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blogger_hires by abobasel1994


									Set Up Your Own Blog Using Blogger
Lloyd Borrett explains how to set up your own blog / home page
on your Melb PC Internet Service using Blogger

                                                                                                   The First Step to Your
                  logs are reshaping the Web, im-       The blogging experience is about not
                  pacting politics, shaking up          only putting your thoughts onto the        Own Blog
                  journalism, and enabling mil-         Web, but hearing back from and con-
           lions of people to have a voice and          necting with, other like-minded            If you have an account with an
           connect with others.                         people. Comments enable readers of         Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as
                                                        your Web site from all over the world,     Melb PC, chances are that you already
           What’s a Blog?                               to provide feedback on what you            have, or have rights to, some Web
                                                        share on your blog. You can choose         hosting space, and all of the resources
           A blog is an easy-to-use Web site,           whether or not to allow users to leave     you need to setup your own Web site
           where you can quickly post your              comments on a post-by-post basis           and/or blog. However, most people
           thoughts, interact with people, and          (and you can delete anything you           don’t utilise these resources and don’t
           more.                                        don’t like). You have more power over      set up either a Web site and/or a blog
                                                        your publishing efforts than Rupert        because of the learning curve they
           A blog is a personal diary. A daily pul-     Murdoch or Kerry Packer!                   fear is involved.
           pit. A collaborative space. A political
           soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A           It’s Easy! It’s Free!                      There is a fair bit to learn if you do
           collection of links. Your own private                                                   want to build your own Web site in
           thoughts. Memos to the world.                Anyone with access to an Internet          any of the traditional ways. But there
                                                        browser and e-mail address can have        is almost nothing to learn if you want
           Your blog is whatever you want it to         their own blog for free. If you can use    just a blog, or are prepared to use a
           be. There are millions of them, in all       a browser and fill in online forms, then   blog as your Web site home page, as
           shapes and sizes, and there are no real      you can operate your own blog. You         thousands of people do.
           rules.                                       don’t have to learn HTML. You don’t
                                                        have to learn how to design, code,         Even if you don’t have Web site space
           In simple terms, a blog is a Web site,       build and manage a Web site. You just      available from your ISP, there are many
           where you write stuff on an ongoing          need to have some information and/         providers like Blogger who have an
           basis. New stuff shows up at the top,        or thoughts that you would like to         option where they will host your blog
           so your visitors can read what’s new.        share with others.                         for you. So now you have no excuse
           Then they comment on it, or link to                                                     not to get started.
           it, or e-mail you, or not.                   There are numerous free blog man-
                                                        agement and hosting options                Your first step is to simply decide that
           Why Have a Blog?                             available on the Internet. Many have       you want to have a blog, and then
                                                        extremely easy to use browser inter-       point your browser to <http://www.
           As Rebecca Blood said in “The Weblog         faces. The one I use and recommend is>.
           Handbook”, “There are as many kinds          Blogger, at <>.
           of blogs as there are kinds of people, but                                              Setting Up a Blog via
           there are only three motivations for keep-   Blogger was started by Pyra Labs in        Melb PC
           ing one: information sharing, reputation     August of 1999. In February 2003,
           building, and personal expression. And       Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. So       Relatively few subscribers to Melb
           though any one of these may be the pri-      there is a fair chance that Blogger will   PC’s Internet Services have created
           mary reason for a blog, no one maintains     be around for quite some time. In-         their own Web site and home page.
           a blog for any length of time without        deed, Blogger has gone ahead in leaps      And then only a small handful of those
           eventually doing all three.”                 and bounds since getting the re-           members have established a blog.
                                                        sources of Google behind it.

10                                                                                                              PC Update, August 2004
Well the rest of this article is a sim-    (Those of you with a different ISP will       As you see, Blogger promotes the fact
ple, step-by-step guide to setting up      need some additional information.             that you can create your own blog in
your own blog on the Melb PC               Please read through the rest of these         just three easy steps — and so you
Internet Service using Blogger.            instructions and take note of what            can — but to set up a more functional
                                           you’ll need to find out. Then ask your        blog on the Melb PC Internet Service
The only real decision you have to         ISP.)
make is to choose between:
                                           From here on...
1. Having your blog as your home
   page, or                                The rest of this article is a step-by-
2. Having your blog as a separate          step guide to the process of setting
   Web page within your existing           up a Blogger Advanced Blog. The
   Melb PC Web space.                      standard Blogger setup process leaves
                                           you with Blogger hosting your blog,
If you don’t already have a Web site       and then some blog facilities are not
hosted by Melb PC, and are never           available to you.
likely to do so, then you should
choose option 1.                           Melb PC Internet Service users, or
                                           those of you with Web space provided
If you already have a home page and        by another ISP, are better served by the
Web site hosted by Melb PC, and you        Advanced Blog option from Blogger.
want to keep it, then choose option        With an Advanced Blog, Blogger main-
2. If you want to switch to running        tains a database of everything in your           Figure 1. The Blogger Home Page — Start to create your blog here.
your Web site in a much easier man-        blog, and it publishes the static HTML
ner, choose option 1.                      pages and site feed file that the world
                                           can use to read your blog, into your
If you are with some other ISP that        own existing Web space.
also provides some Web space, then
you can still follow this step-by-step     The Advanced Blog setup process re-
guide. However, you’ll need to make        quires a few steps more than does the
a few changes along the way. Don’t         standard blog setup. Even then you
worry, I’ll refer to them.                 are left with a functional blog, but
                                           without some nice features activated.
What You’ll Need To
Know Before You Start                      In the rest of this article, I provide easy
                                           setup instructions and explanations,
You’ll need to know your Melb PC           which if followed correctly in the or-
Internet Service username and pass-        der given, will leave you with a blog
word. That’s it!                           and/or home page fully functioning
                                           with the features I believe most of you         Figure 2. Create An Account — Blogger needs to know who you are.
You need to know whether or not            would desire to have in place. Even if
your Web space on the Melb PC              Blogger was to change aspects of the
Internet Service has already been set      setup process sometime in the future,
up for you. If not, you should go to       reading through these instructions
the “Melb PC Internet Service Mes-         and understanding them should help
sage Of The Day” page at <http://          you to easily set up your own Blogger>, and se-          based blog.
lect the “Web Page Registration” option
in the list of useful links on the right   Setup Instructions
hand side of the page. This should
take you to the “Melb PC Members           Step 1. Blogger Home Page
Web Page Registration” page where
you can register to have Web page          Connect to the Internet and point
space.                                     your browser at <http://www.
                                 >. You should soon see
If you have already done this, then you    the Blogger Home Page displayed. See
are ready to proceed.                      Figure 1.
                                                                                           Figure 3. Name Your Blog — Just choose the Advanced Blog Setup.

PC Update, August 2004                                                                                                                                   11
                      requires the Advanced Blog Setup             Click on the “Create Your Blog Now”         First fill in the Blog Details section.
                      process which takes a few more steps.        option.
                      Hence I decided to write this step-by-                                                   Enter a suitable ”Blog title” for your
                      step guide for you.                          Step 2. Create An Account                   blog, eg. “Lloyd’s Melb PC Blog”.

                                                                   You should now see the “Create an           You can choose to have your blog
                                                                   account” page. See Figure 2.                listed or unlisted. I recommend select-
                                                                                                               ing “Listed”.
                                                                   Take your time and fill in the details.
                                                                                                               Now fill in the Server Details section.
                                                                   For “Choose a user name:”, I recommend
                                                                   you use your Melb PC username, eg.          For those hosting their blog via
                                                                   “lborrett”, if it’s available on Blogger.   Melb PC, the “FTP Server” name is
                                                                                                               “”. If you are us-
                                                                   For “Enter a password:”, I recommend        ing another ISP, then you will need to
                                                                   you use your Melb PC password. Then         find out their FTP server name.
                                                                   it’s one less different password for you
                                                                   to remember.                                For “Protocol”, select “FTP”.

                                                                   For “Display name:”, just type in your      Leave the “FTP path” blank.
                                                                   own name, eg. “Lloyd Borrett”.
Figure 4. Advanced Blog Setup — Provide your blog and FTP server
details.                                                                                                       If you want your blog to be your
                                                                   For “E-mail address:”, enter your           Melb PC home page, then for the “Blog
                                                                   Melb PC e-mail address, eg.                 filename” enter “index.html”. If you al-
                                                                   ””, or some           ready have a home page and want
                                                                   other e-mail address that you prefer.       your blog to be a separate page as
                                                                                                               I did, then enter a new unique
                                                                   Accept the terms.                           filename, eg. “blogger.html”. If you are
                                                                                                               using another ISP, and want your blog
                                                                   Click on the big “Continue” button at       to be your home page, then you’re
                                                                   the bottom of the page.                     going to have to find out from your
                                                                                                               ISP what their default home page
                                                                   Step 3. Name Your Bog                       filename is.

                                                                   The “Name your blog” page should            For Melb PC Internet Service users,
                                                                   now be displayed. See Figure 3.             the “Blog URL” takes the form “http://
                                                                                                     < your
                                                                   If you are going to host your blog via      username>/<blog file name>”, eg.
                                                                   Melb PC or another ISP, ignore the          ”
Figure 5a. Choose a Template — Pick a template that matches your
image.                                                             details at the top of the page and just     blogger.html”. If you are with a differ-
                                                                   click on the “Advanced Blog Setup” link     ent ISP, figure it out!
                                                                   in the Advanced Setup section.
                                                                                                               Click on the “Continue” button at the
                                                                   If you want Blogger to host your blog,      bottom of the page.
                                                                   then fill in the details at the top of
                                                                   this page, and click on “Continue”.         Step 5. Choose a Template

                                                                   The rest of these instructions are for      You should now see the “Choose a
                                                                   those who choose “Advanced Blog             Template” page. See Figure 5a.
                                                                   Setup”. However, parts of these instruc-
                                                                   tions may also be useful to those who       Take all of the time you want to de-
                                                                   choose the Blogger hosting option.          cide on the template that best reflects
                                                                                                               your personality, then select a tem-
                                                                   Step 4. Advanced Blog Setup                 plate. For the purpose of this article,
                                                                                                               I have chosen the default “Minima”
                                                                   The “Advanced Blog Setup” page              template by Douglas Bowman.
                                                                   should now be displayed. See Figure 4.
Figure 5b. Creating Your Blog.

12                                                                                                                          PC Update, August 2004
Then scroll down to the bottom of the        should be already set using the vales
page and click on the “Continue” but-        you gave in Step 4.
                                             Scroll down to the bottom of the
Blogger displays a page that animates        page.
while creating your blog. See Figure
5b, Creating Your Blog.                      For the ”FTP username:” option, enter
                                             your Melb PC Internet service
If everything has gone okay, you             username, eg. “lborrett”.
should then see the “Your blog has
been created!” page. See Figure 5c.          For the ”FTP password:” option, enter
                                             your Melb PC Internet service pass-
Click on the “Start Posting” button.         word.

Step 6. Settings – Basic                     Providing these values here gives
                                             Blogger the information needed to
                                                                                                                                 Figure 5c. Your Blog Created.
You should now see the “Create New           logon to the Melb PC Internet server
Post” page. See Figure 6a.                   and update your blog when necessary.
                                             If you choose to not enter these de-
You could now just create your first         tails here, then you will be asked by
post and go for it. However, I recom-        Blogger for them every time you up-
mend you first step through the “Settings”   date your blog. If you don’t provide
options with me to fine tune a few           these details you won’t be able to post
things and make your blog more useful.       to your blog via e-mail.

Click on the “Settings” tab near the top     For the ”Ping” option,
of the page.                                 select “Yes”. Blogger will then ping
                                   , <http://www.weblogs
You should now see the “Settings —           .com>, when you update your blog.
Basic” page. See Figure 6b.                  Then can tell the world
                                             that your blog has been updated.
Want to change your blog ”Title”? This
is where you do it.                          Click on the “Save Settings” button.
                                             The page will refresh and you should
If you want to, type in a short ”De-         be told that “Settings Were Saved Suc-
scription” of your blog.                     cessfully”.                                         Figure 6a. Create New Post — You could start posting to your
                                                                                                    blog, but we will go through some more setup options first.

I recommend selecting “Yes” for the          Next, click on the “Formatting” tab at
“Add your blog to our listings?” option.     the top of the Web page.
It’s one of the best ways to get the
fact that your blog exists known to          Step 8. Settings – Formatting
the rest of the world.
                                             You should now see the Blogger “Set-
Now, click on the “Save Settings” but-       tings Formatting” page. See Figure 8.
ton. The page will refresh and you
should be told that “Settings Were           You can do as you like on this page.
Saved Successfully”.
                                             If you are planning to post entries to
Next, click on the “Publishing” tab.         your blog frequently, you might
                                             choose to stay with the default value
Step 7. Settings – Publishing                of “7 days” for ”Show”. Otherwise,
                                             maybe increase it to a value of say 30
You should now see the Blogger “Set-         days, or 10 posts.
                                                                                       Figure 6b. Settings Basic — Make sure you tell Blogger to list your blog.
tings Publishing” page displayed. See
Figure 7.                                    I recommend changing the following        Change ”Date Language” to “English
                                             settings:                                 (Australia)”.
The “FTP Server”, “Blog URL”, “FTP           Change ”Time Zone” to “[GMT 10] Aus-
Path” and “Blog Filename” values             tralia/Melbourne”.                        Change ”Show Link Field” to “Yes”.

PC Update, August 2004                                                                                                                                      13
                       Then click on the “Save Settings” but-             Next, click on the “Comments” tab at       For the ”Archive Filename”, entering
                       ton. The page will refresh and you                 the top of the Web page.                   “achive.html” should be just fine.
                       should be told that “Settings Were
                       Saved Successfully”.                               Step 9. Settings – Comments                Then at the end of each archive fre-
                                                                                                                     quency period (eg. month), Blogger
                                                                          The Blogger “Settings Comments”            will create a new file of the form
                                                                          page should now be displayed. See          “2004_07_archive.htm” in the main
                                                                          Figure 9.                                  directory of your Web site, and repub-
                                                                                                                     lish all of your blog with links to the
                                                                          You can choose to enable your blog         new archive file added. You could cre-
                                                                          readers to be able to leave comments,      ate a subdirectory on your Web site
                                                                          or not.                                    to put these files in. That’s what
                                                                                                                     the”Archive Path” and ”Archive URL”
                                                                          I recommend you leave the default          settings are for. But I recommend you
                                                                          setting for ”Comments”, ie. ”Show”.        keep it simple, especially if your blog
                                                                                                                     is going to be your home page.
                                                                          For ”Who Can Comment?”, I’m happy
                                                                          for ”Anyone” to be able to leave com-      When you’ve made your changes,
                                                                          ments on my blog. It is a facility that    click on the “Save Settings” button.
                                                                          is rarely abused by others.                The page will refresh and you should
Figure 7. Settings Publishing — Providing your FTP server login details                                              be told that “Settings Were Saved Suc-
here makes your blog far easier to run.                                   For “Default for Posts” I recommend        cessfully”.
                                                                          ”New Posts Have Comments”. You can
                                                                          chose to allow or disallow comments        Next, click on the “Site Feed” tab at
                                                                          as you create each post to your blog.      the top of the Web page.
                                                                          This setting is just used to specify the
                                                                          default action.                            Step 11. Settings – Site Feed

                                                                          The main thing to do on this page is       The Blogger “Settings Site Feed” page
                                                                          to fill in your e-mail address so that     should now be displayed. See Figure 11.
                                                                          you are notified when comments are
                                                                          posted. Enter your e-mail address as       Blogger can publish an Atom site feed
                                                                          the ”Comment Notification Address”,        every time your blog is updated. This
                                                                          e.g. ””.             syndicated content feed is an XML for-
                                                                                                                     mat file that can then be accessed by
                                                                          Then click on the “Save Settings” but-     other Web sites, or used by users to
                                                                          ton. The page will refresh and you         give them automated access to your
                                                                          should be told that “Settings Were         blog contents via a feed reader and/
Figure 8. Settings Formatting — We are Australians not Americans, and     Saved Successfully”.                       or aggregator.
Blogger lets us show it.
                                                                          Next, click on the “Archiving” tab at      You may have noticed RSS buttons
                                                                          the top of the Web page.                   appearing on many Web sites in re-
                                                                                                                     cent times. These are links to the
                                                                          Step 10. Settings – Archiving              sites’ RSS format site feeds. Atom is a
                                                                                                                     new format for syndicating content
                                                                          The Blogger “Settings Archiving” page      that is intended to replace RSS, which
                                                                          should now be displayed. See Figure 10.    Blogger has chosen to support. See
                                                                                                                     the knowledge base and help infor-
                                                                          I recommend the following settings.        mation on the Blogger Web site, or
                                                                                                                     the Atom Enabled Web site, <http://
                                                                          For ”Archive Frequency ”, select >, for more
                                                                          ”Monthly”.                                 details.

                                                                          For ”Enable Post Pages”, select ”Yes”.     On my personal Web site at <http://
                                                                                                           >, I use the
                                                                          Leave both the ”Archive Path” and ”Ar-     ”SmartFeed” service from FeedBurner,
Figure 9. Settings Comments — Allowing others to comment on your          chive URL” blank.                          <>, to
blog posts is a powerful communications tool.                                                                        make my Atom site feed from Blogger

14                                                                                                                                PC Update, August 2004
available automatically in all of the       take the form “http://member.melbpc
major content syndication formats.<your username>/<site
But setting that up is something I          feed filename>”, e.g. ”http://member.
don’t intend to go into here. Let’s”. If
keep this simple. But know it can be        you are with a different ISP, figure it
done.                                       out!

If you haven’t yet started to use a feed    When you’ve made your changes,
reader/aggregator, then I recommend         click on the “Save Settings” button.
you try the free “Personal Edition” of      The page will refresh and you should
“Awasu”, which can be downloaded            be told that “Settings Were Saved Suc-
from <>.                cessfully”.
Awasu is a free Windows-based news-
reader. It can be setup to run in the       Next, click on the “Email” tab at the
background on your computer and             top of the Web page.
monitor the Web site feeds you have
asked it to, while you are connected        Step 12. Settings – Email                  Figure 10. Settings Archiving — Give your readers easy access to your
                                                                                                                                                older posts.
to the Internet. Or you can just run it
when you so choose like any other           The Blogger “Settings Email” page
program, and ask it to search for up-       should now be displayed. See Figure 12.
dated feed content, just as you would
tell your e-mail program to go get new      I like to have Blogger send me an
e-mail. Awasu will keep track of what       e-mail of each post when it is pub-
you have already read, which saves          lished. I then save them in my e-mail
you even more time since you no             program as a backup should Blogger
longer need to search through your          ever lose my information. You can’t
favourite sites for new stories.            have too many precautions and
                                            backup processes in place!
Awasu is a Melbourne based company,
so if you like the free version and think   Enter your e-mail address as
you would enjoy the additional fea-         the ”BlogSend Address”, eg.
tures of the “Advanced Edition”, pay        ””.
the US$25 to buy it and thus help to
support local developers.                   Blogger also supports you posting to
                                                                                             Figure 11. Settings Site Feed — Share your blog with others via
                                            your blog via e-mail. If you enter a
                                                                                                                syndicated content readers and aggregators.
It’s a really cool thing to have a site     value for the ”Mail-to-Blogger Address”,
feed these days, and if you follow the      you enable this feature. The total
rest of the instructions in this step you   e-mail          address,            e.g.
will have one. (See, not only is this       ”” be-
whole process simple, it’s leading          comes the e-mail address you use to
edge as well!)                              do the blog posting. You should keep
                                            this e-mail address very secure, as any-
For ”Publish Site Feed”, select ”Yes”.      one with it can post to your blog.

For ”Descriptions”, I recommend you         When you’ve made your changes,
select ”Full”.                              click on the “Save Settings” button.
                                            The page will refresh and you should
You only need to specify the ”Site Feed     be told that “Settings Were Saved Suc-
Path” if you want to put the site feed      cessfully”.
file into a different subdirectory on
you Web site. I recommend you leave         The Members settings section can be
it blank.                                   used to set up members to a closed
                                                                                         Figure 12. Settings Email — Get notified when your blog is updated,
                                            blog. But that’s not what we’re inter-                                                      and post via e-mail.
For the ”Site Feed Filename”, leaving it    ested in doing here, so we will skip
as ”atom.xml” is recommended.               that.                                      Click on the “Back to Dashboard” op-
                                                                                       tion at the very top of the “Settings
For Melb PC Internet Service users the                                                 Email” page.
”Site Feed URL” should be changed to

PC Update, August 2004                                                                                                                                  15
                         Step 13. Edit Your Profile                        Click on the “Edit Profile” option near    should enter it here. Or if your blog
                                                                           the top of the right column.               is about to become your home
                         The Blogger “Dashboard” page should                                                          page, enter that URL, eg. ”http://
                         now be displayed. See Figure 13a.                 The Blogger “Edit User Profile” page
                                                                           should now be displayed. See Figure        index.html”.
                                                                                                                      If you have an instant messaging ad-
                                                                           Now select the required Privacy set-       dress, feel free to enter it.
                                                                           tings for your user profile.
                                                                                                                      Fill in the Location, Work and
                                                                           I recommend selecting all three. That      Extended Info sections as you so
                                                                           is, ”Share my profile”, ”Share my real     choose.
                                                                           name” and ”Share my e-mail address”.
                                                                                                                      Scroll down to the bottom of the page
                                                                           In the Identity section, enter your        and click on the ”Save Profile” button.
                                                                           ”First Name” and ”Last Name” values.       The page will refresh and you should
                                                                                                                      be told that “Your Settings Have Been
                                                                           You can add a photograph of yourself       Saved”.
                                                                           to your profile in two ways. If you have
                                                                           a photograph of yourself stored some-      Click on the ”Back To: Dashboard” link
                                                                           where on the Web, eg. on your              at the top left of the page.
                                                                           existing Web space, you can enter a
Figure 13a. Dashboard.
                                                                           link to it in the Photograph section       Step 14. Publish Your First
                                                                           to add it to your profile., eg. ”http://   Post
                                                                           2002.jpg”. Or, you can try the free        The Blogger “Dashboard” page should
                                                                           photo hosting option offered by            now be displayed. See Figure 13a.
                                                                                                                      Congratulations, your blog should
                                                                           In the General section, specify your       now be setup and ready to roll. The
                                                                           ”Gender” and ”Birthday”. Blogger           time has come to publish your first
                                                                           doesn’t actually display your birthday     post and find out if everything is okay.
                                                                           to anyone. They simply use it to show      Exciting, isn’t it? Remember, the fol-
                                                                           your astrological sign and the Chinese     lowing steps are all you need to do
                                                                           animal of your birth year. The birth-      to add a post to you blog in the fu-
                                                                           day format required is Month / Day /       ture. This is how easy the ongoing
                                                                           Year. It isn’t specified and the exam-     publishing of your blog will be.
                                                                           ple on the page is ambiguous.
                                                                                                                      From the “Dashboard” page, click on
                                                                           For the ”Home Page URL” value, those       your blog name in the list of Blogs,
Figure 13b. Edit User Profile — Tell the world more about yourself here.   of you with an existing home page          eg. ”Lloyd’s Melb PC Blog”.

                                                                                                                      The Blogger “Manage Posts” page
                                                                                                                      should now be displayed.
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          McGuigan’s                                  Mail order a speciality – Delivered nation-wide                 ton.

              Notebooks Galore
                                                                                                                      The Blogger “Create New Post” page
                                                                                                                      should now be displayed. See Figure

                                                Small, portable, Notebook Ink Jet Printers                            Enter a ”Title” for your post, eg. ”My
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16                                                                                                                                 PC Update, August 2004
You could preview the post, save it as     via e-mail if you enabled that option
a draft, or play with more post op-        in Step 12.
tions. But let’s save that for another
time.                                      If you chose to have Blogger send you
                                           an e-mail of your post in Step 12, then
Now is the time to bite the bullet and     check to see that the message has ar-
really see if everything is setup prop-    rived. If you enabled the post to your
erly.                                      blog using e-mail option in Step 12,
                                           then send an e-mail to that address
Click on the ”Publish Post” button.        and see how your blog updates.

If you didn’t specify your FTP Server      If you already have a Web site, now is
username and password sign in de-          the time to add a link to your new
tails back in Step 7, Blogger will ask     blog somewhere on your Web pages.
for them here. Just enter them and
click on the ”Login” button. Microsoft     To see the blog I created whilst writ-
                                                                                             Figure 14a. Create New Post — This is where you add a post.
Windows may give you an                    ing this article for you, check out
“AutoComplete” dialogue box. I sug-        <
gest you answer “Yes”.                     ~lborrett/blogger.html>.

Blogger will now display its “Publish-     To see my real blog, please feel free
ing is in progress” page. See Figure       to visit <
14b.                                       sight/lrb-blog.htm>, or point your
                                           syndicated content reader, eg. Awasu,
If something goes wrong, Blogger will      to <
display a “Publishing failed” page. Just   lrb-blog-atom.xml>. As you can see
go back though each of the steps in        from my real blog, there is much more
this article, checking everything care-    that you can do with Blogger should
fully as you go, and then try again.       you choose to do so. I have built my
                                           own template so that my blog fits in
But if everything worked okay, as it       with the rest of my Web site. Plus, I
should, Blogger will display the “Your     have added some additional features.
blog published successfully” page.
See Figure 14c.                            However, if you want to keep it sim-                 Figure 14b. Blogger informs you — Publishing in Progress.
                                           ple, then the heavy lifting is complete
You Have a Blog                            and from here on in it’s smooth sail-
                                           ing. I told you it was easy to setup a
Eureka! Your blog is now a happen-         blog. It’s even easier to run it, so I’m
ing thing!                                 not going to even bother to cover that
                                           in this article.
If you click on the ”View Details” op-
tion, you will see the names of the        Conclusion
four files that Blogger transferred to
create your blog. One file each for the    Think of the powerful tool you now
blog page, the first archive page, the     have at your disposal. You can easily
page for the first post, plus the Atom     post to your blog from anywhere in
site feed file. But enough of the tech-    the world via the Web or e-mail.
nical details.
                                           But your blog is not a one-way street.
Click on ”View Blog” to see your new       Others that share your interests can
blog or home page. See Figure 15.          leave comments about each post you
                                           make. You can even give others the                                      Figure 14c. Your blog is now published.
Pretty, isn’t it? See how easy that was.   ability to add posts to your blog.
You can now run your own blog or                                                      the Melb PC interest groups sets up a
home page by simply getting onto the       Thus a blog is a far more powerful         blog, it would be far easier for the
Internet, logging into Blogger and cre-    communication and community build-         conveners and members of the inter-
ating, editing or deleting posts. You      ing tool that a simple Web site of         est groups to share their events and
can even post an entry into your blog      static pages. For example, if each of      thoughts with each other, the wider

PC Update, August 2004                                                                                                                                17


Figure 15. First Blog Page — Your new blog should look something like

                      Melb PC membership, and the whole                 on. The possibilities are endless and   About the Author
                      world. Plus with the site feeds avail-            yet so simple to put in place.
                      able, it would be simple for each of                                                      Lloyd Borrett,, is
                      us to stay in touch with the areas that           There is now no excuse for Melb PC      the founder, inaugural president and
                      interest us via our feed readers. The             Internet service users not to have      a life member of Melb PC. Check out
                      Melb PC Web site could have an area               their own blogs. So give it a go, and   Lloyd’s personal Web site at <http://
                      where the interest group site feeds               then sit back and enjoy your new blog> for more infor-
                      are aggregated, and everyone can eas-             and/or home page!                       mation.                            o
                      ily stay in touch with what is going

18                                                                                                                          PC Update, August 2004

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