Lot 1 2 3 2 Shelves of assorted books

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					Lot                                                   30   3 framed prints

      A collection of vintage camera's inc Kodak
                                                      31   A wooden box containing oil lamp chimneys
 1     (one shelf)
                                                      32   A wooden boot jack
      A collection of vintage camera's inc Kodak
 2    (one shelf)                                     33   A Cherub bird bath
 3    2 Shelves of assorted books
                                                      34   2 large framed pictures
 4    A large quantity of tools (3 shelves)
                                                      35   A quantity of pictures and plaques
 5    A video recorder and a music centre
                                                      36   A large framed print and 2 others
 6    A quantity of books, one shelf
                                                      37   A brass framed barometer
 7    A collection of old camera's (one shelf)
                                                      38   A quantity of wine glasses and tumblers
 8    A mahogany snooker score board
                                                      39   A collection of die cast cars inc Matchbox
 9    A large gilt framed print
                                                      40   6 Burago collectors cars
10    5 Italian figures of children’s
                                                      41   A collection of Eddie Stobart vehicles
11    A gilt framed tavern scene signed F M Bennett
                                                      42   A box of collector's cars
12    A figure group of children playing on a tree         A quantity of miscellaneous china and glass,
                                                      43   one shelf
13    Dog with boot
                                                      44   6 art pottery vases
14    A framed nautical print
                                                      45   A 28 piece dinner service
15    A box of collector's magazines
                                                      46   20 collector's cars inc Corgi
16    A garden gnome bird bath and an eagle
                                                      47   6 Burago collectors cars
17    A quantity of Prinknash
                                                      48   A quantity of glassware
18    A pair of oak framed hunting prints
                                                      49   A bone china 21 piece tea set
19    An Oriental vase
                                                      50   A quantity of metal ware inc cake baskets
20    A Tray of pewter tankards etc
                                                      51   2 Computer battleship games
21    6 items of Sylvac
                                                      52   A quantity of glassware inc decanters
22    2 Hunting prints                                     A Corgi James Bond Aston Martin + 2 Del
                                                      53   boy reliant vans
23    A signed horse racing picture
                                                      54   A box of model railway carriages
24    A religious text picture
                                                      55   2 Hornby engines and a tender
25    A large pair of brass deer
                                                      56   2 Lima engines and 2 Hornby carriages
26    10 framed prints including hunting
                                                           A quantity of Hornby and Airfix power units
                                                      57   (1 shelf)
27    A novelty clock in a glass case
                                                      58   A quantity of old toys & games (1 shelf)
28    6 framed prints
                                                      59   A brass clock set
29    A quantity of sheet music
60   2 ginger jars + quantity of Wedgwood etc              90    A bamboo table and 2 chairs

61   3 Sylvac vases                                        91    A box of car books etc

62   A 31 piece dinner set, Palissy tea set + coffee set   92    A box of children books

63   A pair of glass vases and other glassware             93    A box of old tools etc

64   A 'Tams' wear coffee set                              94    A box of old tools etc

65   A shelf of miscellanea inc pictures                   95    A box of records inc rare mono

66   A quantity of figurines etc (1 shelf)                 96    A quantity of framed pictures (14)

67   A quantity of books inc Churchill                     97    2 boxes of miscellaneous items

68   2 Cased cutlery sets                                  98    A brass lamp base, shade etc (5 items)

69   A video recorder.                                     99    A Large Doulton stoneware flagon

70   A fan, scales, fan heater and a pair of table lamps   100   A german porcelain clock

71   an Original watercolour                               101   7 Spode limited edition 'Horse' plates

72   An original pencil/chalk drawing                      102   A Victorian pin cushion doll

73   A Quantity of Victorian glassware                     103   A Staffordshire slop bucket
                                                                 A set of 4 Royal Doulton Brambley Edge
74   A brass cannon and a brass horse and cart             104   seasons plates
75   A MAC5 chain saw                                      105   2 hanging wall shelv es

76   A pair of old hunting scenes                                A quantity of books inc Scotts Voyage of
                                                           106   Discovery
77   An old plate camera and 2 others                      107   A cased 'Senith' trumpet

78   A Prinx auto camera and one other                     108   A pair of Oriental table lamps

79   A collection of old folding camera's etc              109   A mahogany mantel clock

80   A shelf of miscellanea inc sewing machine             110   A leather cased gentleman's vanity set

81   A stone ware coffee set                               111   A Japanese porcelain tea set and one other

82   A quantity of miscellaneous items inc glass trays     112   A pair of Staffordshire vases and a jardiniers

83   A glass bowl and a quantity of glasses                113   A box of table linen etc

84   A quantity of brassware, (1 shelf)                    114   A brass fender and smokers stand

85   A brass trivet, warming pan and mirror                115   A box of LP records

86   A quantity of coloured glassware (1 shelf)            116   A Phrenology head and instruction books

87   A Robin Hood chess set                                117   A quantity of lace doilies and a rug

88   49 pieces of Noritake tea and dinner ware             118   2 boxes of old wooden clothes pegs

89   A quantity of pictures.                               119   A 2 door cabinet
120   A box of old Royalty newspapers              150   An inlaid mantel clock
                                                         A large quantity of collector's plates inc
121   8 boxes of DIY magazines                     151   bread plates
122   4 boxes of DIY magazines                     152   A pottery vase

123   A new De Walt saw                            153   A quantity of plated items

124   A new pressure washer                        154   2 copper kettles and a set of copper measures

125   A new pressure washer                        155   A inlaid clock, small clock and a barometer

126   A collection of crested china, wade etc      156   2 pairs of vases, clocks etc

127   An Arts and Crafts beaten copper tray        157   An Edwardian flower box

128   An eagle in flight                           158   A quantity of children's books

129   A brass oil lamp and a brass wall oil lamp   159   A small box of miscellaneous

130   A stag horn table lamp                       160   A quantity of miscellaneous china, one shelf

131   A Ghurka hat, badges and brass plaque        161   A larage tureen, meat platters, teapot etc

132   A vintage desk fan                           162   4 teddy bears inc Merrythought

133   A jug and bowl set                           163   A quantity of miscellaneous items, one shelf

134   A pair of wall lights                        164   A 30 piece Alfred Meakin dinner set

135   A standard lamp                              165   A box of books

136   A brass Lincoln Imp door stop                166   A mitre saw, Jigsaw, etc all working

137   An album of cigarette cards                  167   A quantity of good quality glassware

138   2 glass oil lamps                            168   A quantity of miscellaneous teaware

139   2 old cycle lamps and a car lamp             169   3 decanters, toby jug, etc

140   A watercolour of a kingfisher                      A Miniature chest of drawers and an old
                                                   170   plane
141   A portrait of Queen Mary                           A beaded handbag and a set of London
                                                   171   Scene handkerchieves
142   A quantity of children's books
                                                   172   A pair of pictures
143   A colour TV
                                                   173   3 clocks and a candleholder
144   A cane seated commode chair
                                                   174   A quantity of books inc children's
145   A brass oil lamp with shade
                                                   175   A post office letter box front
      A quantity of Wedgwood, Royal Doulton
146   plates etc                                   176   An Agfa projector, films, editors etc

147   3 old car lamps                              177   A quantity of old box camera's

148   4 pictures                                   178   2 old copper kettles

149   A brass oil lamp                             179   4 items of glassware
180   A quantity of brass ornaments etc                      210   3 conical glass lampshades and one other

181   A quantity of porcelain inc James Kent                 211   A quantity of glass vases etc

182   A quantity of china inc teapot, tureen etc             212   A set of 4 George Jones plates

183   A quantity of old books                                213   A quantity of dog ornaments etc

184   A box of tools inc saws                                214   A collection of old folding camera's etc

185   An oak mantel clock                                    215   A horn mounted barometer

186   3 busts                                                216   A box of books

187   3 old boxes                                            217   4 retro clocks

188   6 porcelain dolls                                      218   4 old wooden boxes

189   A Hohner Student III accordian in case                 219   A pair of copper candlesticks
                                                                   A Staffordshire Shakespeare figure +
190   A wall hanging                                         220   a bisque figure
191   A Sony lap top computer                                      A shelf of miscellaneous inc vase,
                                                             221   jug and bowl etc
192   A Challenge electric drill                                   A shelf of miscellaneous inc oil lamp shade,
                                                             222    teddy bear etc
193   A rubber stamp stand and one other items
                                                             223   2 boxes of books
194   A large collection of Polaroid camera's
                                                             224   A collection of old box camera's
195   15 old teapots and some teapot stands
                                                             225   A box of spirit miniatures
196   A quantity of old books inc history
                                                             226   5 souvenir teapots, 4 crested plates etc
197   A quantity of stoneware goblets, mugs, bowls etc
                                                             227   A large glass bowl, serving dishes etc
      A quantity of books inc 1832 Decline and
198   Fall of the Roman Empire                               228   A collection of camera's inc Guinness ad.

199   A quantity of rugs and a tapestry                      229   A small leather suitcase of knitting patterns

200   A video camera                                         230   A quantity of old tins

201   A box of tools etc                                     231   A Mason's Ironstone blue and white vase

202   2 Porcelain dolls, small mahogany chair, etc           232   4 old camera's

203   A 34 piece blue and white tea set                      233   A quantity of miscellaneous, 1 shelf

204   A chain saw                                            234   3 old boxes

205   A carved wood wall mask                                235   A box of old cine camera's etc

206   A quantity of antique reference books                  236   2 old wooden boxes and a file chest

207   A quantity of old games                                237   A box of camera's etc

208   A large quantity of collector's plates (32, 1 shelf)   238   A tin trunk and contents

209   2 Shelves of dark room equipment                       239   A large bag of camera cases
240   A leather suitcase and contents + scales etc             270   3 replica Japanese swords

241   A box of biology and chemistry books                     271   An ornate replica dagger

242   A glass jewellery case                                   272   2 1930's theatre and stage autograph books
                                                                     A retro Ronson lighter and a 1960's
243   2 boxes of chess figures                                 273   halfpenny cube
244   A cowboy and Indian chess set                            274   A picture on canvas entitled 'The Consoler'

245   A box of collector's cars                                275   A 'one off' hand made porcelain doll

246   A quantity of football magazines                               A copy of 'The Natural History of Selborne'
                                                               276   1872
247   A cranberry glass jug and 2 wine glasses                 277   A box of coins inc crowns, pennies etc

248   A box of 'G' cramps etc                                  278   A quantity of 1950's football photograph's

249   A box of Manchester united football programmes           279   An album of cigarette cards

250   A box of philatelic magazines                            280   A quantity of horse brasses

251   A small tray of miscellaneous jewellery etc              281   4 items of willow pattern china

252   A box of cutlery                                         282   3 Wedgwood trinket pots and a candle holder

253   2 copper and brass fire hose nozzles                     283   A tray of miscellaneous items

254   A small box of ornaments and a Toby jug                  284   3 trays of cuff links

255   A pair of brass candlesticks, storks etc                 285   A Carlton ware dish and leaf tray

256   12 Cloissonne beakers                                    286   A continental porcelain 'Cherub' bowl

257   A quantity of Liverpool football programmes              287   A Beswick toby jug

258   A tray of miscellaneous items                            288   A Royal Crown derby figurine 'Vanity'

259   6 volumes inc: 1843 Medical Times and 1894 'Chums'       289   A Coalport figurine 'Alexander at the Ball'

260   A wooden glove box and contents                          290   A Royal Doulton figurine 'The balloon man'

261   4 Unframed watercolours                                        A Royal Doulton figurine 'The Old Balloon
                                                               291   seller'
262   7 Lilliput Lane cottages
                                                               292   2 Royal Dux elephants
263   A set of 6 ceramic tiles
                                                                     3 Royal Doulton figurines 'Rose, Francine
                                                                     and Marie'
264   A box of assorted coins
                                                               294   A Royal Doulton figurine 'Elegance'
265   A Star Wars back pack
                                                               295   A Royal Doulton figurine 'Bess'
266   An AA badge and a Wade 'Bugatti' jug
                                                               296   A Coalport figurine 'The Goose Girl'
267   A silver chalice 'Lincoln Cathedral 900th anniversary'         2 Coalport figurines 'The Boy' and
                                                               297   'Childhood Joys'
268   2 old inkwells and a dip pen
                                                               298   A pair of Victorian figurines, 1 a/f
269   A tray of costume jewellery
                                                               299   A pair of 'Jaffe' Rose' cockerels
300   A set of 3 Austrian figurines                       330    A tin of assorted coins

301                                                          331 A jewellery box and contents
      A Royal Doulton character jug 'Old charley' and one other

302   A Royal Doulton character jug 'Mr Pickwick'         332    A Victorian silver babies rattle

303   A Royal Doulton character jug 'Sam Weller'          333    2 miniature miners lamps
      A Royal Doulton character jug 'Toby
304   Philpots'
                                                          334    A box of costume jewellery

305   A cherub group figurine                             335    A box of costume jewellery
      A pair of Oriental vases and a perfume              336    A quantity of old keys
306   bottle
307   A brass bracket clock                               337    A tin of costume jewellery

308   A brass carriage clock                              338    A box of costume jewellery

309   2 silver topped jars and 3 other items              339    A box of costume jewellery

310   A silver locket and a silver bangle                 340    A Victorian matchbox

311   3 watches, a necklace and a bracelet                341    A Supens Seiko watch

312   A Corgi Noddy car with figures + one other          342    A large box of costume jewellery

313   A Necklace,hat pins etc                             343    A box of miscellaneous china, cards etc

314   A quantity of unframed pictures inc. Lincoln        344    A silver plated tea set

315   4 Commemorative china items                         345    A figure table lamp

316   A hunting knife in leather sheath                   346    A Leica camera in leather case

317   A set of 4 Randolph Caldecot prints                 347    A box of albums of tea cards

318   A Royal Doulton jardiniere                          348    A tiger figure

319   A gold eternity ring                                349    A signed watercolour

320   A gold ring set 3 opals                             350    2 Wisden's cricket books

321   A silver medallion and a pair of cuff links         351    3 boxes of miscellaneous items

322   A 9ct gold ring set diamonds                        352    An Italian musical sewing table

323   4 9ct gold rings                                    353    An accoustic guitar in case

324   A 9ct gold ring set sapphires and diamonds          354    An accoustic guitar in case

325   A 9ct gold ring set diamonds                        355    A box of camera's

326   6 wrist watches                                     356    A box of mobile phones and phone cases

327   A quantity of Wade whimsies and 2 Tortoises         357    A box of tools etc

328   A quantity of costume jewellery                     358    A box of old hand bags

329   A pen set, folding binoculars and a clock           359    3 boxes of books
360   A toilet mirror                                      390   A Bosch dishwasher

361   A suitcase and contents                              391   A foldable workbench

362   A quantity of wooden toys etc                        392   A large wooden box

363   A Vanity case, hand bags, soft toys etc              393   A small pine cabinet

364   An oak gate leg table                                394   A large garden parasol

365   A Metamorphic table                                  395   A metal detector

366   An oak cupboard                                      396   A quantity of garden tools

367   An oak gateleg table                                 397   A Bosch garden strimmer

368   An old towel rail                                    398   A Nutool Hedge trimmer

369   A large quantity of children's books & 2 suitcases   399   A 'Trim' hedge trimmer

370   A box of photographic equipment                      400   A Cordless hedge trimmer

371   A rare Kodatoy projector + set Salter scales         401   A box of tools

372   A portable colour TV                                 402   A water pump and piping
      A piano stool, copper topped table,                        A wardrobe, dressing table and pair of
373   fire screen, coffee table + wooden bowl              403   bedsides
374   A tan leather sofa and chair                         404   2 wall clocks and 2 mantel clocks

375   A cream sofa                                         405   A pine bureau

376   A cream sofa with cushions                           406   A folding bicycle

377   A green leather sofa and chair                       407   A Grandmother clock

378   A regency striped 3 piece suite                      408   2 gilt framed mirrors

379   A white painted corner cabinet                       409   A mahogany TV cabinet

380   A quantity of horse brasses on leathers              410   A large rug

381   A circular saw in case                               411   A mahogany single wardrobe

382   A Bendix washing machine                             412   A glazed top corner cabinet

383   A large rug                                          413   A University graduation outfit

384   A framed watercolour                                 414   A glass topped coffee table

385   A Tricity Bendix Fridge freezer                      415   A superb quality oak dining table

386   A Stoves Elite gas cooker                            416   A mahogany chest of drawers

387   A garden lawn aerator                                417   A fold over table,
                                                                 A vacuum cleaner, superbroom and
388   An aluminium step ladder                             418   ironing board
389   A President 'Calendar' wall clock                    419   2 electric hedge trimmers
420   A computer desk                                    450   A garden table and 2 chairs

421   A wind up gramaphone + quantity of 78rpm records   451   A car cycle carrier

422   A set of 4 kitchen chairs                          452   A box of silver plated items

423   A set of 4 dining chairs                           453   A pine kitchen table

424   9 old school chairs                                454   A bureau bookcase
                                                               A wardrobe, dressing table and pair
425   A nest of 3 tables                                 455   of bedsides
426   An ottoman                                         456   A bureau bookcase

427   A pair of chairs                                   457   A set of 4 Edwardian dining chairs

428   A black and Decker router                          458   A circular inlaid tip top table

429   An electric welder                                 459   An Edwardian mirror backed sideboard

430   A patio heater                                     460   An elephant

431   A mirror backed sideboard                          461   A box of railway track etc

432   A Qualcast Cobra 32 lawn mower                     462   A 'Sylko' cotton chest of drawers

433   A black and Decker lawn mower                      463   3 rolls of furnishing fabric

434   A hover mower                                      464   A pine tool box

435   A Flymo lawn mower                                 465   A gas barbecue

436   A Flymo lawn mower                                       A Danarm TM32 petrol hedge trimmer
                                                         466   with a Kawasaki TF22 engine
437   A manual lawn mower                                467   5 Garden gnomes

438   A Honda petrol mower                               468   2 garden urns

439   A Briggs and Stratton lawn mower                   469   A garden bench

440   2 strimmer and a garden vacuum                     470   A tall wooden candlestand

441   A large garden roller                              471   A 3 drawer chest

442   A petrol strimmer and an electric strimmer         472   A large elephant

443   A quantity of garden tools                         473   A wall clock and a mantel clock

444   2 aluminium ladders                                474   A bedroom chair

445   An aluminium decorators ladder                     475   A leather wing armchair

446   A bird bath                                        476   A mobility scooter

447   A bird bath                                        477   A Gorilla and babies figure

448   A bird bath                                        478   A Zanussi washing machine

449   2 bird baths                                       479   A CD cabinet
480   An oak leaded glass display cabinet                 510   A city of Birmingham model train

481   A gym machine                                       511   A violin in case

482   A drop leaf table with end cupboard                 512   A Good quality nest of 3 tables

483   A pine chest of drawers, bedside chest and mirror   513   A nest of 3 tables

484   A pine wine rack                                    514   A miniature chest of drawers.

485   A 1960's cocktail cabinet                           515   A teak drop side table

486   A pine coffee table                                 516   A gilt framed mirror

487   A small pine corner cupboard                        517   A green leather chesterfield

488   An oak corner cupboard                              518   A set of 4 Edwardian dining chairs

489   A brass coal box, fire screen and a standard lamp   519   2 boxes of clocks and clock movements

490   A pine table and 2 benches                          520   An oak Grandfather clock

491   A small inlaid sideboard                            521   A mahogany inlaid bureau bookcase

492   A set of 6 chairs                                   522   A mahogany inlaid dining table and 4 chairs

493   An Edwardian 7 piece suite                          523   An oak bedside table

494   A French style sofa                                 524   A mahogany inlaid bookcase

495   An oak cupboard                                     525   A mahogany TV cabinet

496   A mahogany TV cabinet                               526   A mahogany tall boy

497   A Stag dressing table                               527   A pair of mahogany wine tables

498   An oak tallboy                                      528   A mahogany inlaid 4 drawer side table

499   A leather tub chair                                 529   A mahogany astragal glazed cabinet

500   A leather Chesterfield                              530   A large tiger

501   A leather wing armchair                             531   A wall clock.

502   A mahogany Pembroke table                           532   A 1960's china cabinet

503   A Drawer leaf table                                 533   An ottoman

504   An inlaid drinks trolley                            534   A mahogany glass topped occasional table

505   An Ercol table and 6 chairs                         535   A mahogany coffee table

506   A set of 4 brass inlaid chairs                      536   An Art Nouveau wardrobe

507   An oval table and 4 shield back chairs              537   An Edwardian carved sideboard

508   A model yacht

509   4 porcelain dolls