Proactive and Reactive Fear, Which one rule the Corporate by drsranganathan


									Do the corporate world knows the meaning of the following words viz.,

   1.      Proactive fear

   2.      Reactive fear

They can understand and appreciate the meaning of the above terms only if they
compare the behaviour and conduct of the corporate man with the behaviour of all
animals in the jungle.

Proactive fear has its own advantage and disadvantage as well. Before one attempts to
know the advantages and disadvantages, the real and contextual meaning of the above
terms has to be understood well.

The term ‘proactive fear’ means, the fear that drives an action or the fear as an offshoot
of an action. In this case, the ‘fear’ plays the centre stage role and that makes the
owner to display an array of actions.

On the other hand, the ‘reactive fear’ means, the birth of such actions are due to fear
and because of fear. If someone shouts loudly after seeing a deadly venomous snake,
such actions are called ‘reactive fear’. If someone refuses to come out because of the
fear of poisonous snakes, such actions or behavioural responses are called ‘proactive

Fear as a cause for the actions can be seen in the former case, while, the actions are as a
consequence of the fear is what can be seen in the later case.

Look at the corporate scenario and carefully reflects the cause of all commotions and
chaos between people, be at the boss-subordinate or at the peer level. The origin of
most of the ‘corporate conflicts’ are born out of ‘proactive fear’.

Perception and imagination ‘rules and ruins’ the human behaviour and his culture in
most corporate. The ‘proactive fear’ ‘over writes and out wit’ all the truths and facts
and what become the ‘fact or truth’ at the end is the ‘proactive fear’.

All life forms are expected to display certain actions due to ‘reactive fear’ when they are
threatened or their life is in danger.

No animal in the jungle (not the animals that live in human vicinity) is ever known to
have displayed any action that is triggered by ‘proactive fear’. If the ‘proactive fear’
were the rule of the jungle life, never a deer or other prey animals would have preferred
to co-exist with lions and other predators in any forest ecosystem. Evolution has
prescribed its law so wisely and hence the ‘art of living’ and ‘art of co-existence’ can be
seen more in jungle than in the corporate world.
The human resource (HR) function in the corporate must know the behavioural
elements of human mind and accordingly they have to play their role. In the bizarre
corporate setups that are largely governed by ‘single man’ known to synthesize and
manufacture ‘proactive fear’ in the corporate. Hence the HR in such corporate has an
arduous task.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

Learn more from the management book – ‘Jungle wisdom for corporate management
– lessons from the university of nature’ by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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