workshops conclude
For Mid-America Local AIHA section
meeting information go to:                         Parking will be available at the Laclede            Garage, which is located at the southwest
midamerica/events.html                             corner of Laclede and Grand (the garage is
                                                   diagonal from the Busch Center). Seminar
                                                   attendees will pay a reduced parking rate
Other programs:                                    of $5.00 for the day.
Register now for the 16th Annual
“Earthquakes: Mean Business”                       Confirmation notices will be sent via e-
Seminar                                            mail within 10 business days following your
                                                   online registration
Online                                             at
Registration link: http://www.gatewayc Online registration is            Questions concerning the seminar may be
required in the event of last-minute               sent to
changes to venue, parking
arrangements, program, etc.                        In the past this course has received AIHA
                                                   CM points. Points will be applied for again
The 16th Annual “Earthquakes: Mean                 this year.
Business” Seminar will take place
Friday, February 5, 2010, from 8:30 AM
to 4:30 PM in St. Louis, Mo. Due to the
continued growth in popularity of this
seminar, we have moved to a larger
venue. The 2010 seminar will be held in
the Wool Ballroom on the lower level of
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