Symptoms Of Oral Lichen Planus And How To Treat It

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					                  Symptoms Of Oral Lichen Planus And How To Treat It

                                             Many people mistakenly think a disease is lichen
                                            planus when it is lichen planus oral. Both are similar, but
                                            they are not the same. Even the symptoms and the
                                            overall condition are similar; so are the treatments. As
                                            its name suggests, oral lichen planus will mainly occur
                                            in the mouth. Meanwhile, lichen planus is a two-fold
                                            condition. It can happen either as skin lesions or mouth
                                            lesions. The mucous membrane of the mouth will be
                                            inflamed or it will swell. There are many different forms
                                            of these lesions. Sometimes, it will be seen as lacy
                                            patches. The color is normally white. In some cases, the
                                            lesions are clustered together. Chain-like or bead-like
patterns are not also unusual in these lesions. There are some people whose mouth will have
swollen tissues. The color could range from light pink to full out red. There will also be open sores
in the mouth, which will be quite painful. There might also be a burning sensation in severe cases.
If you notice the symptoms becoming worse as time passes by, it would be wise to consult with a
doctor. If you leave it unattended, the open sores and the cluster of papules or lesions will multiply
as time passes. You would risk more pain and the swelling would grown worse, even redder and
uglier. Even the seemingly mundane acts of yawning and talking will take quite a lot of trouble.
You will be under a lot of discomfort and pain that your will lose all your focus and concentration,
especially when you need it most.

The transferability of oral lichen planus from person to person is being questioned. It cannot be
transferred from one person to another. Oral lichen planus can result whenever the immune
system weakens. Then the important cells in the mouth could also be under attack. The effect will
be most visible in the mucous membrane. The exact reason for such an attack is not clear.

It is also usual for people with mouth lesions or oral lichen planus to experience a metallic taste in
their mouth. This would last for quite a long period. They will also experience having dry mouth. It
becomes difficult to swallow food. This becomes especially true when the throat also gets affected.
It is possible for the esophagus to also develop lesions. Bleeding occurs quite rarely. Since there
are good treatment options, you need not be worried, when there is itching and bleeding.

The best treatment would be something that would help suppress the immune system. It will both
provide pain relief and avoid the development of new lesions. Lichen planus could also appear in
the form of lesions on the skin, genitals and scalp. Even the nails regions can get affected. Scalp
lesions could also result to the person suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss. When the
toe nails and finger nails are affected, there will be excessive splitting and nail loss. You will
normally find purple colored bumps in skin lesions. They will also have flat tops. Excessive itching
is also involved.

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