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									Environment friendly initiatives are getting more
 pronounced these days. This is because the
reality of global warming phenomenon is being
   felt everywhere. One of the culprits of the
  current environmental woes is the harmful
   carbon emissions. These substances are
 released to the environment each time fossil
          fuel-based electricity is used.

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  As responsible Earth dwellers, preserving the planet rests upon the
inhabitants shoulders Turning your home or real estate property more
eco-friendly is a must There are a number of ways that people can attain
this noble thrust such as: Harnessing solar energy This is one of the
best ways to help the planet Solar power is a free resource Installing
solar panels at the roof or wall of the house or an apartment for sale can
harness electricity coming from the sun
 This does not only reduce monthly electricity usage and bills, it also
reduces the carbon emissions by at least 1 ton per household per year
Most solar panels last for 40 years This means 40 tons of carbon dioxide
saved from the environment Governments provide incentives to homes
that install solar panels This will cover installation and maintenance costs
 Over time, the amount of money saved from monthly electricity bills and
the numerous tax incentives enjoyed by the property owner will be more
than enough to cover for the installation costs of solar panels
  Buy energy saving appliances If installing solar panels is not a priority,
then doing minor home adjustments will do Buying appliances with
Energy Star logo or have Energy Efficient Ratio over 10 can be the next
best move Use fluorescent compact bulbs instead of standard light
bulbs Fluorescent bulbs are not only eco-friendly and consume 2/3 less
power; they also last 6 to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs This
means lesser number of light bulbs thrown to the landfills
  Energy-efficient LED or LCD computer monitors also help save energy
by up to 100 Kwh of energy annually Replacing desktop computers with
laptops also reduce power consumption A desktop requires 130 watts to
run while a laptop with the same features affordable furniture only needs
15 watts Geothermal heat pumps Energy use is reduced by up to 44
percent if geothermal heat pumps are utilized The heat pumps make use
of thermal heat emanating from the Earth for heating or cooling purposes
 It heats or cools both home space and water The pumps generally
reduce energy consumption by up to four times Installing these pumps
could be pricier because they need to be drilled But the cost of installing
can be offset by the Energy Efficient Mortgage available to homes with
geothermal systems Also, lower monthly electricity bills can help recoup
installation costs Repairing leaking duct system, responsible for air
heating and cooling, also conserves energy
 Leaking ducts can cause a lot of energy wastage It is responsible for 50
to 70 percent decrease of energy efficiency in homes Fixing leaking duct
systems in homes alone can save a total of 90 billion Kwh of power in the
US Install modern energy-efficient windows New windows provide
sufficient insulation to keep the house cool or hot using lesser energy
consumption If replacing old windows is beyond the budget, replacing
the window sash will do
 A house for sale also looks more attractive with new window frames or
sash Pipe insulation Insulating pipes will preserve hot water as it
travels through the pipes Pipes that are not insulated will lose the heat
causing the system to compensate by using excess power to heat water
some more This means additional energy consumption
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