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    A Publication of the Sutterville Elementary PTA                                                                                   September 2004

Dates to Remember                                     Welcome from the PTA President                       The Principal’s message
   September 11                                       Hello everyone, welcome to another fabulous year     We look forward to another great year at
   Courtyard Beautification                           at Sutterville Elementary School. As your            Sutterville. This is accomplished by the
   9:00 – 1:00 pm                                     Sutterville PTA president for the 2004/2005          continuing support of so many people in our
   September 13     th                                school years, I'm pleased to announce that your      community – families, businesses, and staff.
   Innisbrook Fundraiser Begins                       PTA has already begun work on making this year
                                                                                                           One of our strongest is the Parent Teacher
                    th                                a very special one. We are all energized and
   September 14                                                                                            Association (PTA). The two new half basketball
                                                      rearing to go! We encourage you to read the
   Back-to-School Night                                                                                    courts were added this summer due to the
                                                      important information contained in each month's
   5:30 – 8:00 pm                                                                                          fundraising of the Student Council and the PTA.
                                                      Slate newsletter, as this is our primary
   September 23rd                                                                                          The PTA supports many of our field trips and
                                                      communication tool in letting you know what is
   Entertainment Book Orders Due                                                                           assemblies. They have helped with the cost of
                                                      scheduled for the month ahead!
   September 28     th                                                                                     moving the Library from Room 6 to Room 24,

   Innisbrook Orders with Payments Due                                                                     the moving of the refrigerator to the nurse’s
                                                      Our first PTA meeting will be held in October, and
                                                                                                           room, and the landscaping of our courtyard.
   October (Date TBD)                                 the date will be posted in the October Slate. I
                                                                                                           The PTA is assisting us with our technology and
   PTA General Meeting                                know many of you are already wondering if we
                                                                                                           supply needs. The PTA also funds our school
   October 5th                                        are going to have another exciting Fall Festival -
                                                                                                           library aide, Anna Zeh. Thank you PTA for your
   Pick-up Entertainment Books                        the last two were so fantastic that this has
                                                                                                           continuous support of the students and staff at
   Cafeteria 3:00 – 4:00 pm                           become a much-anticipated event! As always, we
                                                      look to our generous Sutterville families for help
   October 5th
                                                      in making the Fall Festival a reality. We are
   Math and Music Assembly                                                                                 Sutterville has been selected to participate as a
                                                      currently seeking volunteers. Please call any PTA
                                                                                                           lab school this year in implementing a new
                                                      board member if you can help. October is just
                                                                                                           program in our district – School Wide Support
                                                      around the corner so we must all act fast!
2004/2005 PTA Board                                                                                        (SWS) model. We have a Learning Center
                                                                                                           model at this time, which has been very
   Denay DeGuzman, President                          I look forward to talking with each of you
                                                                                                           effective in meeting the needs of many of our                            throughout the year and invite you to join the
                                                                                                           students. This new model will schedule our
   455-4500                                           PTA members in our on-going conversation on
                                                                                                           support staff to be in the classrooms for half
                                                      how to make Sutterville the best school it can be!
   Jenny Hitchings, Vice President                                                                         the day to assist teachers in providing targeted                                                                               instruction for students at all levels. This model
                                                      Denay DeGuzman, PTA President
   454-9300                                                                                                has been successful across the country and we
   Lindsay Nevis, Vice President                                                                           know that it is going to move our students to
                                                      Innisbrook is coming!                                the next level. At Back to School Night
   453-0518                                           One of our biggest fundraisers is coming! Last       (September 14) your child’s teacher will explain
   Mary Whisten, Vice President                       year, we raised about $4,000 from our gift wrap      the model to you more completely.                                  fundraiser which was used to help fund all those
   443-0284                                           "extras" that we love and have come to expect at     We encourage you to visit the school, read the
                                                      Sutterville: special assemblies, the poet-in-        newsletters and bulletins, and attend the family
   Dinorah Hall, Vice President
                                                      residence program, family social events and much     events. This is not only your child’s school but
                                                      more. With everyone's support --we can make a        your school too. Welcome!
                                                      difference and continue to enrich our children's
   Becca Gonzales, Secretary                                                                               Diane Shada, Principal
                                                      educational experience!
   457-6325                                           This year we will be selling Innisbrook Premium
                                                                                                           Back-to-School Night
   Susan Yee, Treasurer                               Products. Our school receives a 52% profit on all
                                                                                                           Tuesday, September 14th.
                                                      items purchased during this fundraiser. The sale
                                                                                                           Spaghetti Dinner ($4.50) 5:00 – 6:30 pm
                                                      will begin on September 13. Order forms and
   The PTA ALWAYS needs                               checks must be turned in to your child's teacher
                                                                                                           Grades K-3 is from 6:00 - 7:00 pm

  volunteers! Contact a PTA                                                                                Grades 4-6 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm
                                                      no later than September 28.
                                                                                                           Childcare provided 5:30 – 8:30 pm
 Board member today to see                                                         >Innisbrook Page 2
                                                                                                           (No children in the classrooms please)
       how you can help.
>Innisbrook From Page 2                           New parking lot procedures                             Assembly programs
The product will be delivered in late October     The Sacramento School District went into high          Sutterville's PTA has scheduled some exciting
or early November. The promotional                gear this summer to improve student safety and         assembly programs for our students this Fall.
features include:                                 traffic flow through Sutterville's parking lot. For    Our objective is to bring music, art, cultural,
    Students are eligible to receive free         the students walking to school from the south, a       science, math, history, and environmental
    incentive prizes based on the number of       walkway was added along the south and east             programs to the school that will enrich our
    items sold.                                   sides of the parking lot, from the sidewalk on         students' experiences. Last year, our lineup
    A set of playground balls ($50 value)         Monterey Way to the fire lane beside 4th R.            included Drawing in 3-D with Marc Kistler,
    will be awarded to the top selling K-3        Please tell your children to use the walkway           Diane Ferlatte, award winning storyteller,
    and 4-6 classes (based on a                   rather than cutting through the parking lot.           Mobile Dairy brought a cow to school, Fantasy
    combination of participation and sales).                                                             Theatre's Fantastic Myths and Legends, Poetry
    Friends and family can order online at        For drivers, two new lanes were added to the lot.      and Song, Boxtales music, drumming and . Your child will          The lane closest to 4th R will be a loading zone       folktales, and Astronomy. In the spring, we
    still receive credit toward the prize         for parents to pull into to deliver or pick up their   invited several multi-cultural dance groups to
    program. Our school number is 112772.         children. These are not parking spots! There is        perform on stage.
    Sutterville benefits year-round on most       additional parking for those who arrive early to
    items purchased from the website.             pick-up or need to park. The lane next to              This year, Phil Tulga will be bringing his Math
    The promotion includes wrapping paper         the loading zone will be used to exit the lot after    and Music program for the students and also
    plus magazine gift certificates, gourmet      delivering/picking up students. As cars move           doing a Family Night in October. Mothers
    candies and other items in the catalog.       from the loading zone to the exit lane, the cars       Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will be doing a
    Check the display and samples in the          waiting can pull up, keeping the line moving           multi-media presentation for Red Ribbon Week.
    lobby at Sutterville.                         smoothly. These parking lot changes ensure that        John Allen Cann and Ken Cooper, our resident
    All teachers with greater than 70%            children entering and exiting the cars will be         poet and musician, will be going into the
    class participation will receive a $25        much safer--especially if they enter/exit on the       classrooms and working with our students on
    Innisbrook gift certificate.                  right side of their vehicles! --And parents who are    their annual Poetry and Song program also in
If you have any questions, please contact         done with their drop-off/pick-up won't be kept         the Fall. Fantasy Theatre will be coming in
Karen Uyeno, 455-6457 or email at                 waiting in line.                                       December. While some of the programs offer                                                                                       partial grants, PTA fundraisers pay for most of
                                                  In addition to these changes, we are                   the programs.
                                                  encouraging drivers to help protect our students
Pre-Order Your
                                                  and to speed up the drop-off/pick-up process by:       Volunteers are needed for the October 7th Math
Entertainment & Gold C                                                                                   and Music Assembly. Contact Katy Spanos or
Coupon Books                                         Turning right into the parking lot from the         Linda Ching, our “Assembly Queens”, for info or
                                                     southern approach only (NO left turns).             to volunteer. Katy Spanos, 395-8045
We invite you to enjoy another year of
                                                     Going straight or right only when exiting the
great values. We are currently taking pre-
                                                     parking lot, with NO left turns.                    Sutterville’s Website
orders for Entertainment Books ($40) and
Gold C coupon books ($12) through Friday,                                                                Be sure to check out the updated Sutterville
                                                  Eliminating the left-hand turn from these two
September 17th.                                                                                          website at
                                                  spots will keep vehicles moving along smoothly
                                                  and reduce traffic stand-stills, as well as            There's lots of information there for you and
As always, both books provide excellent                                                                  others who care about our school and today's
                                                  allowing access for emergency vehicles during
discounts on food, entertainment, and                                                                    educational and family issues. Thanks to Denise
                                                  these busy times of day. Sutterville's Safety
more! An order envelope is attached to the                                                               Modar for managing the website.
                                                  Committee is pursuing these latter two traffic
back of this Slate newsletter. It is important
                                                  controls with the City Traffic Engineers.
to note the books are being sold on a PRE-
                                                                                                         Content Developer Needed
ORDER BASIS ONLY, and NOT available for
                                                  Drivers, please be patient with one another until
sale in the school office.                                                                               Speaking of the website, we need more
                                                  we are all used to the new traffic flow in the
                                                                                                         content. We would like to add the school
                                                  parking lot!! Student safety is our most
Please feel free to stop by the front office to                                                          history, the student handbook, forms, more
                                                  important concern.
take a peak at the exceptional values both                                                               parent resources, class projects, and more
books have to offer - there is a copy of each                                                            things we have not thought of. If you are
coupon book at the front counter. Pick-up
                                                  Courtyard Beautification                               interested in one or all of these projects,
is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, in the                                                              contact Denise Modar,
                                                  Join us on Saturday, September 11, from 9:00 to
Cafeteria from 3 - 4 p.m. Checks and
                                                  1:00 to spruce up the Courtyard. Bring your tools
money orders are payable to the "Sutterville
                                                  and    sunscreen--we'll     provide    the    weeds!
Southside Gardens                               School Cents and SCRIP                                 >SCRIP From previous column

                                                                                                       Oh, yes, and if you shop at Raley's, we can
Have you noticed the new garden on the          The Sutterville PTA has earned $3,200 over the
                                                                                                       provide you with a card or key chain tag which
south side of Rooms 19 to 23? When the          past two years through the School Cents Program
                                                                                                       will donate 1-4% of your purchases to the
Districted widened the fire lane next to 4th    at Arden Fair Mall. How did we do this? VERY
                                                                                                       Sutterville PTA. If you do not already
R, several trees were removed and this          EASILY! If you (or your friends, neighbors, or
                                                                                                       participate in this program, please request a
space looked like a hot, sad vacant lot for     relatives) shop at Arden Fair Mall, just
                                                                                                       card from the office. (We can also help you
months. Fortunately, two parent volunteers      take receipts for those purchases to the
                                                                                                       with the on-line registration.)
put forth a tremendous effort, and we owe       Information/Security Desk on the first floor in
a huge THANKS! to Bendan Blue and Stuart        front of JC Penney's and register them for our
                                                                                                       If you have questions, please contact
Noda for establishing a "Xeroscape" ( little    school in the School Cents program. You will just
                                                                                                       Kim Woodruff, 452-8770 (evenings).
water needed) garden in this spot. Bendan       need to spend a minute or two writing the receipt
obtained a grant to pay for the plants and      totals for each store on a page in the Sutterville
irrigation supplies; she and Stuart installed   section of the School Cents binder, and a Mall         Got Books?
these and have maintained the area over         employee will stamp the receipts. That's it!!
                                                                                                       Each spring, Sutterville Elementary sponsors a
the summer. The plants look very happy--        Each dollar spent earns 5 points for our school,
                                                                                                       Read-A-Thon, which encourages daily reading
there have been many blooms and much            and the school with the most points in June will
                                                                                                       by our students and includes a huge book
growth. Eventually, the taller plants next to   win $2000! Our Arden Fair Mall shoppers earned
                                                                                                       exchange. Students who read daily and those
the buildings will provide shade to our         $2,000 for us during our first year of participation
                                                                                                       who bring books to exchange will earn points,
classrooms and reduce air conditioning          in this program, and $1,000 during the second
                                                                                                       which they may "spend" to obtain used books.
needs for these rooms.                          year; during each summer, we have earned
                                                                                                       If you have books to contribute to this
                                                $100. How easy is that?
                                                                                                       program, please save them until spring or
Playground Improvements                                                                                donate them to the Sutterville Elementary
                                                Sutterville's PTA has several other "scrip"
                                                                                                       account at J Crawford's Books on Freeport
Thanks to the fund-raising and initiatives of   programs--ways to earn funds for Sutterville by
                                                                                                       Boulevard. Books for teens or adults can be
the Student Council over the past two           spending the money that you normally spend
                                                                                                       exchanged for those more appropriate for
years, as well as funding from the PTA, two     every month. For example, the PTA takes orders
                                                                                                       elementary readers in the spring.
new basketball hoops and half-courts were       for mail order scrip (we call it MO scrip because
added to the playground over the summer.        you always need mo' of it!). These special green
                                                                                                       If you have questions, please contact
Our future basketball stars will be very        order forms are delivered via student backpacks
                                                                                                       Kim Woodruff, 452-8770 (evenings).
happy! The next goal is the addition of a       and include gift certificates and debit cards for
second ball wall. Mrs. Smith's 2003-04 class,   many department stores, restaurants, gas
from Room 24, has already contributed $50       stations, entertainment venues, and grocery/drug
toward this future playground                   stores. The MO scrip you buy is purchased by the       Did you know the first fire escape ladder was
enhancement.                                    PTA at a discounted rate (1 - 20%), earning a          invented by an African-American man named
                                                profit with each purchase. We are sure that you        Joseph Winters in May of 1878 (patent
Also, something huge and old was removed        use many of these MO scrip vendors already.            #203,517)? How many lives do you suppose
from the playground area this summer--          Another scrip program is offered through               he has saved? If your family has not practiced
arborists determined that our mighty oak; all you need to do is register         your home fire escape plan or checked the
tree was not healthy enough to remain for       your credit cards/debit cards at this website and a    batteries in your smoke detectors, please do so
another year. Since there will be less shade    portion of your expenses will be transferred to        this month in honor of Mr. Winters.
on the playground, a morning application of     Sutterville! The website
sunscreen is especially important this year.    has similar results.                                   When is the Slate Published?
Other trees planted on the grounds over the                                >SCRIP Next Column
past two years are growing well, promising                                                             The Slate is published on the second Friday of
future shady areas for Sutterville students.    Copying Donation Needed                                each month. Be sure and check your child’s
                                                It takes a lot of work to produce the Slate each       backpack for the latest issue. We also welcome
Wanted                                          month using our antiquated copy machine. Much          all article contributions. Please submit by the
                                                manual labor is involved in collating and stapling.    fifth of each month.
Yard duty/cafeteria aides. Hours are
approximately 11:30 - 1:15 pm.                  If you know of a copy/print shop that could help
                                                out, we can offer monthly mentions in the Slate        Mike Whisten, Slate Editor
Substitutes and volunteers also welcome.
                                                and many, many thanks!                       
For more information, contact the Sutterville
office at 277-6693.
                                                Contact Mary or Mike Whisten, 443-0284
Imagine Sutterville without…                         >Imagine From previous column                         >Imagine From previous column

…a school library, assemblies, field trips,          Based on past years, parents who joined the PTA       3. Contact Dinorah Hall, Direct Donations and
beautiful gardens, and yes, even light bulbs.        have for the most part been consistent Direct         Membership Coordinator, to arrange for your
These are just some of the items that the            Donation participants. Membership in the PTA          donation.
Sutterville PTA Direct Donation funds have           allows our school to affiliate with the California
paid for over the years.                             PTA, which insures our PTA sponsored events,          Note: PTA memberships will be noted on a
                                                     provides technical assistance to the Sutterville        membership roster; membership cards will be
Private schools, with their hefty tuitions,          PTA and offers training to PTA board members.           available upon request. All donations,
provide instruction in foreign languages,            Therefore, we have merged our PTA membership            regardless of amount, are much appreciated.
theater/visual/creative arts, science,               and Direct Donation programs. Please note—the
computers and physical education.                    California PTA recognizes individual memberships      Last year, parents, teachers and local
Conversely, public schools, like Sutterville,        only; therefore, each parent, guardian or teacher     businesses donated more than $6,000 to
rely heavily on fundraising to ensure its            interested in participating in PTA is asked to        Sutterville through Direct Donation, doubling the
students receive an equally enriched                 purchase a membership to be recognized as a           contributions of the previous year. Please help
education.                                           member. Parents do not have to join PTA to            us reach our goal of $8,000 for this school year.
                                                     participate in the Direct Donation program.           Together we can make great things happen!
Contributing money to public schools is not
a requirement for enrolling a child. But with        The Membership and Direct Donation categories         Dinorah Hall coordinates the PTA Direct
modest investments from parents, our                 are as follows:                                       Donation and Membership program. She can
school can offer extras comparable to                                                                      be reached at
private schools that enhance the                     Sutterville Member ($6 per individual)                or 492-1607.
educational experience of all our students.          (Constitutes membership in the Sutterville PTA
When comparing a tuition-free public school          and makes each paid member eligible to vote on
                                                                                                           Nutrition Facts
with private schools, it’s easy to see that          PTA business and school PTA board elections.)
students are getting a great deal at                                                                       According to HealthNet, a major California
Sutterville—a solid education, safe                  Friend of Sutterville (from $25 to $100)              health insurer, only about 25% of adults and
environment and curriculum “boosters” that           (Includes one individual membership in Sutterville    less than 20% of children eat the
make our school a desirable one.                     PTA—see above.)                                       recommended five to nine servings of fruits and
                                                                                                           vegetables each day. These habits are leading
If you’ve been a Sutterville parent in the           Sutterville Supporter ($101 to $150)                  to greater risk of heart disease, high blood
past, you know that the school has a full            (Includes two memberships in Sutterville PTA)         pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, certain
fundraising calendar and it’s easy to feel                                                                 cancers, and osteoporosis families.
overwhelmed by the numerous                          Sutterville Contributor ($151 or more)
opportunities to donate money. A few                 (Includes two memberships in Sutterville PTA.)        Try to add one new fruit or vegetable to your
years ago, the PTA created the Direct                                                                      diet each week--by the end of December, you
Donation program, an easy way to                     Business Benefactor (donation of $500 or more         can be up to the recommended five-to-nine
contribute funds to Sutterville and forgo—           from a small business or corporation)                 servings per day! What is a serving? Just half
guilt-free—the fundraising events scattered                                                                of a banana, a cup of orange juice, or a handful
throughout the school year. The program              Direct Donations and Memberships may be made          of carrot sticks. Give it a try!!
encourages parents to write one check at             in the following ways:
the beginning of the year and only                                                                         And don't forget to exercise! Only 30 minutes
participate in other fundraising events if           1. Mail your contribution to:                         of exercise each day can keep you and your
they so desire.                                         Direct Donation & Membership Programs              family healthy. Try walking to school, skipping
                                                        Sutterville Elementary School                      or jumping rope, using a hula-hoop, dancing,
Over the years, Direct Donations have been              4967 Monterey Way                                  hiking, playing hopscotch or a ball sport, or
vital to Sutterville’s ability to present all-star      Sacramento, CA 95822                               taking a walk around the neighborhood. If you
assembly events, host both a poet and                  (Direct Donation pledge cards will be sent home     talk as you walk, you may learn many new
artist-in-residence, resurrect our school            the first week of school via backpacks).              things about your children because they are
library, provide need-based field trip                                                                     often more chatty in these casual settings. Let
scholarships, present a kindergarten music           2. Visit the Direct Donation and Membership           us know how this works for your family!
program, assist our teachers with classroom          booth at Back-to-School Night, September 14 .
supplies, and much, much more.                                                  >Imagine Next column
                        >Imagine Next column

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